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You have had dreams. You certainly have had recurrent dreams. One in particular. Yes.

Tell us what Duelyst card can particularly represent that special dream of yours.

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Mnemevore is the perfect card for throwing all your opponent’s dreams away. :smiling_imp:

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My childhood nightmare was icebreak ambush

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Wouldn’t have thought I’d ever read a princess Di quote here.


Speaking of quotes…

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I dont know if it was because I really liked the idea of this topic, I dreamed that I was in a recurring dream, but it itself was not recurring. That is, in it I felt like it was, but it wasnt.

As a kid, I had recurring dreams of being naked at school...

Im pretty sure thats actually very common. The anthitesis of sexy, it was pretty bad, and the sight or addressing of others was a loss condition. So Deathmark definitely, the ultimate fragility card.

I also remember many nightmares of being mugged...

Now, it would appear to me that being in front of a gun would be a very good excuse to also use Deathmark as a symbol of a fragile state, but I think i felt more like, a mix of fear, rage, and powerlesness- The flavor of Saurian Finality doesnt fit, but it seems appropriate in effect.

that one time I thought, "please dont punch the beggar", and then I punched the beggar

It seems at the aeon of this dream, a transition between the muggings and the next phase, I was always being subjected to the exact opposite of what I intended- Punches too weak, legs too heavy to run, and in the one case I didnt want to punch, I did. Thats pretty funny in retrospect, probably fit for Overload, but for the rest of them, Horrific Visage does it.

in a semi related note, i connect with the flavor of Lost In The Desert so much that i legit forget it is a duelyst card and not the name of my comic

now, explain to me what exactly you mean by cartomancy…

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I’m very glad it resonated with you. I know it’s a weird idea to try and get to know other people through this lens, but whatever. We all love cards, and we all have dreams. Do they connect?

Cartomancy, divination through cards, was my metaphor for introspection as one would revisit his inner chimeras and try to relate them with our favorite game.

My childhood dream or nightmare was about breaking out of a military camp during winter. I always started hidden in a tree, overhead an armed sentinel. Always the same questions - do I drop and fight the soldier, do I wait for him to move as I’m freezing to death, or should I run directly to the fence and risk a bullet? Icebreak Ambush sort of capture this scene.

Thanks for your post and I think the Deathmark association is very fitting.


I haven’t had many dreams in my recent years nor any I can remember in a bastardised form. I never thought to link them with cards but funnily enough I remember creating decks in a dream and recreating them but they would have been deleted by now.

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Ahaha, its not so weird, thats how i got a girlfriend that time. she was also very into tarot divination.

There is actually a non-esoteric theory and methodology about cartomancy. Which is that cards as symbols are very efficiently used as a pocket psychologist.

Its Gestalt Psychology, I think, which is entirely about how you perceive things, and how that perspective dictates how you act.

If there are no problems, no help is needed; if there are easily solvable problems, they are solved by the patient alone. Therefore patients go to psychologists only because they are in a situation they cannot currently easily solve.

A patient describes situations to the analyst, which then makes suggestions or asks questions about it, both of which contribute to change how the patient perceives the given problem, and with this new insight see other ways to fix it.
The therapist can only operate on the patient, which a priori attempted but could not solve the given problem. If they truly are unable to help solve it, nothing will work. But the fact is, the colossal majority of the time, they can help, they just dont see how. Perspective and vision are fundamental parts of how to solve many things.

In a very similar sense, asking questions to the cards, followed by a draft, will help one shift and see new perspectives upon the same situations, which in turn gives new insights on how to help fix them.

Now, the first is obviously more direct than the latter, as psychologists speak directly about the elements described. The cards cannot speak about anything in particular because they have no mind- And for this, to make use of this tool, a certain grasp on abstract and symbolic thinking is required.

One might question how the cards are in any way reliable as help- A psychologist has common sense, whereas a random arrangement of symbols may paint the picture to worsen your paradigms.

I think this worry is misguided. If one has a normal amount of common sense, the interpretation will never be ridiculous, because symbolic manipulation is dictated also by common sense- For example, a beast monster card will never, by a reasonable person, be interpreted as “become a beast and punch everyone”, because it is much more intuitively reasonable for it to be “become a beast to assert yourself”, or “there is a beast of such parameters in this stage”, or any number of other ways to see it that make for pretty okay takes on stuff.
A reasonable person will never do something rash like break up a relationship because the cards showed some bad symbols- They would only do so if the relationship was already bad and on its way to death. A reasonable person would interpret the given cards in a less destructive way, like warnings of what to be wary of.

If you feel stuck about something, you can legit ask the cards whats good, and they may give you an idea on how to proceed.

you cant talk about the other kind of cartomancy without looking like an actual one-screw-too-loose cultist if the interlocutor is not your romantic partner or another insane nut

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