Duelyst Patch 1.72 – Duelyst

> Quick Note: We're hard at work on S-Rank ladder improvements, next expansion, performance polish, and the mobile build. Hang tight if your most anticipated feature isn't out yet! We're going to get you more DUELYST updates in the end of the month patch and beyond. # Spectate Mode ![spectate_mode](/uploads/duelyst/original/2X/3/3e47846f1c339ee941ecd4da9be331dd9cfd2c28.jpg) Starting with Patch 1.72 you can spectate friends in your buddy list. When a friend is in-game you will see a "spectate" button in place of the "challenge" button. Once you are in-game with a friend, all game events are close to real-time. You can always **block spectators** in the settings if you don't want friends to spectate your games. > Note: Spectating players not on your buddy list and/or featured games is in the works, but not yet part of this update. # Server desync Handling We've improved how the server handles clients that drop packets and their game getting out of sync with the server. Your client should detect these cases and offer you the option to attempt to reload the game. # Humble Bundle Cosmetics ![humble_cosmetics](/uploads/duelyst/original/2X/1/15d08f4dac569a2df48c70a5896957f4e65c0bbd.jpg) We've added some fun cosmetics that will be a part of an upcoming Humble Bundle: stay tuned on how to earn these! # Bug Fixes * Incoming notifications are handled better and will no longer show until you are out of loading screens. * Fixed an issue where you could receive a friendly game challenge during loading screens. * Starter 10 Orb Bundle purchase flow has been improved for Paypal and Steam. * Fixed an issue with interaction of Mark of Solitude and Battle Pets. * Fixed visual display of Prismatic Shadow Creep. * Fixed an issue where Sphere of Darkness can not target spaces with Spell Immune minions. * Fixed an issue that was causing low frame rate on accounts that have been registered since the BETA due to an Analytics snag. * Fixed an issue where Sworn Sister L'Kian could pull in token spells like Kage Lightning. * Fixed an issue where the opponents Bloodborn Spell was not showing readiness status. * Fixed an issue where Xho could give you a Bloodborn Spell. * Fixed an issue where stealing (Dominate Will) a Grove Lion would not always transfer Force Field to your own General. * Fixed an issue where playing Rok + Golden Mantella in the same deck could freeze the game. * Fixed an issue where Battle Pets that have 0 attack still tried to attack. They no longer will. * Fixed an issue where the Mechaz0r drawn from Z0r could halt Mechaz0r progress via other Mech minions. * Fixed an issue where skinned cards counted as separate cards for generating choices in Gauntlet. * Improved client side and server side performance and responsiveness of marking cards as read in your collection. * Fixed an issue where Forcefield + Regalia was causing AI to never attack your general. * Egg hatching has been cleaned up to work consistently in all cases. * Mechaz0r can still be built after you summon one from hand. # Are you a Duelyst Grandmaster? ![image](/uploads/duelyst/original/2X/8/8d2b44ccb34607da6d93d4adadb131c7aef6110e.png) Fight for a seat at the Duelyst World Championship and a slice of the $2,000 USD cash prize on this weekend's Duelyst Open! This is a free for all tournament open to you and all Duelyst players in the world. Sign up now by going to the Duelyst's Open [tournament page](https://battlefy.com/counterplay-games-inc/augusts-season-qualifier/57d47ae2ea7058150cde9d46/info). To learn more about the Duelyst World Championship [go here](https://news.duelyst.com/join-us-for-the-2016-duelyst-world-championship-circuit/).


Spectate Mode HYPE


Wait, what? So it can be built a second time, or it can be built after you summon it from z0r’s dying wish card?


“after you summon one from hand” … i don’t think you need an answer to something that he literally said



You play Zor, get a mechazor from it.

You play it.

You play 5 mechs.

You don’t get to play the normal mechazor.

All this change does is fix that bug.


Oh right, thank you.


I had hoped that was intentional :sob:


I wonder if i have been suffering low performance because of this! well glad it was fixed.


God is not dead after all.


Ever since this patch launched, there was not a single game I had in which at least 1 of the players didnt have connection/sync issues. Please look into this!


Has anyone an idea what this means? I haven’t recognize an issue with egg hatching - and I play Magmar a lot!


Would be good if they could specify what was inconsistent and fixed.


Visonar and Vindicator growing after being hatched probably.Probably interaction with rebirth minions and thumping wave.Maybe I haven’t play since the patch


I believe the problem was that if an egg you control was stolen (Zen’rui, Dominate Will) it would hatch at the start of your turn instead of at the start of your opponent’s turn which was not consistent with the rebirth mechanic that clearly specifies that all eggs hatch at the start of it’s owner’s turn.


Do we get a notification when someone watches us?
Can we ninja spectate people?


if you stole eggs wirth zen’rui they would hatch at the end of your turn because for some odd reason the cards was still considered the opponents so it hatched at the start of it’s “owner’s” turn. the zen’rui bug still isn’t completely fixed though. i zen’ruid a kujata in a game and not only did it damage my things but not give them the discount. it gave my opponent’s minions a discount next turn without damaging them.


This is not fixed, I’m getting this on my new account. The play.duelyst.com makes 100s/s to AWS analytics domain which makes the tab very slow and eventually disrupts gameplay because of resource starvation.