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Duelyst Patch 1.83by Counterplay Games / April 18, 2017

Duelyst Patch 1.83 is expected to deploy on April 19th around 4PM Pacific Time

Balance Changes

We have some wide reaching balance changes coming with this patch, making adjustments to cards from all previous sets. But first, a note on our design philosophy with new cards and balance changes.

If you’ve been keeping track of our patch notes over the past few expansions you probably noticed us making changes for “design space” reasons as each new set rolled out, as well as various other changes we would make periodically. This is something we’d like to avoid in the future. We don’t want to break your existing decks or decks you are building towards, we don’t want to squash your ideas about upcoming card combos by changing an existing card you own as new cards come out. Metagames continually evolve and adapt, both through deckbuilding innovations and through new expansions. We want to encourage this type of organic exploration and innovation, rather than driving the meta with our own changes. We think Duelyst is most fun when you get to play with your cards, grow your collection and experiment with new decks, rather than us telling you how to play.

We will however continue to monitor the state of the game, and still have the ability to step in and make balance changes in the short term if needed, though our goal is to do this rarely.

That being said, there are a number of card changes we’ve been testing for quite some time that we are rolling out with this patch. We’re confident that these changes will allow us to take a step back and give the meta more room to grow on its own, and make more room for exciting new cards to be added to Duelyst in the future.

Enfeeble – Cost changed from 3 to 5.

Enfeeble allows Vanar to trivialize hard-fought board advantages, especially in combination with other cards, a bit more easily than we are comfortable with going forward. By increasing the mana cost to 5, Enfeeble can keep its board-clearing identity but will require a larger investment to do so.

Shadow Sister Kelaino – Stats changed from 2/5 to 3/3.

When a Shadow Sister Kelaino sticks on an Abyssian board, her healing grants tremendous long term impact. We’re reducing her stats to 3/3 to make it easier to remove her from the board, opening up a wider variety of cards to be viable options when playing both with and against Abyssian.

Thumping Wave – Cost changed from 3 to 4.

Thumping Wave’s versatility makes it a staple card in Magmar decks, but it is simply too effective as both a finisher and removal spell. We’ve increased its cost from 3 to 4 to shift the focus back onto its flexibility, rather than strictly outperforming its competition.

Flash Reincarnation – Ability changed to “If the next card you play this turn is a minion, it costs 2 less and takes 2 damage.”

With this change, Magmar can no longer play two Flash Reincarnations back to back to summon an end game minion in the first few turns of the game. They’ll still be able to ramp big minions onto the board early, but the more egregious edge cases will be removed.

Chrysalis Burst – Cost changed from 4 to 6.

The large amount of randomness on Chrysalis Burst when played at key moments in the mid-game created swingy and hard to predict board positions for both players. Often Chrysalis Burst would single handily win or lose the game for its caster, depending on where the eggs spawned and what minions came out of them. Additionally, Chrysalis Burst continues to be the most powerful egg effect by a good margin.

By moving Chrysalis Burst to 6 mana, players will have more time to prepare for it, and we’ll be able to support eggs in much more interesting and powerful ways going forward.

Windblade Adept – Ability changed to “Zeal: Gains +1 Attack.”

Windblade Adept is a widely played minion with no equal in Lyonar. By decreasing its Zeal from +2 Attack to +1 Attack, it will remain a powerful option without preventing other two-cost minions from seeing play.

Grandmaster Nosh-Rak – Cost changed from 7 to 8. Health changed from 7 to 8.

Grandmaster Nosh-Rak has an extremely powerful and often immediate effect that ends the game quickly for Vetruvian players. At 7 mana, it’s difficult to give Vetruvian new high-impact minions when their damage could effectively be doubled the following turn. By moving Nosh-Rak to 8 mana, there will be a bit more breathing room before the Grandmaster comes online.

Meltdown – Cost changed from 7 to 8. Stats changed from 7/7 to 6/6. Ability now deals 6 damage.

While we still believe randomness can produce interesting and dynamic gameplay, Meltdown is too frequently being used as the finisher of choice and deciding the outcome of close games. We’re increasing its mana cost and decreasing its stats to lower its power level a bit and make room for a wider variety of late game card choices.

For roughly 1 week after these changes, Thumping Wave, Flash Reincarnation, and Chrysalis Burst will be disenchantable for full spirit value. Disenchant values are not applicable to the other changed cards, as non-Prismatic cards from small expansions and basic cards are not craftable/disenchantable. (Prismatic versions for small expansion cards are still disenchantable for full value).

Continuing the Story – Chapters 25-30 added to the Codex

Enter the Alcuin Library and hear more tales from Mythron’s historia

Bug Fixes and Minor Updates

  • Adjusted turn timer behavior to better handle actions submitted in final few seconds of your turn.
  • Fixed a bug where Boulder Breacher’s Bond effect would not activate when hatched from an egg at the start of turn.
  • Compressed multiple stat changes within a short window into a single stat change visual (+1,+1,+1,+1 = +4)

Upcoming Roadmap

  • iOS Beta currently in limited testing, ramping up to wider testing soon.
  • Android build being prepped for initial testing.
  • Additional game modes including continuous draft with cross-faction decks.
  • Continuing card expansions throughout the year.

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Good god, so much nerfs!


Absolutely brutal nerfs to some of these cards.


Well deserved nerfs. I’m surprised to see mdg+circulus unchanged, I believe that was far more abusive than enfeeble, although enfeeble was broken as well.


Really amazed to see how strong some of these changes are, but I guess we will see how well it performs in-game. For the most part, I feel that these changes are well reasoned, not because they all necessarily contribute to balance, but because it is with the goal to open up design space that will leave more room for upcoming expansions.

[details=My individual thoughts]

  • Enfeeble: Probably the nerf that everyone saw coming/expected to happen. Glad that it happened so that more emphasis is put on the board, but it still has a 9 mana Skorn+Enfeeble combo. I don’t think we will entirely see enfeeble out of the meta overall.

  • Shadow Sister Kelaino: I remeber hearing nerfs for this card ever since it’s release, and while we haven’t recently heard complaints about the card (Abyssian/Cassyva hasn’t really been dominating the ladder), I’m happy to see its nerf for the sake of preserving design space. Still a powerful card, although this will probably hurt Cass decks more due to how week 3 health minions are (Phoenix Fire and Tiger for example).

  • Thumping Wave: The card that really pushed the burst potential in Magmar. At 4 mana, it now competes with Egg Morph in terms of removal, and Thumping Wave + Elucidator now costs 8 mana and 4 health (or 7 mana with Tiger). Really happy to see this change to open design space (also now I won’t face Elucidator + Thumping + 2 Greater Fortitudes on turn 9. Yes, it did happen to me, and I’m still a bit salty TwT’’. Also RIP Thumping + Mankantor

  • Flash Reincarnation: I’ve seen many threads that referenced how ramp cards can be detrimental to the game, although I bet a lot of us expected to see Mana Deathgrip here instead. Nevertheless, this will still allow turn 1 Sunsteels and whatnot, but it helps prevent cards like Juggernaught from being ramped early too soon. I believe it will still be played, but its a good change.

  • Chrysalis Burst: A few expansions ago, there was a really enthusiastic Magmar player (although I can’t remember his name at the moment) who pointed at Chrysalis Burst for being the main limiter to future egg-synergy cards. While not played to often, I’m glad to see it get a cost increase for the sake of design space.*

  • Windblade Adept: I don’t think anyone saw this change coming. It’s still a strong effect that allows it to trade evenly into other early drop, especially early game, so this minion will see play.

  • Grandmaster Nosh-Rak AND Meltdown: I put these two together because they are among the strongest late game minions that Duelyst has (alongside cards like pre-nerf Variax). I feel that by opening up the 7 drop slot, they can add slower yet strong minions like Oserix, Storm Kage, Grandmaster Zir, and Silithar Elder while making 8 mana minions the “end game” ones. This is a perfect change in order to open design space, and I’m happy to see the devs make all of these changes. [/details]


Lots of nerfs indeed.

Enfeeble: Looks reasonable. Comparable cost to Plasma Storm.
Kelaino: Much easier to remove. Phoenix Fire fodder. Kelaino and Priestess in a deck is likely to get wrecked by Songhai :sob:.
Thumping Wave: Obviously harder to combo rush burst.
Meltdown: I remember saying a nerf to stats or the effect damage would be good. Didn’t expect a nerf to both AND the mana cost.
Other cards were unexpected for me. RIP double/tripple flash Khymera and 9 mana Chrysalis Burst + Morin Khur combo.



Yes, is kompleet sentens, shuddup forem


Kudos for a change to Meltdown, however…Chrysalis Burst to 6 - SIX - mana? A card that was not even top tier? Does not make any sense, this is now sure to never get played. At the very least it should spawn 6 eggs if at cost 6.


Everything was fine until I saw the change to freaking Chrysalis Burst. Thats freaking unacceptable. You took a card that was hard to play and rarely worked already as part of a mechanic that never sees play and nerfed it to oblivion. Wow Cp I’ve never been more disappointed by you. I honestly might quit Duelyst within the next month.

Appart from completely ruining my favorite card, the mobile build isn’t even out yet, we are well on are way through the second quarter and I theres not even a ETA on the android beta test. What a damn shame.


@trulster @futthewuk

The large amount of randomness on Chrysalis Burst when played at key moments in the mid-game created swingy and hard to predict board positions for both players. Often Chrysalis Burst would single handily win or lose the game for its caster, depending on where the eggs spawned and what minions came out of them. Additionally, Chrysalis Burst continues to be the most powerful egg effect by a good margin.

They changed the card because it was limiting design space for future egg/rebirth synergy cards in the Magmar faction, as they stated. Furthermore, the random aspect of the card has always made it unfavorable by some, as the card alone could swing games based on what random minions you got and how well your opponent could react to deal with 4 eggs that are placed randomly. Of course some factions can deal with it better than others (ghost lightning and Blistering skorn for example), but when played early on on turn 1~3, not every faction has a way to deal with eggs that they don’t have a card in hand to answer it, or that they can’t reach. Now what if they added newer ways to hatch eggs that were cheaper, and this card was still at 4 mana? Things would go crazy. There is simply to much random factors to this card that has hindered growth for rebirth synergy for the past expansions (especially when everyone was complaining when Rise of the Bloodborne was released and Magmar received no new Egg/rebirth or grow synergy, as mentioned in this post during rotb’s release).



People not having immediate answers to it was the only thing that made it viable. Blistering scorn and blood tear are already answers everyone can use. Even without those its typical to lose one or two egg either way! Even outside of that every faction DOES have a way to deal with it if it gets played at 6 mana, no exception. This takes the card from a fringe pick to absolutely useless.

Even if they wanted to free up design space for the future…WHY THE HECK ARE THEY NERFING IT NOW? It removes the card from play with ZERO justification. We are at least a month and half away from the next expansion, why kill the decks of the small group of people who want so desperately to use the egg mechanic!


Yep, if and when there is any new egg hatch dynamic, why not change it then?


there’s reworking and there’s ruining. I don’t mind the change, as long as its purpose is not to hide the clear lack of imagination and lazy mindset to allow more breathing room for design space. I hate rng deciding cards, so this getting reworked is a plus for me… But this? It might as well be retired from the game.


I’ll analyze this later (probably on stream)… but I have simply one thing to say for now:

Thank you CPG. These are excellent hits to the top decks at the moment. Slightly disappointed nothing was done about Circulus and Lavaslasher, but I’ll take what I can get.


I think you’re blowing it way outta proportion, yea it’s unplayable right now. Emphasis on Right and Now. But this means that Eggmar can now finally get a means to hatch eggs cheaply and efficiently without a summon four random eggs for four. Chrysalis Burst is now possibly a late game finisher that requires set up to pull off, not the turn it is cast, but the turns leading towards it being cast. But yea, personally I would’ve preferred to see it be reworked but beggars can’t be choosers.

But this should make upcoming expansions that want to work on Eggmar more interesting, we just have to wait and see.


At first glance everything seems fine IF AND ONLY IF eggs do really get powerful upgrades in the future, because the Chrysalis Burst nerf seems rather harsh for a card that didn’t see that much play and is quite often not that good.


Right now I’m laughing at the people who are saying the chrysalis burst nerf was unjustified, and that it was a hard card to play. Literally all but one of my games against this card it was played without morin khur, with people just praying the eggs would survive. Personally, this patch is meant to lower the cases of insane RNG, like drawing multiple flashes with juggernaut, though something like a turn 9 morin khur chrysalis has no counterplay if successful.


If they wait for new, more efficient ways to immediately hatch eggs, then they will immediately receive backlash for how stupid said card will be, and loose potential players. By doing this now, it also helps them have more time and freedom to think of designing said cards without the “____ can’t be made because Chrysalis Burst exists”, or “this card works well with other rebirth minions and mechanics, but would be game breaking if used with Chrysalis Burst”. Ever noticed why Wild Inceptor is 4 mana or Morin Khur is 5 mana or why Dreadnaught is 6 mana, all of which can only be comboed with Chrysalis Burst in the late game? CPG has stated that they always play test cards before they release them, and I wouldn’t be surprise if Chrysalis was a reason why these cards were released with the mana cost they have.

@futthewuk @zerafut
This is a card has and would limit design space, that has been as notorious for its RNG as Reaper of the Nine Moons, and that is barely played and competetive. A card shouldn’t be nerfed based on how competitive it is; cards are nerfed based on how harmful or limiting it is and can be to the game.

A.) People don’t usually run this card for Egg synergies, they run it in more midrange and value based decks for the swing the eggs can provide with the right spawns and with no answer. Furthermore, because of how early on it could come out (ex: flash 2 drop as player 2 into Chrysalis burst as an extreme example, but also strong from T1~T3), players have to dedicate resources to deal with it, which in the early game can cause them to spend their entire turn trying to deal with what they probably can’t answer entirely.

B.) Compare this card to Valknu’s Seal. They both are 4 mana spells meant to add Egg/rebirth synergy by generating an egg. However, Valknu’s Seal has glaring weaknesses in comparison:

  • Can be positioned like a minion, although when you summon 4 strong eggs away from harm due to randomness it lacks.
  • Valknu’s Seal isn’t weak to AoE, because it is a single egg. Chrysalis Burst summons four eggs in random positions, which requires AoE or minions within range to deal with each individual egg.
  • Summoning 1 minion strong minion makes it highly weak to hard removal, of which most decks have to run in order to be viable. Summoning 2~4 however makes it a lot more difficult remove the summons.

C.) This card still has synergy with Morin Khurr. In fact, the new Chrysalis burst curves perfectly into a pre-equipped Morin Khurr, adding more ways to play against such a heavy swing.

D.) An unanswered Chrysalis Burst generates far more value than it should at 4 mana. Assuming you get the (arguably) worst spawns from Chrysalis Burst to be summoned (Rex, Gro, Moloki Hunteress, Vindicator), you still get a 9 mana worth of minions, which is a lot even if you have to wait a turn (or wait to combo at 9 mana). With this same situation now, you still get a 9 mana swing, but having to wait a turn makes the +3 mana gain seem more reasonable.

I know people are throwing around the ‘if’ eggmar gets more synergy, but CPG has already been doing that with other nerfed cards. Remember when everyone got upset with the nerf to saberspine seal, and immediatly saw Ethereal Blades as powercreep? Or way back when Mask of Shadows got nerfed, making Cyclone Mask ineffective as well? Well, they got a Celerity artifact in the most recent expansion, making all of these cards useful again. This isn’t a matter of “if” the synergy is released. Its a matter of “when” they release the new synergy.


First examination yields an emotion of happiness.
EDIT: Additional examinations have similar results.


I like this patch, but I can’t say I love it. I like buffs more than nerfs since I like to play everything, so maybe we can get a followup patch that aims to add power to weak cards? For example, now that we’ve nerfed Eggmar’s problem child, can we move Wild Inceptor to 3 Mana? Just something small like that.

Make buffs, not nerfs :peace: