Duelyst Patch 1.83 – Duelyst


Well done to CPG’s balance team. Perfect? No, but no one should expect perfection. For those complaining about the cards that haven’t been touched yet, people should still be happy because of the direction of the changes. This should be promising because it implies that they’ll make proper changes to future cards as well (and thereby, the currently untouched cards that people would like touched).

Overall, very well done CPG balance team. Well done.

Quoting for later. Busy atm.


Love the changes. So happy right now.


Yep, while I don’t like how they did it, the direction they are moving is good.

Circulus/Lasher would have been better targets, but hitting them on top of the current things would be a bit much.


sooooo uuuuuuuum thats it??? -_______- surely thats not it… is there a part 2 nerf somewhere cause going down the list i was expecting to see plasma storm push to 6 or 7 mana… but thats the least of my problem no lavaslasher nerf o.O everything in lyonar is now 3 attack and no lavalslasher nerf smh foh


I agree at all except Windblade Adept.


Android build being prepped for initial testing.

Am I the only one who excited for this?!!
Now I can finally play Duelyst on my… bed :grin:
Remotr app for Android is decent, if not laggy, but I would love the official Duelyst version for Android soon! :grinning:


Mana deathgrip will get nerfed later for sure. The meltdown nerf is only relevant to control vanar in the short term when there are fewer good big minions to ramp out. Even now the arcanyst variant doesn’t need meltdown at all and benefits from the ramp just fine.

Unrelated, I’m getting tired of CPG nerfing every card that ever made my pre-RotB sarlac deck work. I already have a lot of trouble making it work against good play and this is just another nail in the coffin. It was deserved I guess but I’m just going to have to wait until the next expansion to see what happens. AB has been a complete and utter dud in terms of promoting decks I like playing.


Aren’t we nerfing too much? It’s good to learn that nerfs are going to be less likely in the future, but I hope that’s because devs realised that there was a problem with their card design.

As usual, something is good, but a few nerfs have been overdone. I don’t like nerfs which kill cards and we have some of them in here. Why don’t devs try something more creative and ambitious when balancing their game?

Not super excited overall


Most of these nerfs were called for, although a few of them seem unnecessary.

Enfeeble deserved the nerf, no comments here.

Flash reincarnation got nerfed properly.

Meltdown is really bad now but at least Faie won’t be able to do as much harm with him as before.

Kelaino got hit by the nerf hammer hard this time. She may still be usable although she will be much easier to remove.

Nosh-Rak didn’t need a nerf IMO but that may be because I’m a Vet main.

Chrysalis burst was a bit to strong at 4 mana, however at six mana it won’t see play without support from the likes of Morin-Khur or Dreadnaught.

Thumping wave was probably nerfed to nerf rush minions, (Elucidator+Thumping anyone?).

Windblade was really strong before and is just plain strong now. Was the nerf needed? I don’t think so but at least he is still playable.


I guess enfeeble nerf was indirect nerf to mana deathgrip as comboing them is now 6 mana play instead 4 mana.
Meltdown itself wasn’t the problem, it was lots of cheap removal and ramp that made it painfull, now other factions have no reason to play it. While vanar can still yolo it for slightly less burst and later.

Magmar nerfs - seems like the memes got hit, thumping was actually fine. The trouble makers lavaslasher and ragebinder still there so overall considering vanar nerfs magmar feel like undisputed strongest faction right now. Yeah more vaath spammers than before, exactly what I didn’t want to see…

Windblade nerf. Just why? Already one of the weaker factions and you nerf it, for no reason.

Kelaino, i was hoping for that long time ago, i guess better later than never…

Noshrak - not sure about this one, i’ve seen some mech sajj with noshrak for OTK mechazor, was quite toxic. Other than that not sure why would you want to nerf noshrak it’s already quite slow and you need board controll to get any value from it.

Overall this patch feels like buff to magmar that they didn’t need, things that were good against them got nerfed and they themselves did not. I guess songhai will be even less playable than before, great.


I’ m really glad to see how the nerfs unfold. OK, nerfs shouldn’t make me happy, really harsh Shadow Sis nerf made me sad, actually, but you know what? Most of the nerfs here are apllied to “must-include” cards. I didn’t ever think windblade was OP, but it was must-include. Same goes for everything except C-burst. That’s just sad.

However, CPG did always support their “unclear” and “unjustified” nerfs with future support, so I’m optimistic about future. No salt whatsoever, really. Great patch.

P.S. Looking forward for Makantor and Holy Immo nerfs. Ooooh, the staples…


I’m loving everything.

Windblade is the only nerf that doesn’t affect my playing directly, and I’m a Vet main. Probably positively.

The only nerf.

Everything here called for. I think I’ll log in again after the patch hits. :slight_smile:


This is going to be a long post lul, these are my thoughts on the patch, i am not mad at the patch but, shadow sister kelaino did not deserve to be nerfed, that card was not sticking around on board that long with either natural selection, onyx bear seal, plasma storm, chromatic cold, and many more dispels. The fact of the matter is that for 4 mana vaath immediately heals for 8 health (earth sphere) without any strings attached which is why we absolutely need this card if we are ever going to stand a chance against that faction and make it into our late game finishers. If you’re going to nerf shadow sister than you have to nerf that healing card as well or just not nerf sister at all. Vaath completely destroys abyssian cassyva decks after this patch implements a weaker shadow sister and nerfing shadow sister makes cassyva literally into nothing viable for laddering anymore. It is not doing any good to the community when vaath and faie still have their most important cards untouched (drogon, morin khur, valknus seal, circulus, etc). Vetruvian only had a chance with grandmaster noshrak midgame as a win condition without conforming into the typical vetruvian meta builds and now stands little to no chance at all because their opponent will likely have their removal spell ready by 8 mana unless they play swarm golem decks and rely on sirocco as their end game conditions or amarya healer. Nobody really even sees vetruvian anymore in the ladder because they dont have many combinations that actually are competitive besides 2 deck types. I recommend instead of nerfing these cards listed for the upcoming patch that duelyst focuses on reworking older cards to make them fit into the factions better to allow more variety and break the meta. This idea would ultimately lead to more purchases of orbs since players want to get those old cards back in their decks. this new patch doesnt change much in my opinion for meta vanar + magmar factions and they will still be at the top with one or two card changes while vetruvian falls into despair as well as cassyva. healyonar will also be making a huge comeback in the meta which is really boring to play against since theyre OP cards werent even touched (Trinity Oath, Holy Immolation, etc.) I am not encouraging anyone to stop playing the game, i will personally keep playing because this game is very fun for me and I have alot to say because I am a bit worried what the impact of this nerf will cause but I sure hope that the new cards duelyst releases will ultimately shatter the current metas and allow more variety to be in the ladder once again.


Are you high? Do your homework before you write things


It’s convenient how you’re not pointing out the fact that Abyssians have more ways to heal - shadowdancer is the main source here, but void steal, night shroud, aphotic drain and spectral sword do also exist. For Vaath sphere is the ONLY infaction heal. Which actually leaves no body for the same cost. Yeah, and I’m saying this being Hai/Abyssian main, so no personal attachments, just the truth.

Vet state is also not so sad as Vet mains try to describe. I’m seeing lots of obelysk and golem vets in gold/diamond and actually always have troubles with them, even if they don’t summon Nosh Rak. However, I do agree that at the moment he was at good place with 7-mana cost.

P.S. Also, try pressing “enter” from time to time, please.


I’m very happy with meltdown, enfeeble and thumping wave Nerfs, good job cpg. I don’t like kelainos and winblade adepts changes, it makes the first very fragile and I never feel that the second is limiting the usability of other 2 drops.
Anyway I like the patch but Magmar is still stronger then ever and i fear that it will be top tier for a lot of months


I’m assuming they want to watch Lavaslasher for a while longer before pulling the trigger, but I’m not sure what they’re hoping to see…

Meltdown is still dumb and so is the philosophy behind it, but at least it isn’t top tier dumb anymore. I doubt this will change much but people will likely stop playing it anyway. Same goes for Vanar–their AoE removal got hit but they still have enough single-target removal to negate the important parts of any board. Not expecting any fun fighting them.

Thumping change is ok, C. Burst change is nice since I don’t use the card. I really dislike RNG deciding games, so I wish they’d toned down the RNG instead of the overall strength, but we know how they feel about that…

Kelaino nerf seems heavy-handed. She has a powerful effect if she sticks, but she has to be kept out of combat for best results and is limited by how many times you can smack an enemy. The only time she gets out of hand is when Abyssian has established good board presence, which is not really easy to pull off. That said, I do think a nerf is justified, but making Abyssian easy pickings for Songhai seems cruel.

Windblade came out of nowhere. It did hit really hard, but I thought the point of Lyonar was having really good minions. I guess this reinforces their closet spellcaster playstyle.


Great job CPG, I really like this patch! There are still some OP cards in AB (coughLavaslashercoughCirculus), but they are probably too new to make changes to them right now. Next patch maybe? Also, PRETTY PLEASE consider making slight changes to faction staples, they can be extremely opressing. Thank!


A quick consideration on all the nerfs.

Enfeeble: I would have preferred to see this moved to 4 mana and Metamorphosis lowered to 5 mana. At 5 mana it will still see play, but it won’t be as abusive as before. Okay-ish nerf

Shadow Sister Kelaino: overnerfed, at 3 health it dies to basically everything. I would have preferred to see her changed to 2/4.

Thumping Wave: I didn’t have particular problems with the card, but I can understand the nerf. It will still see play, okay nerf, though the real problem here was actually Elucidator

Flash Reincarnation: nothing to say, it should have been like this since the beginning

Chrysalis Burst: no reason for this nerf and a card killed. I will enjoy the 2700 spirit…

Windblade Adept: perfect nerf, though unexpected

Grandmaster Nosh-Rak: superficially it does not make much sense, but I see why it could be problematic in the future. Let’s wait, no judgement on this

Meltdown: I hate this card, but rising its cost would probably have been enough. None is playing it for the stats, but I think the nerf was due


my point still stands