Duelyst Naming Contest #2



Reason: I might be (and probably am) the only one that sees it, but it looks A LOT like a nightstalker from Fallout New Vegas. Of course, it has nothing to do with night, so flamestalker it is. Shout-outs to Fallout NV, one of the best games I’ve played.

Ps.: Ok, the reason isn’t that good in terms of duelyst lore and stuff but it’s a great name u.u

Pps: guys, it’s a coyote


I would call him “Pinotaur” because he’s half a pup and half a blaze-tailed beast. The pet of the gods.


Dustbone Desolator

From giving the names of the faction aquick once-over you can tell that the primary naming conventions in the Vetruvian Imperium are simple descriptions (Wind Slicer, Orb Weaver, Dusk Weaver, Fate Watcher) (we’ll ignore the ‘unique’ units from RotB that all got their firstnames). This is mostly for the humanoids, not so much for the creatures. The primary themes seem to be wind, sand, constellations, ephembrality and lately void/nothingness. There’s also a ton of pyro and fire mentions, though not as much as in Songhai. Very few are named after landmarks beside Aymara healer.

It should not follow the naming convention of the Dervish-creatures since it does not seem to be a Dervish. The creature looks like it has a design in common with Mirage Master and Wasteland Wraith, which alongside Pantheran, Starfire Scarab and Wind Shrike seem to be the only creatures from this plane the Vetruvians have (we’ll ignore Rae and Pax due to their battlepet naming conventions). THe two most in common with it are alliterations as well.

Since it seems it has kinship with Wasteland Wraith it should possibly be a ‘bigger’ version of something ghostlike (banshee, spectre, Alp, Shade, Moroi, Vision, etc…). It seems to be either fire related or similar to Wasteland, making the first part either having to do with desolation or pyroclasm. Wildfire Obelysk took the obvious fusion of the two (desolation through fire). This left me with a few aliterative options Volatile Vision, Whirlwind Wailer, Rapine Ravager, Desolation Drone,…). In the end I went for something alliterative that implied the ghostly and haunting aspect of Vetruvian creatures (though Volatile vision was a close second but seems like it should be reserved for something more powerful).

Lore-wise it would seem like these creatures are the elder versions of Wasteland Wraith, their burning tail creating the barren places that their young thrive in by burning every speck of vegetation to the ground letting them feast on the ashes. Their howls fill the bone-dry desert they have created, warning inhabitants of Pyrea not to disturb their hunting ground.


Fireblaze Whiptail

I love obelysks so I used Fireblaze as the “plot” reference and whiptail sounds like an interesting species of animal. Maybe there is a Windstorm Whiptail, a Mirage Whiptail, and a Wasteland Whiptail out there lurking in Vetruvia.



Many of the Vetruvian units appear to be either purely mechanical creations or a synthesis of organic and inorganic systems. With this in mind, it would make sense to me if the machine or half-machine creatures which we are told resemble dogs would be called literally that, i.e. cynoforms (Wiktionary links: cyno-, -form).

As for the flaming tail, if there is a point to referencing this – especially in regard to gameplay (see the note below) or because there might eventually be other cynoforms added to the game and it might be useful to distinguish between them – it might easily become Igneous Cynoform.

Note: The names of Incinera or Fireblaze Obelysk, for example, do refer to fire but unlike Pyromancer or Flamewreath these minions do not have any flame-like gameplay effect. Then there are minions that do appear to use fire to attack but there is no reference to this in their names (Ragebinder, Nightshroud). Without knowing what the new card is going to do, I assume the flaming tail is simply an artistic choice and need not be referenced in the name.


that’s hades. erebos is the god of death in mtg


Hades is not the god of darkness, nor a primordial deity. He is just the god of the underworld. The primordial deities are the first entities to appear in the Greek mythology timeline, being born from the void of chaos. The primordial deities Gaia and Uranus gave birth to the titans, and the titans Cronus and Rhea gave birth to Hades.


Basenji Tesem,

Given the obvious similarities between the Vetruvian and the ancient Egyptians I thought I’d base my name in some historical Egyptian dogs. Basenji Tesem roughly translates to “Hunting dog”.
The “Basenji” is a type of dog clearly associated with ancient Egypt. The Basenji breed were used in all manners a dog of this day might.
The term “Tesem” was a term used to describe a designated dog for hunting.
Don’t believe me? See the link below to read about the reasoning behind the name.
This line of naming could also be useful if later there are other Vetruvian dog types released. They later could be different versions of the Besenji.

Duelyst Naming Contest #2 - Public Voting

Arid Hound

The fire is nice, but plenty of minions have names that don’t describe their abilities. An animal for Vet needs a name that identifies it and has some kind of vet theme (generally regarding openness, abandonment or desert). Sand Howler, Wasteland Wraith, Arid Hound, Wind Shrike. Blends in quite well.


nevermind, my bad.





Seriously though, I agree with @oranos that the name should be related to Wasteland Wraith(you said it before me, dammit), but I’m gonna go for something a bit different in the form of Wasteland Howler.
Kinda sounds like Sand Howler, but whatever.


Wasteland Wailer (alliteration in Vetruvian creatures) would be a good one too.


Wasteland Watchdog would probably be a good one too, but eh. I’ve already placed my entry.


Pyrognawt :smile:


Lahab Harishound

This dog seems to be a vetruvian watchdog, due to its color pattern. The words “lahab” and “haris” are from arabic language. Lahab is flame and haris is guard. Haris and hound were put together to sound like hellhound.


Sporky- it’s a combo of Sparky (cute name for dog+to do with fire) and Bork, doggo meme

that or maybe Dusk Hound, as the black n skully front looks kinda night like, bit of moon maybe, and the firebutt could be seen as like dawn, so it represents the dusky dusky times when it’s almost night and almost day


Blaze Writhe

Reason: The creature seems to create artificial flame through its body towards the tail, thus giving it similar details to a blaze. Body structure is balanced for agility and patients, with a devastating body churn to decimate its target.


  • Blaze: A very large or fiercely burning fire. >>> Tail
  • Writhe: Make continual twisting, squirming movements or contortions of the body. >>> Attack Animation



This ferocious desert Beast has traits of both cat and dog. At least its tail swings as no canine creature could be able to. Its Face might be hidden under sandshroud armor or bone but the strong jaw seems to belong more to a breed of dog that likes to bite. Nonetheless the beast still resembles a panther. Besides the inclusion of the obvious flaming tail (words like caudate seem to be too clunky to fit here) I searched for a unique word that described what it DOES. On the search for alliterations I came up with Bellower and Barker I decided to concentrate more on the movement of the beast and its whipping tail. I think BECKONER tells us a whole other story than just the agressive - ready to fight and defend beast. Vetruvians really like to use Mirages and other trickery to lure their opponents. This beast might use its flaming tail to provoke or entrance its foes… just to bite and strike when they stumble into it.


Sandscourge Faithful

Sandscourge of course being a combination of sand and scourge.
Sand is clearly for the Vetruvian theme tie-in.
Scourge, meaning

  1. whip (someone) as a punishment.
  2. cause great suffering to

Because its tail is used in the attack animation and, if I do say so myself, looks like it would hurt a hecka lot. Together, “Sandscourge” rolls off the tongue in a satisfying way.

Faithful is used as an alternative and more flavorful way to identify the minion as a dog; man’s best friend, known for being faithful to the end.


Torchtail Terrier

It has a flaming tail and its a doggo. Vet animals also love alliteration