Duelyst Naming Contest #2



coz i like A Dog of Flanders.


I’m gonna go with Combustion Hound since the shape is similar to the neutral card “Blaze Hound”, and combustion sounds like a step up from that. :smiley:


This picture seems to fit some of the names pretty well:


In Russia, clothes wear you.


Wasteland Tracker

Occasionally, dogs stray into the desert. The Vetruvian find them, repair them, clad them in enamel and fire. They wither like all flesh, but the hunting instinct never dies.

To me, it looks like a prowling hound augmented with Vetruvian armour - an undying hunting dog that slinks close to the dunes to avoid detection and kills from ambush. I thought about ‘Dune Tracker’ initially but went with ‘Wasteland Tracker’ to tie it to the Wasteland Wraith, which I think it resembles.


Rasha’s Beast

It would be cool to see more remnants of the first Human Bloodborn than the curse. Hound could possibly replace Beast, but I like beast better. Pretty could also be an option but only if this card uses the battle pet mechanic, otherwise it could be confusing.


Aymara’s Mutt.

A tribute to Vet’s classic, Aymara Healer. “Mara” and Mutt have a nice alliteration. Mutt is unique from other dog names in the game like Shirropuppy and Blazehound, etc. Why should Aymara get her own Mutt, when other minions never get such a privilege?

Because she’s awesome. That’s why.


Savannah Highmane.

a certain general would like to speak with you about using his name


Ignatius Kaiser

Background Story: It is a doggo who being abandoned in the wild desert by cruel human. Day by day without food and water. Holding its last breath, he comes across Zirix Starstrider. Zirix decided to adopt him and make him a battle partner along his way. Zirix upgrades and enhances its body to become stonger and tougher and make him one of the very strong ally for Vetruvian. It set its tail to fire (Ignite) to symbolise its sincerity and passion towards the General.

Ignatius : a male given name of presumed Latin or Etruscan origin, believed to mean “fiery one” (compare the word “ignite”)

Kaiser : is the German word for “emperor”



Reasoning : A single worded name that’s easy to pronounce, and also implies a fiery personality


->dog bark + fire
->fire from wood bark


Wasteland Alpha

this doggo has some mean flips most dogs don’t even hi five properly + i think the name rolls off the tongue



From the phlogiston theory (that attempted to explain the combustion process in the 17th century). It goes nicely with hound and it seems sofiticated enough to fit the Vetruvian them.



Basically the Cerberus of Mexican folklore, a big black dog said to haunt travelers who wander forgotten roads at night.


Wildfire Whippet

It’s a fire inspired pup. Might be a Whippet even (at least in the world of Duelyst) :wink:
Edit: Also, since the animation is kind of “whip-like”, the name of the breed seems quite fitting.


Well as god of the underworld Hades is also responsible for death. But it is true that he and his siblings usurped their positions from the titans.


Akram Sandprowler

This name is based on the world map’s desert in Vetruvia, the Akram desert. The lore can be either the Vetruvians built these creatures to help defend against foreign invaders and assist them in day to day life or found these creatures prowling the Akram Desert, hunting and surviving through the harsh climate.

If the lore is that the vetruvians built these creatures, they could have based of their creation off the name of the desert because they wanted to instill the powerful heat that is always ever-present and “prowling” for new unprepared vicitms to succumb to its sands. The physical representation of the dangers of the Akram Desert.


Name: Bonefire Mutt

“Bonefire” is actually not a typo of the word “bonfire”. It’s a made-up word that simply mashes together the two main elements of the beast’s aesthetic: bone and fire, also two elements very iconic to Vet. It’s easy to remember and it kinda sounds like “bonfire”, so it’s catchy.
And the word “Mutt” makes it sound like a big, bad doggo, while keeping a distance with other canine minions like Blaze Hound.


Billowing Leaper

For the way the flames expand when it does its active animation, and because the notion of billowing smoke has resonance with the Wind Dervishes. Overall it’s a strongly air-themed name, which makes it feel very Vetruvian without relying on the obvious fire-related terms which already appear on several cards.