Duelyst Naming Contest #2


Relentless Amarok - From Inuit Mithology where an amarok is a Giant wolf said to stalk and devour any person foolish enough to hunt alone at night. Unlike real wolves who hunt in packs, amaroks hunt alone.



Just because it uses fire and the name sounds super fun =p


Dust Wolf.

I chose this name because this creature could live in the islands near the Dust Sea schorching the ground and spreading ash. Also wolf since It’s the most abundant predator on those islands.



insidious: intended to entrap or beguile,
stealthily treacherous or deceitful:

Igor: Dr. Frankenstein’s assistant who collects body parts for doctor’s monster.

Good boy, Igor!!!


Akram Shepherd

In the desert of Akram, where the night burns as hot as day and a labyrinth of mirages shimmers under the stars, you can only count on your faithful shepherd to guide you.



A bio-mechanical bone doggo which will bring your bones to his master if you’re not careful!


warning for Grammar Nazi, this story isnt grammatically correct. enjoy the story to know what i named it. a little twitst i made from Chapter Twenty-Four: Starstrider’s Final Gambit and Chapter Twenty-Five: The Aestari Embargoes. so dont forget to vote me up. tq`

The scream of his fellow Tyvian and the never ending fear still haunting him. he dare not to sleep as the tragedy keep replaying itself whenever he closed his eyes. he still remember when he revealed his plan on luring Rasha’s forces, many Ventruvian hesitated and in doubt. his plan require sacrifices and nobody willingly to lose more than they had. Ziros almost gave up. their hope was burned away by the scorching Akram Desert if not by the understood silent of his people. “I will!!”. A sudden booming voice crushed the quiet moment. everyone was shocked. it was from a noble Scion and he’s the successor of House Volari. a second later, another voices replied “So do us!!”, two more Scion from the same clan agreed to complete the mission. on the day of mission, before the three brave Scion were sent away, Ziros while holding his tears, he shouted “In the name of Atar and His wrath, these Scion’s blood shall be our blessing and calamity to those damn Aestaris. House Volari, be proud as you have raised a fine Tyvian descendants. They are irreplaceble that even price of thounsand of Aestaris’ blood is not worth a comparison. This nobility shall be rewarded!!”.

so when Ziros rise in power as global ruler, his first act was to bolster Vetruvia’s military and to heavily fortify the cities of Petra and Kaero. The best of remaining architect, artificier and arcanyst were gathered to build an underground facility; El-Gamesh Cauldron, that will manufacture the military weapons; from heavily armed cannon to technologically advanced, mechanized creatures.Next, he focused his sights on the source of the aggression — Aestaria itself. General Ziros sought to punish the Aestaris and limit their ability to wage future wars of aggression.

Fearsome, agile, tough combat machines like creature were mass produced to govern the Aestari while restricting their voice and suppress any potential resistant that attempt to oppose. It was designed with the dead of the three noble Scion in mind, “Eye for an eye but for a noble blood… they will suffer like no tomorrow”. Not forgetting the debt to House Volari clan, as a reward, Ziros assigned the operation of this machine to the current clan leader. In other word, to Aestaris, House Volari’s word is law, and his command is above absolute. Aestari called the machine as ‘watcher’, equipped with advanced ocular sensors, it monitors all of their activities every second without fail. it bore the name of ‘executioner’ as any defiance means nothing but death sentence without a proper trial. its Mandible so strong that enemies’ body would be shredded into bones in a snap. and its most prominent feature is the blazing Caudal vertebrae that could char any criminal down to ashes; a painful death, indeed. but for the survivors of The Vetruvian Wars, it is well known as ‘Volari’s Revenge’…

horizon zero dawn inspired…


Do they take into account the number of :heart: a submission got here ? :smiley:


There are a variety of X-Factors we use to help determine things such as tie breakers or what submissions we’ll be using for the Top 10 Entries (because after all, there’s a lot of good entries)




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