Duelyst Patch 1.73 – Duelyst

> We expect to roll out patch 1.73 on 9/29 in the late afternoon PST. ### October Monthly Cards ![october_monthlies](/uploads/duelyst/original/2X/c/c01b411d712e28f004b34b4a22bdb100454acc1d.jpg) * [Day Watcher](https://cloud.githubusercontent.com/assets/723013/18973795/330bd786-8654-11e6-9b68-d92d40f0d807.png) (Common) - Whenever a friendly minion attacks, restore 1 health to your general. * [Dust Wailer](https://cloud.githubusercontent.com/assets/723013/18973796/35eb5d96-8654-11e6-9e35-83df535ad049.png) (Rare) - Flying. Opening Gambit: Deal 3 damage to all enemies in front of this. * [Night Watcher](https://cloud.githubusercontent.com/assets/723013/18973798/3903db66-8654-11e6-9407-eacf2f0c06b8.png) (Epic) - Forcefield. Whenever ANY player summons a minion with Rush, exhaust it. * [Quartermaster Gauj](https://cloud.githubusercontent.com/assets/723013/18973802/3ba375e8-8654-11e6-937a-14656b685535.png) (Legendary) - Takes no damage from minions or generals. Monthly cards are added to the Core Set card pool and you can earn a copy of a card at each rarity by laddering up during the preceding season: * Reach Silver (20) division to unlock a copy of the Epic card. * Reach Gold (10) division to unlock a copy of the Legendary card. * Reach Diamond (5) division to unlock a copy of the Rare card. * Reach S-Rank division to unlock a copy of the Common card + 1 Random Bonus Legendary. ### Earn Faction XP in Friendly Games ![friendly_xp](/uploads/duelyst/original/2X/2/2db9d1a599793b3b8a2bd63e1227cf338c2e1b5b.jpg) You can now earn Faction XP up to level 10 in Friendly games. This is a small step, but we are looking for more ways to allow players to earn rewards for playing with friends in the future. ### Watch Section ![watch](/uploads/duelyst/original/2X/e/e3485f1b3bfcf4eb0a8ecfc6369eed914ccf9240.jpg) You can now choose which player you want to spectate from the watch section. ### Buddy List Quality of Life Improvements * The last buddy you were chatting with will remain selected through opening/closing the buddy list. * You can copy/paste text in buddy list chat bubbles. ### Prismatic Backfill for Veterans If you opened a sufficient amount of Spirit Orbs before Prismatic Cards were added to the game (Patch 1.68 July 21st 2016), when you log-in after the patch, your collection should be filled out with a set Prismatic cards based on how many Orbs you've opened. ### Main Menu Scene Switcher ![main_menu_scenes](/uploads/duelyst/original/2X/1/114363ae232ed9fe1e8b8abf227bdad68298ce90.jpg) By popular demand, we've added the ability to cycle through the new and old main menu scenes. ### Minor Changes and Bug Fixes * Added a convenience button for redeeming gift codes to the Armory. * Fixed an issue where copies of eggs had double text on the card. * Fixed an issue where the referral system did not always catch during steam registrations. (Reach out to support if you got caught by this issue, we'll take care of you.) * Fixed a few issues with interactions between Grandmaster Z'ir, Ruby Rifter, and Grandmaster Zendo. ### Realtime S-Rank Ladder Position Your real-time S-Rank ladder position can be checked in your profile. ### S-Rank Changes ![srank_changes](/uploads/duelyst/original/2X/b/b91d22575c8dfa3dfb92bd0efaafa8662e1edeb2.jpg) We have implemented changes to how ranking are calculated within S-Rank. These changes are based on processing a lot of feedback on issues with the current system. Read an in-depth explanation here. ### Let us know what you think. As always, dive over into the [forums](https://forums.duelyst.com), [discord](https://discordapp.com/invite/0WbpmyLbu52aphyb), or [reddit](reddit.com/r/duelyst/) to let us know your thoughts.


So no fix for the chat issue I’ve been having… I guess I’ll reach out to support again. This really bums me out. I can’t make friends :frowning:


No balance changes?



Much needed convinience changes are very welcome!

Also nice to see some free stuff for the veteran players, since we didn’t get those free orbs from the Humble Bundle :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Spirit for dayz! Hope 300 orbs before the addition of prismatics adds enough spirit…

Also, what is the theme for this month’s cards again? Faction cards that did not make it into Shim’Zar and were thus sent to the drawer of shame?

All of these Neutrals seem as though they might fit into some factions:
Daywatcher: Could have been Lyonar due to the healing synergy
Dust Wailer: Could have been Vetruvian due to the pseudo-blast
Night Watcher: Could have been Vanar due to forcefield and lack of in-faction rush
Quartermaster Gauj: Could have been Songhai since it has a similar ability to Panddo


No balance changes are really needed as of now imo. Every faction is viable, and though there are a few outliers (looking at you baconator), nothing seems too problematic and nothing is unbeatable.


S-rank changes are all steps to the right direction however it just seems that they decided to fix a couple of details while completely ignoring the elephant in the room.The system is so utterly bad that it would have needed a complete overall.

Let’s look at those changes:

Diamond players will receive a more dynamic hidden rating so that playing against Diamond players for early S-Rankers at the beginning of the season does not have as deleterious of an effect.

I guess the level of diamond players will be determined more accurately so the decay will be less horrible when you loose against them, seems fair but doesn’t change the main issue.

We are adding an additional parameter related to win count within S-Rank, which will contribute to determining your S-Rank ladder position. This parameter has severely diminishing returns after a certain number of wins.

I personally didn’t get that point can someone clarify?

The hidden rating of Diamond players will impact (to a degree) how well they place when they enter S-Rank.

Starting position will be determined more accurately, that’s nice but once again it’s not the core problem.

We are adding a live real-time ladder for S-Rank. When you check your profile, it will update in realtime.

Nice but once again doesn’t solve the main problem.


Yeah Krons everywhere and overnerfed veteran silithars are fine.


I believe that they’re making it so your rank changes less the more games you win.


Wait a minute, did we just get some free stuff which we don’t necessarily deserve but devs thought it would be nice regardless? Oh shit, knowing how entitled this community is, we are going to see lots of people complaining about it. I’m sure they are going to find some excuses to do so once again. :ok_hand:

Seriously though, good patch. Some people tend to ignore these minor features but over the time they really do accumulate and make the game a lot better. Patches don’t have to fancy to be considered good.

So the biggest issue with balance in the game is one faction based overnerfed card and one neutral with strong stats that can be played around in multiple ways? Iunno about you, but to me that seems like a pretty good indication of a healthy meta.


Man do I like free stuff


Digging the free prismatics - got some cards I didn’t have before! While Lady Locke may not be so viable anymore, it’s still nice to see that Counterplay hasn’t forgotten about older players.


Jesus CPG stop trying to bribe me with free stuff :stuck_out_tongue:
Seriously though, i really appreciate that, all these prismatics are lots of spirit for nothing after all.


Sounds like to me that basically they are adding in a factor to the hidden rating system so that the win count starts having a smaller positive return after a certain amount of games that you have won. Probably something to do to stop or slow people down from being simply able to grind a large amount of games to get a high S-Rank. But shouldn’t slow down people who are able to generate a good or long winning streaks to climb upwards. Something like that I suppose.


I cant Believe people still find a way to complain.
CPG has been very VERY generous with everything. I think they deserve some slack.

Personnally I feel dirty getting my hands on so much FREE cards because the community was bitching and moaning about something that clearly, didn’t need any compensation from their part.

I think it’s time we start taking some steps back before we start crying again. I really feel ashamed showing this kind of attitude to the CPG crew who have been of tremendous generosity lately.


TBH, ignoring mistakes devs do just because they did something right too isn’t a smart thing to do as it just gives them excuses to fuck up more in the future. Good things should be praised and mistakes should be criticized, one thing doesn’t exclude another.

That being said, mistakes he referred to are hardly worth mentioning in the grand scheme of things, ie game in fact isn’t in dire straits when it comes to balance just because of Kron being good and Veteran Silithar being bad.


I don’t consider not compensating for the prismatic cards a mistake. Someday they decided to add prismatic cards, fine, everybody starts from scratch, nobody gets shafted if that’s the mistake they are refering to.

While there has been some lack of transparency lately I do not think they need any compensation at all.
I just think Duelyst players have been used to being spoiled and feel they are now entitled to a special treatment.

It sounds as silly as asking for a free way to open crates to get COSMETIC items. But that’s just my opinion.


I only referenced his dislike with the lack of balance changes, I said nothing about cosmetics :elephant:

You’re correct either way so whatever. This community is good for the most part but it’s also so horribly entitled and spoiled it’s not even funny. I’m genuinely surprised I don’t see people complaining about not getting enough free prismatics yet.


As one of the people that was really pissed off by the not advertising of the drop rates of Shimzar and saying this loud (but always trying to be to the point doing that) I like to say some last words to that.

I think best would have been giving - lets say - 5 Shimzar Orbs per preorder for the people that took advantage of the offer and everything would have been fine. (I did not do the math so 5 is just an example. I felt being cheated by 5 Orbs per pack - and I bought 2 of them.)

I did not feel being cheated with the Prismatic Orbs and I don’t feel like that with the crates (while I think they could have implement this in a better way). Come on - just hiding the counter in the main screen would feel better. And not taking away something people already had. But I don’t feel there’s a need for free keys. It’s Cosmetics - so everybody should calm down at this point.

But the step giving free cards in the way they did today shows me, that they kinda see that they made mistakes and feel they should compensate the people for this. That’s a nice step. And whatever the reasons for that was - a Prismatic compensation or whatever - everybody can take this for whatever he wants. I take it as a compensation for the drop rate change even if not intended for that.
And the way they did it was very generous I feel. I got cards for 12500 spirit today and that’s much more compensation then I would have expected for the drop rate change. It seems to me VERY generous - even as a compensation for the Prismatic Cards thing (where I can not understand the ranting about it as I said).

I think everybody should be happy today and have fun with the cards. More then the pure spirit value it makes me happy that the Devs recognized they made faults and try to say sorry a bit - the way they can.
Nuff said now I think. Wait:

Thanx CP!


I don’t.

For one thing, there are very different groups of people involved. I started after prismatics so I got nothing from this compensation. I spent a bunch of money on Shimzar orbs, however, and got no compensation from that either.

Let’s bear in mind that anyone who got these free prismatics got them in addition to regular cards, not in place of them. So they actually ended up ahead of where they would have been if prismatics had already been in place.

Many of these people also already had tons of cards, gold and spirit, so they didn’t need to buy the Shimzar preorder, or buy as many, as newer players trying to become competitive.

I don’t begrudge veterans getting these prismatics, though it does (further) widen the gulf in card ownership between veterans and newer players. At the same time, I don’t see how this has anything to do with CP’s deliberate decision to nerf Shimzar drop rates, not tell people who preordered, and then insultingly shrug off the entire issue. The CEO’s comments acting like he couldn’t even understand the issue – that’s something I will not soon forget. That was only a couple of weeks ago, and it doesn’t suggest to me any sort of sea change is taking place in terms of customer service and rewarding those who spend money.

Botton line is that @raqyee is correct – actions should be taken independently. Coming through with prismatics is great to see, glad veterans got something for their trouble, even if it is more than actually just “compensation”. But for me this actually makes the bad behavior surrounding Shimzar feel even worse. I spent a lot of money, I got less than what the company led me to believe I would get, the CEO of the company acted like it was a joke when the issue was raised, and now I am even further behind veterans in terms of having a competitive collection.

CP’s plan for “dealing with” the Shimzar issue is basically to ignore it so it goes away. Eventually those of us who still remember what happened and remind others will be denigrated as ungrateful curmudgeons. If so, then so be it. It was what it was, and while I am not going to raise it at every juncture, neither do I think they should be given a free pass on it just because it’s been 2 or 3 weeks.