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Duelyst Patch 1.79 – Boss Battles are arriving!by Counterplay Games / January 18, 2017

We expect Patch 1.79 to be released on Jan 18th/19th 2017.

Boss Battles

Over the next few weeks we will be testing out a brand new feature we’re very excited about: Limited Time Boss Battles

We’re super excited. Here’s how it all works:

  • During select time periods a special boss event will become available for a limited time (we are planning for the first 2 to be available for a week starting on a Monday and ending on Sunday).
  • You will see a callout for the Boss Battle in the main menu.
  • Each Boss is a unique AI controlled opponent with a unique deck and starting board state.
  • Defeating the Boss in battle will earn you 1 Free Spirit Orb and a unique Boss Crate.
  • The Boss crate costs $4.99 to unlock and contains:
    • 1 Common Chest Key
    • 1 Gauntlet Ticket
    • 3 Shim’zar Spirit Orbs
    • 1 Random Legendary Card
  • The Boss crate expires 48 hours after you have earned it.

We will be testing out 2 Boss Battles over the next few weeks to gather feedback so make sure to check-in next week. We’re excited to hear what you think!

Free Card of The Day is replacing The Daily Challenge

We putting The Daily Challenge on a break and replacing it with a Free Common Card of the Day. You can claim one random common craftable card every 24 hours in place of the 5 Gold reward that the challenges offered.

We know there are a lot of challenge lovers out there so we want to regroup and explore a better vehicle to deliver challenges for those players that love that game mode.

If you are interested in authoring challenges, we’re looking for folks willing to contribute! Fill out the form here and we’ll be in touch: https://goo.gl/forms/f11MAlL70tWgLdH33

Monthly Cards

In 2017 we’re going to take a step away from adding Monthly Cards to each season on a regular basis and instead we want to focus on bigger expansions and seasonal special events.

There are 3 main reasons:

  • The Core set was continuously getting more expensive and was starting to have too much rarity creep.
  • We could only effectively do Neutrals.
  • It puts a lot of community focus on only a small set of four cards, pressuring us to print universally viable neutral cards instead of cards that make great sense as part of a cohesive expansion theme.

The Season Reward Crate will still contain 1 card for each division you’ve achieved at the same rarity as before.

Match History Maintenance Note

As part of some housekeeping in 2017, during the rollout of this patch, we will be wiping old match history on your profile page. In the near future we will do our best to re-import the old match history from 2016 into the new system.

Sneak Peak: Continuous Draft Mode

We don’t often preview things here at Counterplay Games, but we’re going to make a dangerous exception and tease a new limited time game mode we plan to release in the near future: a Continuous Draft Mode.

In this mode, you will pick a General, receive a fairly basic starting deck, and improve your deck over time by leveling up.

But there are a number of twists including something special: in this mode you can build cross faction decks.

That’s all we’re going to reveal for right now, but feel free to start dreaming up zany cross faction combos you can build.

2017 Roadmap

We’re continuing to put most of our effort into 3 major areas: * Mobile and Console development. * Localization and worldwide release. * Card Expansions, Boss Events, and new Game Modes.

Don’t forget your free Keys!

If you haven’t already, you can claim free Common Crate Keys for following Duelyst on Social Media

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Fuck my hiatus, I’m coming back bitches



Really looking forward to the new features


Why add new things when the mechanics right now need tweaking?


End of monthly cards is a sad development. Was something to look forward to. Continuous draft mode looks good!


I want to translate Duelyst into Dutch for the localization/worldwide release!


Djeez, you guys just keep on rockin’. Love this update already. Makes sense to cut out the monthly cards: they’ll be missed but we’ll get over it. If we could get some more information on the Boss Battles that’d be great, because I’d be interested in helping out if I think I can help!


I was worried they wouldn’t have a mid month patch, its been a while since we’ve received any notice from them.

No RotB balance patch, I guess their giving it more time before they make any final judgments, but I’m not to worried at the moment. Not having new monthly cards is a bit sad (no new meta changes at the end of each month), but I can understand their decision for doing so,

I am all for the boss battle and soon-to-be continuous draft mode, and I think this is a great step in the direction of a casual and fun experience in duelyst (just think of the crazy combos that could go off using faction cards with different generals, like heal synergy cards with kelaino!).

Overall great patch, although does anyone know when the next Dev talk will be?


We will have word on the next Duelyst Dev Talk soon! :smiley:


I love you guys, everything looks dope.

I can see the problem with daily challenges, must take a lot of commitment to devote some of the developing time to new ones; doesn’t impact me 'cause I’ve been ignoring them for a while.

Boss Battles look like a great way to incentivize people coming back to the game frequently, since they are great value. The only thing that makes me sad, from the preview, is that the infamous “mystery unit” sprite might be used for AI only :expressionless:

Continuous Draft Mode is, simply put, a dream. One of the thing that I feel this game lacks (like many other digital card games) is the potential of mixing factions. This also looks more similar to a sealed mode or a more traditional draft and it’s something I always wanted in the game.

Also, in case you guys need help with Italian localization, let me know; could put my foreign languages degree to good use.


Cross faction decks? Sounds pretty good, there will be a lots otk decks i think


Sigh. I have to say I too am a bit disappointed. I wanted the Mystery Unit, the great Ephor, to be a minion or a new General.
He. Can’t have everything ya want.


Well. Wow. This is amazing, the new game modes sound super exciting. The only criticism I have is - why is continuos draft going to be limited time? Honestly, it feels like something I would play constantly if I have an opportunity, and I see no reason to make it limited time.

P.S. No balance changes hurt my Vetruvian heart, but well, the news make up for it. Hoping for a balance patch at the end of the month.


I sent this via application (as it requests), but felt like putting here as well.

Daily Challenge Alternative

Provide Diamond/S players with a unique real game type board (probably of Gold level). Allow them to play it out ONE turn, I didn’t put that part in the application. The play used by the majority of Diamond/S players gets submitted (they get 5 gold, etc.).

The FOLLOWING day, Gold and below players are given this board and are aimed to figure out what Diamond/S players did. Upon success, they get 5 gold (or they can pass up to see solution and no gold). This allows for player base improvement and enjoyment into real game applicable scenarios (compared to daily puzzles).

Pros - Easier for developers to do, as it’s more selection than designing.
-Allows lower players to learn from higher players and improves
-Rewards those who’ve achieved high rating with some easy g’s. Provides a sense of “thanks for contributing to teaching new/lower players”
-Does not necessarily have to be a killing blow play, but just a 1 turn “what’s the best decision” scenario.

Cons - Developing the system to select the majority play will take some time.
-Keen eye for a good, but clear sample to provide. The more difficult the board, the more variant the submissions pose to be. Also, the harder the board, the fewer Gold and below players are likely to solve and get rewarded, allowing for player dissatisfaction. This could be alleviated by doing something similar to newspaper Sudoku’s (the sudoku puzzles start super easy on monday and get harder consecutively to sunday, then repeats cycle again the next monday).


I like the Boss Battle idea but I’m not keen on the Boss crate costing money to open (assuming there are no free ways to open it). But then again the game needs money to survive and seems to provide good value for money. So its good for both sides.

Always knew that new monthly cards wouldn’t last, shame since I did enjoy them but it would be unreasonable to continually get new cards each month on top of everything.

Continuous draft, I’m kinda neutral towards since I have too many questions that I want to ask about it. But I’m looking forward to trying it out at least.


Good to see so many new stuff and events going up.
But also beware that the community is not too happy about the current state of the ladder. Make sure that you devs don’t ignore those voices (even though sometimes the community does exaggerate stuff, other times they still make sensible arguments)


I was going to complain about the lack of balance changes, but then I realized, I don’t have to put up with you Derps on ladder anymore! I can just beat up a computer until the balance gets fixed! Nhyo-ho-ho!


Boss Battles are definitely super exciting, finally we will see the cool lore of the Duelyst world being exploited at its best. It’s sad that the daily challenge is (temporarily?) leaving and that no new monthly cards will be introduced, but I do understand the motivations behind this and I think none will complain too much.

I hope this is the start of the realization by the devs that the game needs continuous assistance to feel fresh. This is not necessarily done via the introduction of cards, but new game modes and short-lived, temporary events would be a blast, especially when the game hits the mobile. These would be excellent ways to give players something fresh to do, without breaking the balance of the game for competitive play.

For the next patch, however, I think we all look forward to a few balance changes :wink: We all know something has to be changed, right? People have discussed about this quite a lot in the last few days, I hope it will be taken into due account


That is just wonderful :3

Only the limited draft time…
Maybe reset it every week or month

When mobile release will be out i hope they make some balance change/rework tho
KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK (and seriously, vet and vanar could really use some love :wink: )


No balance changes dissapoints