Duelyst Patch 1.83 – Duelyst


I would formulate a well structured response to all that but I’m so upset I went straight to the store and bought myself a 40. Drunk now, will respond come morning.


T-shirt material. Boom.


Not happy:



Enfeeble: the cost is now ridiculously high, while the use of enfeeble in arcanyst decks is quite limited, this patch WILL make vanar the strongest fraction
vanar needs more nerfs, not such a strong (deadly)nerf to a card which is not a key

Shadow Sister Kelaino: the nerf is quite strong, but may still put it into decks

Thumping Wave:
Flash Reincarnation:
I agree with these two nerfs quite reasonable

Chrysalis Burst: it’s now dead, I don’t want to talk about it

Windblade Adept: yeah, this minion WILL see play. but lyonar IS ALREADY THE WEAKEST fraction in the game! what else can I bring? the 214 with such a slow effect? this nerf is quite ridiculous, I don’t think the dev shall see to the hearthstone’s decent body (223)

Grandmaster Nosh-Rak AND Meltdown: nerf too strong, but as meltdown is a neutral, nosh-rak has already disappeared in rank, I don’t want to talk about it


Love this patch, for the most part. Props to you guys at CPG for giving me hope for the future :punch:


That was probably me :D, although I cant say I am happy about how they went about it. They did not fix its issue and instead just made it bad, but hopefully this will open the door.


yeah, I agree with you
nearly everything that you said is right to the point
lava slasher is devastating in both rank and gauntlet, a nerf is a must


They better not hit it on top of thumping though.


My thoughts on this patch:

I definitely saw some of these coming. Hits to cards like Enfeeble and Thumping Wave were to be expected, and met my expectations. As with every patch, there are some card changes that surprise me, in this case, Windblade Adept, Shadow Sister Kelaino, Chrysallis Burst, and Meltdown. I definitely understand the thought behind each of these changes though, and will watch how these changes impact the meta on the days to come.

Speaking of the meta, I can only think of one way to describe it: Vaath. From my perspective, while the nerfs to certain cards in other factions are definitely appropriate to me, they just so happen to set the stage for this general to run rampant. Lyonar loses a little more early game size. Kelaino is now Makantor and Lavaslasher food while still susceptible to Plasma Storm. Enfeeble is more expensive, which was Vanar’s best way of combating Vaath’s onslaughts.

Of course this is all speculation. All and all, I’m excited to get back into playing. I’ve felt like I couldn’t be creative and competitive at the same time recently, so maybe everything will be different now! :grinning: Time to start building new decks again, and experiment!


Hahahahahaha. Nice work CPG! You can’t even patch your game properly anymore. It’s always a hit or misa nowdays.


Thumping nerf is huge, they can no longer end game with Makantor+thumping. Lavaslasher is still a bit over the top, and other then lavalasher enfeeble was not really a tool that was used against them since most of their most of their stuff was low health with immediate value, I don’t think Vaath will be to over the top after this.

Still not a fan of their choices, but I do think this goes a long way to bring both Vaath and Disruption Faie in line.


It looks pretty accurate to me to be honest, they may not have hit everything that they might need to, but they definitely nailed a lot of things. Your salt notwithstanding.


Faie has been dominating, but Circulus, and deathgrip were the issue not enfeeble. Vanar is supposed to have a good control kit so I don’t think hitting them there was the right call. However I understand it as itwas the most complained about card. Between that and hitting meltdown I think Vanar will be in a good spot now, I just think they took the wrong angle.

Abyss has been lower tier lately, while Kelino could certainly be annoying, you really should not nerf factions that are struggling, so this seems to go directly against there mentioned policy of not balancing for the future since right now they need it, but in the future it should probably have been changed.

Thumping wave was not the problem, Lava Lasher was. Really don’t like this one.

Flash reincarnation: An elegant solution to double flash juggernaught, I largely approve of this one, although I would have preferred making it just not stack somehow rather then preventing you from playing a spell before using, probably wont matter though as that very rarely comes up.

C-burst whelp now its just garbage, yet still doesn’t address its horrible design.

Windblade adept was not the problem, Holy immolation and Trinity were.

Nosh Rank, erm ok, I really didnt think it saw very much play as it was, and now it really probably wont. Maybe I am wrong about its amount of play, but in a faction without any ramp 8 mana is pretty brutal.

I am happy with any nerf to meltdown, however “While we still believe randomness can produce interesting and dynamic gameplay” I could not disagree with more.

Also crap…patch has not hit yet, glad I only disenchanted one.

Ultimately the patch moves things in a good direction, just wish they had gone about it differently, so take my salt…with a grain of salt.


I think the Meltdown and Thumping nerfs were just on point. Burst nerf was for design space, my only complaints are that the Kelaino nerf makes the card pretty bad and Lavaslasher/Ragebinder/Circulus/Deathgrip go untouched, but not too bad.


Thumping wave is a strong card, nerfing it is reasonable
but the problem is that this patch makes vanar the strongest, and unbeatable.
the strength difference between cards are lessen, while that between fractions is largely widened
(sorry my English is poor lol)


While I fully agree that Burst was limiting design space…They just put in the patch that they wanted to avoid balancing for the future, it has always needed a rework not a nerf. Also a tad salty since I had been building around it the last couple days.


Meltdown was almost exclusively used by Faie, and while I don’t like the angle they picked the Enfeeble nerf is pretty significant.


I suppose arcan vanar will still be no.1 without enfeeble and meltdown


To be fair, it will be A LOT weaker without their 3 Mana “Negate board presence” and 7 Mana, kill your general BECAUSE you have no presence.


To be fair, nerfing Meltdown means that Mana Deathgrip is also indirectly nerfed. The point of Mana Deathgrip is to get your lategame threats out sooner, and if you weaken their lategame cards, you lower the main incentive of ramping in the first place.

I still want to see Lavaslasher and Circullus get hit, but I’ll take what I can get right now.