Duelyst Patch 1.74 – Duelyst


I’m not a fan of the Siphon Soul nerf. That spell was one of vet’s few tools for dealing with ranged minions. This might end up being an indirect buff to Reva, who can afford to keep things far away because of not just Heartseekers but also due to many Songhai reposition spells. I very rarely hear people complain about this spell so I hope you guys reconsider it.

Like honestly, Songhai was already the strongest, and all these nerfs do is enable that faction even more. Almost all of them benefit Songhai, the Saberspine Seal nerf practically doesn’t matter when they have still have Four Winds and Inner Focus.

And what are they supposed to do if a flood Abyssian hides their Deathwatch minions that generate wraithlings and damage/heal the Generals behind wraithlings? Now it’s virtually impossible to respond without heavy punishment or waiting for a Circle of Desiccation. I don’t know who decided this was a problem card but the nerf seems highly unnecessary.


No, it’s actually competitively unplayable now. And by competitively I mean Diamond and S. Idc what people do in Silver/Gold.


I really don’t get most of these nerfs. Why nerf siphon? Why shroud? Why nerf Kron to trash-tier? I’m glad with saberspine nerf though because I might be biased in my hate to SOnghai.

Time to cram 3x Dioltas instead of Kron in our decks again \o/


In regards to the Ephemeral Nerf: “Note that we do think there should be good neutral dispel options for all factions to use, but we want to see other reactive cards become viable choices in place of having an answer to most scenarios”

Wait, hold up. What other reactive cards are they talking about? There isn’t many choices, especially since Zen’Rui was nerfed. I guess they put a lot of weight on Pony?


Yes! Thank you for all of it :). Monthly cards have sick sprites as well, very curious about the last one! Some very courageous changes in this patch, I think you guys did a great job on these changes. Glad to see Kron be a dedicated Replace Deck staple now :).

Edit: djeez a lot of people here are hyperbolic, how about a little faith in CP ey? Every single time we get people crying to the heavens about how ridiculous one thing or the other is, and every single time the outcry is way overstated.


I want to focus on Kara here (not much to say about the rest, others have already made good points similar to my view), as I believe that her BBS change is actually a good thing, assuming it works how others and I think it will. Assuming that this buffs any minion summoned that turn, this could be a deliberate buff to make Kara more wall Vanar orientated, similar to Zir’an being heal based and Cassyva being creep based. With her BBS, all wall summoning cards would be buffed with +1/+1, and other minions would gain buffs by being summoned, such as mini jaxes from jaxi and jax truesight, fenrir wolfmaster, and illusions summoned by prismatic illusionist (Arcanysts Vanar comeback maybe?). Overall, I am very excited to start playing Kara decks now, especially with other changes to dispel, burst, and 5 drop minions~


I think they’d like to see Nightsorrow to deal with foxes and obelyks over shroud. Thing is, nightsorrow is too bad, so this definitely hurts Abyss as a dispel-less faction when everything needs to be dispelled.


except Replace decks neither have the Necessary catalysts nor the abusers to ever be a thing, espeically with their only viable Card joining Astral Crusader in his Crusade to the place of ‘cards never being used.’


With it’s current wording that’s definitely how it should work. It would otherwise specify minions that you summon from your action bar, which it does not.


your post started out so… balanced… then went full trump at the end. disappointed.


My three main problems with the Kara nerf:

  1. It makes all current Kara decks obsolete. Many cards that were made for these decks are now not important yet cannot be DEed for full value.

  2. New Kara decks are likely to significantly overlap with Faie archetypes like walls, which REDUCES diversity rather than increasing it.

  3. Old Kara decks were generally inexpensive. I have a feeling new ones are going to cost a fortune. That is not good for newer players or for diversity, and will also result in more people switching to dull aggro decks.

We’ll see, but I think this changed Kara’s basic character WAY too much.


@enlightenedowl Thank you for the clarification!
@poodleswithguns Let’s not bring in politics now…


I always dust things that get changed, because you can craft them again for free anyway if you hold onto the spirit long enough to see what the community does with the new card.


Emm… time to dust off Crossbones, I guess? :disappointed_relieved:


Me too, except if I dust my Krons half my decks will become unplayable. :wink: Which sort of proves that he needed a nerf, though I don’t think this one really addresses the main problem with him, the potentially OP minions you can get purely based on RNG.


Crossbones won’t help against Four Winds Magi, Kelaino, Shadow Dancer, Bloodmoon Priestess, pretty much any minion with an on-going effect that can stay far away. Vanar can have their three damage dispel a space spell that can be used against Mechantor, why can’t Vetruvian have an even weaker, more limited version of that spell that can only target minions? It just seems silly.

It’s disappointing because usually the nerfs are on-point, but these just seem a little tonedeaf in a Songhai dominant meta.


That’s why the archetype needs new cards and a rework of Crusader. Patience is what we need here, it’s clear CP wants to make the archetype work.


I don’t like to speculate this early but…

Kara is a gimmick, a Starhorn v.2, a mediocre Faie, a starved homeless woman on the side of the road begging for some usage in the current meta.


:sweat: Saberspine nerf. Only really affects Meldhai which wasn’t very common on ladder. I see much, much more Reva Spellhai/Aggro Reva than anything. Makes me a little sad since it really hurts the Kaleos Zoo deck I was experimenting with as well. Oh well.


This archetype will never exist since the idea is flawed in its very core. Its a synergy reliant deck but the basic synergy is always accessible for every deck, at every boardstage, at every handsize.