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Duelyst Patch 1.77by Counterplay Games / November 30, 2016

The Frostfire Festival Begins

It’s that time of the year! For the entire month of December (starting Dec 1st), we will be offering a special new Frostfire Quest:

Complete 15 Quests to earn a Free Gift Crate.

Completing the quest will award you the The Free Gift Crate that can be opened from the Mystery Crates screen:

The Gift Crate does not require a key to open and will contain:

  • 100 GOLD
  • Frostfire Saberspine Tiger Skin (not available in Armory)
  • 1 RARE Mystery Crate Key

December Season Rewards

December does not have monthly cards (we’re working hard on the next expansion that is going to be announced VERY soon). Therefore, the season rewards for December will be a random card of the appropriate rarity for each division:

  • Bronze – Random Epic card.
  • Gold – Random Legendary card (and all of above).
  • Diamond – Random Rare card (and all of above).
  • S-Rank – Random Common card + 1 Bonus Legendary card (and all of above).

Quest Tweaks

For the “Ultimate Aggressor” quest, if you win the game or if your opponent concedes you will always receive a minimum of 25 damage towards the 150 damage goal to Enemy Generals.

Minor Changes

  • Fixed an issue where Gauntlet Deck was not appearing correctly since patch 1.76 until you went back to main menu and re-opened the Gauntlet screen.
  • Better in-game UI and messaging around spectators joining / leaving.
  • Permanent in-game UI badge for current number of spectators (if above 1).
  • Fixed a bug where the Practice Mode server could have a hiccup when you or opponent would run out of cards in your deck.


We’re currently working primarily on:

  • Upcoming Card Expansion.
  • Duelyst for Android and iOS.
  • Localization, translation, and international release.

If you want to see previews of the upcoming units and get realtime updates on our progress and community events, follow us on Twitter.

Don’t forget your free Keys!

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free stuff = happy raqyee


dafuuuq blue tigers.


tl;dr Confirmation that Tigers were always meant for Kara


That loading screen makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


That background is so darn pretty!

As for the rewards, I’m a bit disappointed that the monthlies will not be from the expansion, but they are free cards none the less. Just don’t give me any more Grandmaster Zir or Winter’s Wake. I have eight of each of these darn things, including a few prismatics!


Praise the art!


Wow…awesome Background…great Quest and great Reward…Thanks to the developers for the great patch(es)…İam very happy:grinning:


VERY soon? Huh few days to go boiz!!!


dude new Loading Screen! holy shit YES! When will pre-orders go live? gotta see how much money i’ll have left over to spend on other people after buying into the next expansion.

Love the tiger! want Santa Argeon skin!


Perhaps the Expansion will come with the Patch in a few minutes…That would be a surprise… ohh Boy.


Wow, you are really baiting hard for people to play more…with tigers!



This patch is cute. Cute!


I find the idea of a monthly quest particularly cool, it would be awesome if it became a common practice! Just having cosmetics would be fine, if the devs do not want to mess up the economy.


My most favourite thing in Duelyst is not the game process or card collecting experience. Im here for these art pieces, music and amazing world. I am really gratefull that you created this world with perfect music, style and charachters.


Loveeeee the Saberspine aesthetic. Can’t wait to grab one! =D


Hell yeah, i am looking forward to play duelyst on my phone…


hmm shimzar didnt stop monthlies this expansion must be godly cant wait


It may say “Festival” but this is really still not an event of any significance. It’s basically doing the same stuff we normally do and getting a few small gifts. The gifts are appreciated, but really just fluff. This game needs events, preferably weekly, to keep people interested who aren’t here to grind a mostly meaningless ladder.


It doesn’t. It would obviously be nice, but it’s not a necessity. Luckily gauntlet exists and it’s possible to play the ladder for fun without “mindlessly grinding it” so it’s not like we are in a dire need of extra content in form of game modes. If there is a game mode that can be considered a must have, it’s casual.