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Duelyst Patch 1.76by Counterplay Games / November 17, 2016

We expect to release the patch on November 17th around 12:30PM PST.

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Balance Changes

As always all changed cards are disenchantable for roughly 1 week after the change for full spirit value.

We’ve got some exciting new changes this patch. When we make changes it’s with the goal to create a healthy environment for a wide variety of decks and play styles, and to maintain great faction balance.

Mana Vortex – Text changed to “The next spell you cast this turn costs 1 less.”

Songhai has been performing really well this season, and we’re looking to tone down their ability to recover from all-in turns. Mana Vortex will still allow you to create explosive turns, but you’ll have to look elsewhere to keep your action bar full.

Lantern Fox – Stats changed from 2/4 to 2/3.

Lantern Fox has been a staple in Songhai decks for a long time, and we don’t intend to change that. We do feel that it should provide slightly less value on average. Lantern Fox’s health has been reduced by 1.

Spelljammer – Cost changed from 3 to 4. Stats changed from 2/4 to 3/5.

Spelljammer is one of the strongest options for card draw, especially in aggressive decks. By bumping up its cost and stats, other deck strategies should have more room to flourish.

Cryogenesis – Cost changed from 3 to 4.

Cryogenesis is a good removal option in Duelyst, and can limit the viability of minions with 4 or less health. By increasing its cost, you’ll have to think twice when deciding to destroy their minion, or summon your own.

Rite of the Undervault – Cost changed from 5 to 6.

Abyssian can be a a strong faction when it comes to the late game. Rite of the Undervault’s cost has been increased to 6, so that it will take a bigger commitment for Abyssian players to draw cards. You’ll still get to refill after expending your hand, but the increased cost should ensure that your enemy isn’t quite as far behind.

Blistering Skorn – Cost changed from 3 to 4. Stats changed from 3/4 to 4/5.

Blistering Skorn gives each faction a board-clear option, which can disproportionately hurt the “swarm” playstyle. By bumping up its cost and stats, smaller minions should have a bit more breathing room.

Premium Battlemaps

We’re adding 4 new Legendary Battle Maps to the Armory!

  • Battlemaps are Legendary Cosmetics. Each costs $7.99 or 3000 Spirit.
  • You can set your Battlemap from the Deck Select screen after you’ve unlocked one.
  • Your Battlemap will be used when you are PLAYER 1 in a game.

Quest Economy Changes

We’re re-balancing how gold is distributed between the 2 daily quests, and we’re introducing new quest types.

  • We’re changing the 1st quest slot into a 20 GOLD quest that is always a faction quest.
  • We’re changing the 2nd quest slot into a 50 GOLD quest that is meant to be finished in 5-10 games.
    • Adventurer: Play 8 Games.
    • Ultimate Aggressor: Deal 150 Damage to Enemy Generals
    • Assassin: Destroy 50 Enemy Minions
  • We’re changing the per-win reward to 15 GOLD every 3 WINS from every 2 WINS.
  • We’re removing the cap on per-win rewards for players that want to grind out 50+ games per day.

Gold rewards help encourage play patterns. Right now, there is a big drop-off in rewards after playing your first 4 games every day. Instead, we want there to be a big GOLD payoff for playing 7-10 games while still having a viable way to grind to earn lots of GOLD every day.

Here’s how the math works out based on our simulations and play pattern data:

  • At 4 games vast majority of players will earn 45 GOLD. This is less than the theoretical max in the old system.
  • At 7-10 games vast majority of players will earn 110 to 125 GOLD. This is slightly more than in the old system.

We want an incentive for casual players (~4 games) to play a bit more, and we want a slight reward buff to engaged players (~8 games) that don’t win more than 60% of the time.

When we make these changes we do think of EVERY player type that forms the backbone of DUELYST (Casuals, Competitive, Grinders, etc.). We can’t always design systems that work perfectly to incentivize all 3 without hurting some other part of the game.

4 New Codex Chapters

We’ve added 4 new chapters to the Codex / Historia. Come and explore the chapters:

  • Chapter 21: Rasha’s Betrayal and The Eternal Empire
  • Chapter 22: The Vetruvian Wars
  • Chapter 23: The Rise of Ziros Starstrider
  • Chapter 24: Starstrider’s Final Gambit

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the Gauntlet Keyblade animation after winning a game.
  • Fixed an issue with Dreadnought dying and making its own egg a 2/3. Should be a 0/1.
  • Fixed an issue with interaction of Grandmaster Z’ir + Blindscorch + Psychic Conduit.

December Season Patch Preview

The December patch will not include new season cards as we aim to release our next expansion in mid-December. The season rewards for December will be a random card of the appropriate rarity for each division:

  • Silver – Epic card.
  • Gold – Legendary card (and all of above).
  • Diamond – Rare card (and all of above).
  • S-Rank – Common card + 1 Bonus Legendary card (and all of above).


We’re currently focusing on:

  • Upcoming Card Expansion.
  • Duelyst for Android and iOS.
  • Localization, translation, and international release.

If you want to see previews of the upcoming units and get realtime updates on our progress and community events, follow us on Twitter.

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GREAT PATCH CP ! I love it ! It’s perfect !
But I broke my laptop, send me a new one ?


I’m very happy I try to save my Rites for very late turns, otherwise I’d feel like I just got the boot out of my main deck - again.

Also, Vortex - still usable, or hand-burning mistake to run?

Jammer will certainly still see play, and is certainly stronger than before. Odd HP stat and clearing 2-drops is something most decks would rather have over the 1 mana; here’s hoping the change works out like CP wants it to - slowing down the fastest decks.


This is huge, I think it’s a bit too much to digest atm but I definitely tell this is a good patch. Especially for the dailys


Extremely interesting! I’m interested to see how this shakes up the meta.

Some good changes there, even though you hit my Rite of the Undervault and I’m more of a 4-6 games a day person so I guess I’ll earn a bit less.

Still,I always felt that the Assassin and Ultimate Aggressor quests where meaningless - they just happened with no effort or thought from my part so I like those tweaks.

Could you alter the welcome back quest to go up higher than three days?


Holy shi-

Okay, plenty of people are going to be ecstatic over these nerfs. Plenty are gripping imaginary pitchforks too, I suspect. XD


contest for 4 drop slots ;__;

also mana vortex :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I don’t see much to be upset about beyond the Vortex change; everything else is reasonable.

Even the change on Fox just ensures that it doesn’t gain abnormally massive value against creep or minions with 1 attack; it now dies to a general swing and any ping, rather than turning pings into near-suicide.


will it be common practice to release balance patch in the middle of the season moving forward? I think it’s annoying…


Sigh, another round of changes that missed the core Reva problem of inner focus, mask, and fourwinds. Hitting cards that will nerf Kal more then Reva. Still it should help to lower songhais oppression, but it failed to adress the issue. I do appreciate that they are at least toning them down, but just like the last patch they are hitting the wrong spots.

Spelljammer change is probably good, it does slow down spellhai a little which is important.

Then they hit Skorn, which is yet another stealth buff to Reva. I think they are a little out of touch with the meta. Skorn helped swarm more then it hurt it, and provides an important counter to Reva, Chrys Burst, and crawlers. They did such a good job with Kara, Zyx, and other things that made swarm do fine agaisnt skorn, strange to see them backtrack here. If they really felt he needed a nerf, I wish they had reduced his stats and left his cost.

Cryo is a weird hit, it is very strong but it’s an important staple of a faction that is not dominating. Reva and Aregeon are the problems, not Vanar.

Undervault change, eh ok, probably fair. Don’t think it was needed but not a big deal.

Overall like the last patch I am not happy with it, but it was not bad either and I really appreciate that they did listen and tone down Songhai a little. Songhai
was weakened Instead of being made healthier, and that saddens me.




rite of the undervault nerf :sweat:


It’s called a mid-month patch, seems like it happens every month.

Also the gold from wins nerf hurts me :?(


Patches happen at the middle and end of each month. Balance portions can happen as necessary there is no set time for it be it the middle or end.


What a changes! wow!
Agree with them all at first sight… don’t know if mana vortex won’t be rare now in decks, but that’s fine.


Fixed an issue with Dreadnought dying and making its own egg a 2/3. Should be a 0/1

Awwwwwwwww that made Dreadnought somewhat fun and boosted him a little. I was kind of hoping for it to become the official working of the card (adjusting the text a bit).


I make a distinction of 2 types of patch:
-with card changes (which I call balance patch)
-without card changes (which I call just general patch)

I just think balance patches in the middle of the month are annoying for people that are laddering with those decks that experienced a nerf


I know that.
I just think balance patches in the middle of the month are annoying for people that are laddering with those decks that experienced a nerf. I think people can wait another 15 days.


I have absolutely no issues with the changes implemented, so I do agree that it’s (mostly) reasonable.

And yes, the Vortex nerf is salvation for players screaming CANCERHAI ZOMG after eating 15 dmg by t4… though I question whether nerfing both jammer and vortex in one go is too hard a pill to swallow for Songhai mains.Will they run out of steam too easily now?

I guess time will tell.


The game just became infinitely more playable with the Spelljammer change alone. Good job as usual CPG :smiley:


I’m pretty happy with this patch. The nerfs are mostly fair, the Cryo and Mana Vortex nerfs might be a bit harsh, but I’m glad they adjusted these cards, Spellhai won’t get as many crazy turns without Vortex and Faie gets a bit tuned down in Gaunlet. I wonder if Scorn is still playable, if it’s not we’re going to see Jax and Chrystalis Burst a lot more.


The fact that it keeps those other cards in check means it is inherently playable; that is what tech cards are for.