Duelyst Naming Contest #2


Arid Ravager

I just think the name suits it. It’s a Vet minion, it’s a “dog” or something- the name feels right to me.


"Ravenous Scorchtail"
Its unique feature is its flaming tail, so I emphasise that. “Scorch” perfectly describes the roasting nature of deserts in my mind. “Scorchtail” sounds cool enough on its own, but “ravenous” adds that extra dimension of the tail belonging to a fierce beast (one that wants to consume things like a flame does). Cool art, btw :wink:


I like simple names for simple companions.
Brusky is my official entry


How bout Ember Saluki

Whoops my Bad, forgot my reasoning

It’s ember for the Fire part and Saluki was a type of Egyptian dog pictured in tombs of Pharaohs and such



Since the basis of the name is clearly on its most distinctive feature (as with every other duelyst unit), I did a quick Google Search on burning tails in mythology (which one duelyst dev is definitely nerding over), and found a God in Hinduism by the name of Hanuman.
Apparently, Ravana (human king) ordered to torch Lord Hanuma’s tail as a form of disrespect.

As such, I name the pup : HANUCUR


Loyal Terminarch

(a terminarch is another word for an Endling, or the last of a species)

Reason: I took this in another direction. The Vet pupper has the same color scheme and similar body structure as the Wasteland Wraith. Therefore, it seems safe to assume that the pupper is related to it somehow.

One definition of wraith is “the exact likeness of a living person seen usually just before death as an apparition”. Combined with the Wasteland Wraith’s effect, which is to wipe out everything, from that alone we can infer that something terrible happened in what we now simply call the “wasteland.” That event (which in my head-cannon is the Cataclysmic Fault) destroyed everything and left only death and ghosts.

Somehow the doggo survived, but his entire family and species was wiped out. As the sole survivor in a harsh and lifeless landscape, the player character found the wild doggo, hungry and alone. You, as a scion of the Vetruvian Imperium, (a descendant of a wealthy, aristocratic, or influential family), understand the bond of a family and the tragedy of loss. Having mercy on the poor creature, you saved him. You fed him, protected him, and gave him a family again. Now he’s bonded to you, and will give everything he has to protect you in return. He already lost everything once. He won’t let it happen again.


blaze snapper … because he snaps his tail swathed in fire :slight_smile: (blaze sounds cooler than flame in my opinion xD)



Because he lav a bone (love a bone)!


Desert Tracker

They fooled us…they lured us deep into the desert. Our troops were exhausted and lost all fighting spirit. The first attack was from modified creatures…made to rush through enemy defenses, inflict chaos and finally slaughter everything in reach. Those men who fled were tracked down in seconds. They were optimized for the desert. We didn’t stand a chance…

-imprisoned general of Rashas armee


Duskfire Alpha

Been thinking about this for a few days and I think this is the best I got.
No one else that I’ve seen has made mention that this would definitely
be an animal that travels in a pack. Not only that, but the Vetruvian
generals, themselves, are pack oriented leading armies of dervishes.
As for the rest, I love the imagery a dozen or so of these creatures running
through the desert at night, tails blazing behind them leaving bright trails
like long exposure fireworks. Best of luck to everyone. Cheers.



A combination of hell and hyena, which are both fitting, just like Wasteland Wraith.


Flamewraith Hound

As many people have noticed, it looks similar to the wasteland wraith, its on fire, and its a dog. 1+1+1=3


Beware of “Hector”! He could be in a bad mood.

Hector is a great name for a grumpy fighting dog. To hector means to bully or to torment.


It just sounds right to me.
With its higher front shoulders it kind of evokes a skulking hyena type of feeling, hence the “stalker” part of the name.
While Dune is an under-utilized part of Vetruvian’s naming patterns, having only representation under Dunecaster. Dunes are typically pretty hot places, so it fits the fire tail well enough, I think.


Cauterizing Desertifier.


I say “Whipflash” because he’s using his tail like a whip and it’s on fire so I was lead to thinking of flash fires and such

Edit: Whoops, just realized Whiplash is already a card. Oh well


Scorching desert beast
I chose this name because its tail is on flame, so it scorchs. Vetruvian have relation with the desert, and maybe this beats lives in that habitat, who knows? And finally, it may look like a puppy, but surely it has an interior beast xD.


Lavatail Hound. The name pretty much say what it looks like. Also because he use is tail as a weapon.



Based on the animation and unknown effect, something that is succinct and overt.


Flaming Grimjaw

Because his tail is clearly on fire, and he looks like he has bones protruding from various parts of his body, including his jaw, which is pretty grim. The name I think also inspires a bit of fear, and he does seem pretty scary. “Steer clear of them Grimjaws!” :scream_cat: