Duelyst Naming Contest #2


Before I say his name I just wanted to explain his story thus making the reason why I deigned him that particularly name. Looking at his tail I was reminded of the story of the Hindu God Hanumaan and how because his intelligence surpassed that of Ravana’s he was tortured and eventually his tail was set on fire and afterwards finally being set free. When this happened Hanumaan became so angry and grieved about his tail that he set fire to the whole island of Lanka even though he later regretted doing so. However this beast and Hanumaan are not the same (mainly because Hanumaan is a monkey), but maybe we can take inspiration from Hanumaan subtly (sorta like how Vet. is kinda like Egypt and how Songhai is sorta like China) and say that he is some form of Hanumaan stuck in limbo forever wandering with burning tail in tow and name him…Khrodard which is meant to be a hybridization of the two hindu words krohd and dard meaning respectively rage and pain. You could go with this name if the abilities you plan on giving this lupine creature are self-destructive or if the abilities you are giving it are more tempo-ish then you could call him Shak’hin which is a hybridization involving the two hindu words Shakti and Kathin meaning respectively strength and rigorous because one Hamumaan is the god of strength in hindu lore and two his body looks toughened by life trails that were very rigorous.
Hopefully you will consider the two submissions because I have no idea what abilities this guy is going to have, but if I must submit only one entry it would be Khrodard.

EDIT: If you want to scroll bandit my theme send me spirit orbs or you will be served…lunch that is or whatever time of the day it is idk. Also I want to point out that if you think me using hindu themes for Vet. rather than the standard Egyptian thing (which by the way is totally fine) I want to point out as well that one Grandmaster Nosh-rak sounds more indian than egypt and two back then in the beginning of the world, for a long time Egpyt and India in addition to many other countries were under one flag usually because they were either conquering each other or conquested by other nations so there was a lot of mingling of culture and religion as a result.

Duelyst Naming Contest #2 - Public Voting

The Imperium Vetruvian’s Assault unit, the hunter of the desert sands, Lupus Ignis

I thought hey Imperium is latin isn’t it, why not give it a latin name? Ignis being fire, flame, conflagration and Lupus meaning wolf. I named it like so because it has flames on its tails and wolves are perfect creatures that represent power as a group. I know its a doggo but they’re related and wolves are cooler and fierce.


Looking at it’s likeness to dog and Vetruvian aestethic based on ancient Egypt, I use the egypt dog breed name with a bit mix up in letter so it won’t be confused with it’s source material.
The name is Pharroh (yes, it’s indeed based on actual dog breed name, Pharaoh).
I also love single word unit name as it’s simpler and easier to remember (like Pax, Falcius).

Speculation time:
4 Mana, 2/4 Minion
Rush, Blast


I think he should be named “Scorchling!”


Pax is latin for peace, so how about the latin word for War, Bellum?

Duelyst Naming Contest #2 - Public Voting

Pupyros - A combination of pupper, pyro, and papyrus (for the Egyptian theme).

Duelyst Naming Contest #2 - Public Voting

“Ignubus” Short for Ignis and Anubis


Flarebound Hound. it attacks with fire, its tail is bound by fire and it looks like a dog. The name also flows well. :dog2:


Badlands Pyrohound :fire:

While acknowledging the sophisticated nature of Duelyst’s card names, I felt a rugged, unrefined resonance would be a fresh approach among the almost aristocratic elegance of Vetruvian cards.

Taking into account this minion’s similarity to Wasteland Wraith, I decided to retain the “wasteland” theme. The word “badlands” will keep this minion consistent with other Vetruvian cards, while retaining the unique tone I was aiming for.

“Pyrohound” is an obvious portmanteau of “Pyro” and “Hound,” emphasizing the minion’s explosive elements. It has a rolls off the tongue rather pleasantly too, if I say so myself.


ill see your baseless speculation and raise you my own
since it doesnt look like a blast animation and the animation is really fast, i say its
4 mana 2/4
this minion can move an additional space
Dying Wish: add a wasteland wraith to your hand, it costs 2 less

looking back at the original post i think my baseless speculations have a foundation


This is my late dog Skippy as a puppy. She was a rescue puppy and got her name from her tendency to “skip” around following us around the house. She died saving my life this past April. I want to humbly request that two of my biggest joys in the past year (my favorite dog and my favorite video game) be joined. I’d like this new minion to be called SKIPPY or SKYPPY in memory of a heroine.

Duelyst Naming Contest #2 - Public Voting

Barren Hellhound :thinking:

Black and white body with flame on it’s tail, it’s look like a hellhound to me.

Edited : I was trying to find synonim of desert/wasteland. :sweat_smile:


Erebos is the primordial deity of darkness in Greek mythology. Doesn’t fit this minion,but cool name nevertheless.


How about ‘backfire hound’?
It may be ‘destroy minion’ effect card


on that note, slaverjaw doesnt really fit either. slaver = saliva dripping out of the mouth
maybe steeljaw or something would be better?


Name: Arkazilistar Bloodwing

Name Background: Back in the old days , centuries before the war began. All 6 clans coexisted in peace, sharing technology , culture and traditions. There was a young demon ( Young by demon standards of course) Called, Trinity Wing, with the dream of creating an army with the best skills of each tribe.

Time passed… After living one hundred years on each tribe, studying their culture, Trinity Wing decided to steal the bloodbound essence from the kingdom leaders. For accomplishing that he corrupted the six sisters by convincing them a neutral tribe should be born, one with no restrictions to foreign creatures, one kingdom where anyone could be living in peace without following orders from a single leader. The only rule was " We live for the tribe, we die by the tribe" One by one the sisters were corrupted, Keilano was the first, the world of shadows have always follow a sinister path.

Argeon Highmane , the Lyonar leader was the first one to notice the weaken bond. He started to suspect the Sister Sterope betrayal, he arranged a meeting with Zirix Starstrider, leader of the Vetruvian tribe. The old sand demigod king, which, also felt the power of the bond leaving him. The following day all the tribe leaders were questioning if the sisters lust for power corrupted them. When…

Meanwhile …

Trinity Wing: Yes, yes, this is perfect. I have a small power of the bond. Lets see… First we need a though body, resistant to spells and physical damage. Magmar skeleton, they have the highest raw defense from everyone. Now… Deadly and fast as a lie, Abyssian skin to move freely as the shadow. It shall bring a cold embrace of death, Vanars excels at magic, two magic claws and the head.

And unlimited amount of spells and teleporting ablity, thanks Songhai empire, my new baby will be able to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time on your back the blue gems. Vetruvians have always built the best structures, the ability to summon weaker versions of you made of sand will suffice to help you on serving me, the sand stripes.

At last… Lyonar empire, the proudest warriors on the planet. Stubborn, prideful, arrogant , hence, bravest of all. Your inner ability will be their bond to increase your strength as the fight keeps going on.

  • The 6 sisters staring at Trinity*

Sister Saon: You lied to us!

Trinity Wing: Of course I did, too late for you

Sister Taygete: Die! * Atks*

Snapping fingers, Attack my minion

one second later Taygetes head was on the floor**

~ Female screams of pain ~

Trinity Wing: Well well… * Smelling * Oh , yes, the acid smell of war

  • Back to the leaders meeting *

Starhorn The Seeker: None of you can be trusted, rotten pieces of meat.

Zirix Stardrider: I will teleport you all to your respective kingdom entrances, emotions are taking the best of you all. We will find who is behind this.

( If you guys want me to describe how each general die, I will )

Trinity Wing: This… This power, all 6 bounds are mine… I need a name for my new pet … You my minion, will carry the names of the old leaders to remind me who is the strongest of all, who beat them ! * Grin*

Arkazilistar BloodWing, the first two letters of each of my enemies to create the perfect name, my perfect minion.

  • Holy light emanating from Trinity Wing Body*

Trinity Wing: What the hell is this, its burning !!! Ahhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Zurael the Lifegiver: Foolish demon, you didn’t learn the true essence of each tribe. We are all connected, we are all part of the same , good and evil, life and death a never ending cycle.

Gathering the power of the bounds on you and then creating the boundcreature for your own good created the new generations of leaders, which eventually find a way to coexist again. Instead of destroying them you actually help the world to achieve a strongest and durable peace in the future.

Die… Aperion’s Claim!!!

As for you little pet, you shall create a new neutral tribe with the powers given to you. The corrupted link controlling you is no more.

  • Lifegiver banishes *


Best. 15 characters


Embersworn Howler
Embersworn for it is from dying flames that the fiery pup is born. Howler because doggo wants everyone to know he’s there. Also plays well with the dervish ‘Sand Howler’ though maybe the two names are too similar.


Sereing Skullhound

A pun of the word “searing” meaning incredibly hot as he has a flaming tail and the word “sere” meaning to be withered due to lack of moisture in high climates like the desert since the dog is vetruvian and related to the desert. Hound is chosen because he’s a dog obviously. It looks like the dog’s head is just a skull, so I decided to add that to make the name a little more interesting.


Wasteland Firedoge

The art is similar to Wasteland Wraith, so it would make sense that the card is from a Wasteland just like Wraith

Fire because it blazes fire
Doge because it is a dog