Duelyst Naming Contest #2


Fraglan Chaser

fraglans [latin] = burning, flaming, ardent, fiery, blazing, scorching
Chaser = just to avoid the word dog/hound/pupper that everyone is trying to put in


Wasteland Chaser, or Wasteland Scamp.

Mainly due to the similarity in design the the Wasteland Wraith and the small, scampy size of the sprite.



Combination between Rixa (war) and Ignis (fire).
In the wild, Pax and Rixis are naturals enemies but during time of war they serve the same master, the Vetruvian legion!
Rixis is an aggressive animal and it took time for vetruvians to tame it but his natural power and fire ability are great assets on a battlefield.


What about Sandwolf?

It reminds me more a wolf than a dog and the sand fits the Vetruvian theme. A simple yet effective candidate :wink:



Hello and bye…15 letters damn you!


Flatulent Firechaser

Rigorous training from cubhood is required to master the signature gas-powered forward somersault. Fewer than 12% of Vetruvian “Doggo” bearhounds have the skill and the physiology to earn the honor to call themselves Flatulent Firechasers. 17% of the dropouts go on to become Nauseous Tailchasers.



Pooch - we know it’s a dog.
Pyre - obvious relation to fire and burning.


Don’t know if this has been said already but

Kaleo’s sibling

I think you should know why :wink:


That’s some good alliteration


Oasis Skipper

I’m creating this name in hope that it can make it into the game as a tribute to Pylon’s dog and also give it a Vetruvian Theme.

The Lore of the Dog would be: These dogs were originally found in the wild around the many Oasis in the Akram Desert and have a tendency to skip when excited rather than walk normally, thus the name. The Vetruvian Imperium saw use in them and augmented them for combat. The name Oasis Skipper is to remind everyone of their origins…

Duelyst Naming Contest #2 - Public Voting


it’s pretty self explanatory.


Scorching Scavenger

The scorching part is rather self-explanatory and the scavenger part assumes that he lives in the same wasteland as Wasteland Wraith and scavenges everything that is left after Wraith nukes out.


So is your username. :+1:



related to fire, easy to remember


Vetruvian Redtail - Because duelyst should have different breeds.



Mutt for dog, fire for well fire. Also it sounds a bit like bonfire and flows easy on the tongue.


Scion’s Hound

It is a dog but I wanted a better word for dog so hound as an older and more powerful sounding term. And Scion’s to keep it in track with Vetruvian lore. These are the packs serving all the Scions Zirix created or the ones serving Sajj depending on how you want to interpret it.


Bonetooth Breaker

Seemed to me like the central points of this design are its head, as well as its tail. So I decided to go for the head. The white tone and rough, jagged structure reminded me of bone, like an exoskeleton and it looked particularly strong around the mouth, it even seems to form its teeth, so much so that it looks to be especially powerful there. Thus the Bonetooth, as well as the Breaker due to the seeming strength of said teeth and its jaw. Also, I felt it had a nice ring to it ^^



  • It’s tail is engulfed in flame, thus blazed.
  • Bud = short for buddy, as dog is man’s best friend.
  • Bud = not fully growing (i hope this is not its final form)
  • Rhymes with Beelzebub…XD

Lol i dont know all of the reasons make little senses.


Flamestar Canine

Because the general is named Starstrider, flame because of the tail and Canine is a synonym for dog.