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Duelyst Patch 1.74by Counterplay Games / October 17, 2016

Patch 1.74 will be deploying around 1PM PST Monday 10/17.

Hey everyone, we’ve been working hard on the next card expansion as well as our Mobile and Console builds. In the meantime, the mid-October patch is going to focus on balance changes and fixing a few bugs and minor issues.

Balance Changes

We make balance changes rarely and for a number of reasons. These changes are not based entirely on a card’s popularity, win rate, or lack thereof. We will say a bit about why we’re making each change, and as always changed cards are disenchantable for ~2 weeks after the change for full spirit value.

Kara Winterblade – Bloodborn spell changed to: “Any minion you summon this turn gains +1/+1.”

This was a hard decision. There are a few reasons for this change: First, Kara has been dominant in competitive play, and tends to promote decks that are considered unfun. Second, Kara has been a one trick pony and we wanted to adjust that a bit to allow us to create new interesting cards that interact with her spell (for example, cards that create multiple minions and spells that spawn walls will now receive the buff unlike before). Ultimately, Kara’s spell acted as a hard power limit on any Neutral or Vanar cards we could release in future expansions or our monthly season card releases.

Saberspine Seal – Cost changed from 1 to 2.

We are increasing the mana cost of Saberspine Seal to make it more difficult for Songhai to put together high-damage combos, and make it more taxing to efficiently remove threats from the board while maintaining pressure on an opponent. Note that we do want to continue to support a variety of deck-types in Duelyst, and Songhai’s ability to play powerful aggressive and/or combo decks is something we consider core to their playstyle.

Siphon Energy – Text changed to “Dispel an enemy minion nearby your General.”

Vetruvian has some of the most powerful tools in the game. The ability to easily neutralize opposing threats regardless of their position on the board is an area where the faction could stand a slight adjustment. We think forcing Vetruvian to care more about positioning to dispel enemies is such an adjustment.

Ephemeral Shroud – Stats changed from 2/2 to 1/1.

Ephemeral Shroud is among the most commonly played cards in all of Duelyst. Given its near universal playability, we’ve reduced its stats to reinforce the core reason for including Ephemeral Shroud in a deck: its dispel effect. The value Shroud offers as a minion on the board should not be as important. Note that we do think there should be good neutral dispel options for all factions to use, but we want to see other reactive cards become viable choices in place of having an answer to most scenarios with the Ephemeral Shroud.

Zen’Rui, The Blightspawned – Cost changed from 5 to 6. Stats changed from 4/3 to 4/4.

We want Zen’Rui to continue to be a viable card to play given the correct metagame, but it should be more difficult to include in a deck without many downsides. Putting Zen’Rui further up the curve introduces more tradeoffs when deciding to include him in a deck, and gives us more space to create powerful minions with 2 or less attack.

Inquisitor Kron – Stats changed from 4/6 to 4/4.

Inquisitor Kron’s powerful stats and value-generating effect have landed him a spot as the premier 5 cost minion of Duelyst to the exclusion of most other 5 cost minions. While we hope he continues to be a desirable choice in a variety of deck styles going forward, we want players to feel like they have more options in the 5 cost slot.

Bug Fixes

  • Introduced a new system for handling potential network packet drop and game desync issues. Duelyst will attempt to better detect packet drop and ask you to re-enter the game if it falls out of sync.
  • Streamer Watch list is now sorted by viewer count since we’ve added a number of new faces over the past few weeks.
  • Some Shimzar spells have received new custom visual effects.
  • Fixed a bug where challenging a friend to a game while they are in the Orb Opening screen could lock the game navigation.
  • Fixed an issue with the card text on Pandora.
  • Fixed an issue where using Mirror Meld on minions buffed in a specific way would cause them to die as soon as copied.
  • Multiple unit teleports should happen all together in parallel visually instead of one-by-one.

First Look: November Monthly Cards

Get excited for the 4 November Monthly Season cards coming out on the 1st of November. Remember, you can earn a FREE copy of each of these by hitting one of the 4 ranked ladder divisions: SILVER, GOLD, DIAMOND, S-RANK.

As always, let us know what you think in the Forums, Discord, and on Reddit.

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Patch 1.74 Updated Decks - S Rank

Well, hope you guys are happy. Kron is literally trash now. A 5 mana card that dies to a general hit and a 2 drop attack. Unless you get Forcefield minion it’s not worth it at all. I wish they just made it 5 hp and removed the Forcefield minion or something among those lines instead of straight up killing the card. Meh.

About the other nerfs, they all over the fucking place. Kara’s design still promotes running a very low curve because if you play one minion per turn your BBS just harms you more than it helps you. But hey, at least you can now Gravity Wells without getting Skorn-ed? It’s starting to become obvious how CPG really doesn’t know what to do with the general.

Saberspine seal is now a strictly worse Phoenix Fire which makes zero sense, I’m sure there were other ways to nerf the Songhai’s combo.

Since when is Siphon a problem? Some people even choose to run Shrouds over it. And now when Shrouds are getting nerfed I don’t why this should too unless they want to collectively shit on the dispel mechanic.

Talking of Shroud, I guess his nerf is justified even though I don’t think it will make any difference other in some very specific matchups. Shrug.

Zen’rui wasn’t even that common despite the complaints. I guess the vocal majority really does have influence. Well I guess it’s a real tech card now, because unless you take control of a really high value target it’s utter garbage unlike what it used to be where you could take control of a standard 2 mana 2/3 and it would be okay-ish. My prismatic Zen’rui defo goes into a trash bin.

All in all, it’s pretty disappointing. I thought that with addition of Winter to the balancing team stuff like this would be avoided but guess not >>

also inb4 rockbiter nerf joke


Goodbye Kara!

I will miss you


Well, time to change my Kara deck to Faie.
Anyway, I don’t really give a damn, the new sprites look amazing enough to make me happy and the other changes aren’t really much of an annoyance.


Will we be able to disenchant the MK2 Kara? feels bad when i just bought that thing about 2 weeks ago only to see her get nerfed. much prefer getting the MK2 of another General.

Not that the Kara Nerf wasn’t necessary 9/8 tigers were broken.

as an aside does the mean that her BBS will now buff walls summoned? so we end up with 1/3 ice walls or 1/2 gravity holes?

also will that work with Kron and his minions?


Time to rework all our deck, expecially Kara =3.
My point of view (I’m not an S-rank pro but still, I’m a player) :
Kara : Can no longuer stack, but the “ANY minion” suggest that token minions and walls might get buffed. To confirm in game.

Saberspine seal : nerf by mana cost, they said everything about it.

Siphon : Vet will have an hard time with mobile/ranged/far things to dispel. Their strategy need to evolve maybe.

Ephemeral Shroud : Probably no longer a core in our deck because of too low stats. It might be more effective to have removal instead.

Zen’Rui : 4/4 is not “so” bad, in general, it is for a 6 mana drop. But well it’s effect is “take control” type, which is one of the strongest in this kind of game. Let’s see.

Kron : Sorry I’m laughing to much to comment on this one. Still a must to remove from the board but with a general punch and one minion/spell it will be easy.

About the monthly cards :

  • A battle pet ?
  • An Arcanyst (again) ?
  • … dual weapon… but too fat for celerity. Expect high/decent HP.
  • This ray of light might have to do with his effect.


LOL, I got the Humble Bundle today, got a couple Krons with some spirit I got and started playing Kara. And now this patch… Should I dust Kron?


Copying Hearthstone some more, I see? The even funnier part? Shaman ended up on top after the nerfs, because of the other cards that were nerfed, just like Songhai will.

The copying of Hearthstone conspiracy gets deeper every day.


I look forward to seeing what people can do with Kara now after that massive nerf. It completely changes her entire character.

The Kron nerf seems too high by 1, just like vet silithar. I think some folks will keep playing Kron, but he’s going to be removed from a lot of decks now. And this doesn’t really do anything to promote the replace synergy that he’s supposed to be about.


Yeeeee, nice to see Kara and Kron balanced!!!


Just to jump in, there were really only 2 options to nerf the Baconhai combo. Nerf draw power, or nerf the combo pieces. It seems that they want to keep drawing ability as a Songhai staple. And it doesn’t make sense to nerf Boar or Meld. Boar So Saberspine was the only thing left.


probably not he’s still good value. just now wont require the herculean effort to murder off. still good value. esp with kara if she buffs the summon minion.

it looks like he’s now a 4 cost minion for 5 mana that can summon a 2 cost minion for an exchange so 4+2 =6 mana value for 5 instead of 5+2=7 for 5.


Nerf Meld. What purpose does nerfing Saberspine Seal do? Saberspine Seal was basically a tool to deal with Kara, but now Kara is different, so the change makes no sense.

Why not just add +1 to Mirror Meld?



I usually intentionally wait until roughly two weeks into the month to begin my laddering to S for the month, as by then most players have settled into where they belong and you don’t have to fight against fellow S players while in Gold as you would in the early days of a month, but this time around the decision bit me in the butt. I just started playing an hour ago. I was using the same Vetruvian + Kron deck I used last month to hit S in under 70 wins and I was absolutely steamrolling. I’d won 7 or 8 in a row without any losses in an hour or less and was feeling like I could cruise to Diamond without taking more than 3 losses, if any. And then POOF! GG Kron and GG Siphon Energy.

Looks like I’ll have to actually put EFFORT into hitting S this month instead of just cruising there with what I strongly believe was the best possible deck in the format, probably by a pretty considerable amount. Grrrr at balance!

Some of these nerfs are too over the top, Kron being the biggest one. Now, granted, I have been the biggest advocate of anyone that Kron is bonkers and absolutely needs a nerf, and likewise I’ve been extremely critical of the doofuses who have tried to say it ISN’T overpowered and DOESN’T need a nerf BUT this nerf is too much, as the card is now unplayable. Several different solutions to Kron were proposed in the forums. Some of them were really stupid (because forums…) but some of them were pretty reasonable. Keep stats/ability and make it cost 6, keep cost/ability and make it have 5 health, keep cost/ability and make it 5 health and unable to make Forcefield minion, etc. 4/4 for 5 is just not good enough. Even in it’s best case scenario, where you play it, replace, and immediately get the Forcefield minion, it’s now barely good enough as you’re getting a 4/4 Provoke and a 2/2 Forcefield for 5 mana. This is fine, but it’s nothing special. In worse cases, such as not being able to replace the turn you play it or getting a crappy minion such as the generally irrelevant Frenzy minion, yeah… Card really stinks and is not competitively playable in scenarios like that. I’ll be crafting mine away for full value, as I do not see them as truly competitively viable anymore, but of course in the future if they make further changes to make this nerf less ridiculous I can always recraft them. I assure you the card will never be as good as it was prior to this patch which was, admittedly, too good.

Meh… Disappointed by the patch because I was looking forward to smooth sailing to S as opposed to putting in actual effort, but it is what it is. I don’t see how Kron made it through internal playtesting in the development stage in the form it was released in. Giving the Duelyst team the benefit of the doubt that they have half a brain and understand the very basics of card balance, I cannot help but speculate that it was released as it was extremely consciously and deliberately to drive sales, using real money, of Set 2 packs. It was likely a very deliberate, strategic marketing decision in which they knew the card was too good and planned to subsequently nerf it. Many other developers use this same tactic. See LoL and HotS frequently releasing new heroes in a very overpowered state, getting people to buy them, and then going “oops” and nerfing them a couple weeks later. Rinse and repeat. I’m not terribly offended by this tactic, as the developers need to make money as with any other business and they of course can never admit to purposely releasing overpowered cards/heroes/whatever, but I’m strongly inclined to believe this was the case. Accept it for what it is and move on.


So we got ‘more options’ in the 5 Mana slot now that Kron is unplayable and Zenrui is 6 Mana, amirite?


or i am just gonna run 4 Drops in place of 5 Drops again :laughing:

Suggestions on what i should craft from the 2700 Spirit?


My take on the nerfs.

  • Kara: it was obvious that her BBS was problematic. I believe the new change prevents the stack effect of multiple applications of the BBS we had so far. This is good, just like the new BBS. Though not perfect, since it may still encourage the extensive use of low cost minions, I believe the nerf looks plausible.
  • Saberspine Seal: I think it doesn’t make any sense. It’s strictly worse than Phoenix Fire now, this means basically removing the card. I’m strongly against these punishing nerfs.
  • Siphon Energy: fine to me. I really believe the spell was too strong, increasing the cost or lowering is range looked like two plausible solutions. I think this is a good nerf.
  • Ephemeral Shroud: really, it doesn’t change anything. I wonder why this change has been done, but I think it’s neutral overall.
  • Zen’Rui: no experience with this card, I’m not commenting on it.
  • Kron: horrible nerf. The card moved from “dominating” to “unplayable”, with a treatment reminiscent of the Veteran Silithar nerf. Again, overly punishing, I don’t like it. I will dust my x3 Kron for sure. Making Kron 4/5 would have been just fine, or removing the Forcefield prisoners from spawning.


Kron is fine, he’s a 4/4 who spawns in a 2/2. He dies to a 2 drop+SMOrc or a Regalia but he’s not totally dead.

I agree with the Saberspine nerf, but I’ve never gone “Damn, that SS is just too overpowered!” Things like Lantern Fox always got under my skin more.

Siphon I agree with. It makes vet more facemonkey and it’s not a huge change. Like the SS nerf, there’s worse things (Nimbus, Falcius, Aymara)

Shroud nerf doesn’t do anything really, we may see an increase in Bloodtears

Kara? Too early to tell. With Jax Truesight and Gravity Well, she’ll become more of a gimmick general like Starhorn

Oh man that Zen’rui was just waaay too strong. I mean Foxes and Kelaino are fine but that Zen’rui? It’s gotta go!


Hmm the nerfs are mostly fine, the game is just evolving. AlthoughI do agree with @raqyee that the zen’rui nerf seems unneccessary, but I’ll wait and see.


I actually like most of these changes, but the siphon and shroud nerfs are impossible to comprehend for me. Vet just loses to anything out of range now. ‘Oh you summoned a Four Winds in the corner, gg I guess’. In gauntlet this is even worse, on ladder you can at least run rashas and tigers for mobility, in gauntlet not. Saberspine was not that big of an offender either actually, bloodrage is, or inner focus for that matter. Inner focus to 1 would have made more sense: now saberspine is just a bad phoenix fire (phoenix fire can be placed anywhere, not affected by provoke, in faction synergy like crescent spear). Inner focus to 1 would actually slow down songhai, which is also helped a lot by all other changes!

Edit: Calling it now that Saberspine Seal will just be replaced by another quick and cheap damage source like flameblood or crescent spear and that Songhai will be the same, but profiting immensely from kron, zenrui, kara and dispel nerfs.


Kron goes from aggressively to more defensively, Instead of Kron in your face ,Kron will be played behind of general. Kron isn’t bad it is different now not every deck can play it.