Duelyst Naming Contest #2


Join us for the second Duelyst Naming Contest!

Who’s a good boy? That’s you! Yes you are, you adorable lil puppy :dog2: You see that enemy over there? Bring me back your favorite bone from them. *Gasp* Oh you did? What a good doggo you are! Let’s get you a treat, and a name! :dog:

Welcome back Duelyst fans - as we get closer to the next expansion (coming soon™) we wanted to reach out to you guys to help with the Vetruvian “Doggo.” This well trained woofer is waiting for you to beckon him to your side, so let’s give him a worthy name!

How to Participate

All you have to do is submit a name (on this page) that you feel fits the card art, as well as the reason behind the name!

Contest Rules and Duration

  • Contest Submission phase will last one week.

    Starting from 10/06/2017 4:30 PM PST until 10/13/2017 4:30 PM PST.

    After this time, this thread will lock.

  • You can enter one name for the contest - contestants with multiple entries will be disqualified.

  • Duelyst staff will then review the submissions and pick our Top 10 Entries

  • Public voting on the winners will begin the following weekend.

    Starting from 10/14/2017 4:30 PM PST until 10/16/2017 4:30 PM PST.

    Voting will take place on a new thread/poll where the community can then vote on the winners.


  • 1st Place - Name is used, Epic Crate Key + 5 Core Orbs
  • 2nd Place - Rare Crate Key + 4 Core Orbs
  • 3rd Place - Common Crate Key + 3 Core Orb
  • Other finalists - 3 Spirit Orbs (each)

Additional Information

  • Feel free to make as many updates to your sole entry as long as the contest is going.
  • Accounts made during the voting period are ineligible to vote.

Duelyst Naming Contest #2 - Public Voting

Pyroclastic Pup


I wanted to use something unique other than just ‘blazing’ or ‘flaming’ so I came up with Pyroclastic (from Pyroclastic flow, the smokey, burning wave that comes out of a volcano when it erupts), and since its alliterative with Pup I felt it would work well.



Names alone are not enough to qualify


Flamejaw Assaulter - Fits because… it’s got fire… jaws, and assaults! It’s a very aggressive looking minion that has a unique design for it’s two primary weapons (jaws and a cool fiery tail!)


Vet cat is Pax, so maybe Vet doggo is Nycc?

Plus it’s got the patented Duelyst Y


Flamelasher, because it lashes flames with its tail.

Duelyst Naming Contest #2 - Public Voting

“Vetruff” or any variation of that like: “VetRuff” or “Vet-Ruff” or “VetRuffian” or “Vet Ruffian” etc.

It seems like it fits because the faction name is Vetruvian (VETRUvian) and the name at least uses the first 5 letters and because it’s a dog and dogs go “ruff” :slight_smile: and it also has the letters ‘vet’ in it which infers an animal doctor.


Blazetail Tracker




Duelyst Naming Contest #2 - Public Voting

Scorchbone Howler

Welp, it does look a lot like someone who scorch even people’s bones when they try to catch a cuddle, but is also made of exterior bones that looks like it was injured by a really powerful fire, so the first name works for multiple interpretations. “Howler” is because is a very agressive-looking doggo, who howls. Also both words sounds cool :T

Oh and all the three words were already used on previous Vetruvian cards. Blindscorch, Bone Swarm and Sand Howler, so it really fits into the theme of the faction names.


Kaeran Mastiff, this seems like a work hound with domestic applications that the Vetruvians keep as pets. I’d expect to see a number strolling around Kaero under their master’s hand.

Unless you want a more fearsome approach, in which case, Butte Bup.


It shares so many similarities to the Wasteland Wraith, it would probably hang out in the section as its buddy.Wasteland and fire makes me think of Mad Max! I’m thinking about the dog from the second movie which is an Australian Blue Heeler. :dog2:

I’d go with mm… Wasteland Heeler

Duelyst Naming Contest #2 - Public Voting

pyrean wraithound

named so because pyrea is a vetruvian city on the codex map (and pyre means fire), its a doggo, and it looks suspiciously like the wasteland wraith Wasteland Wraith_attack

Duelyst Naming Contest #2 - Public Voting

A sweet and simple name that captures the unit’s two main traits: it has a dog like build and a tail that’s on fire.


suspicious :expressionless:


Blaze Lupus

he’s on fire, and lupus is a constellation of a wolf


I’m so sorry, the moment i submitted it i saw your entry…

I’ll change the name, sorry about that ><’’’


Ember Blessed Warmongrel

I think this guy is a bit ugly, mean, and vicious; Unless you’re a filthy sand loving vetruvian. Sajj now has a best friend (she really needed one).


Ma’or Heckhound

Based on the vignette from the OP I feel like this is a domestic animal. I feel like this is a common pet among the residents of Kaero. I assume it’s a native creature - likely from the Dunes of Ma’or south of the capital.

Commonally known as a Hellbeast to the denizens of Tyvia and other cities near the Dunes of Ma’or, the people of Bandai Namco Kaero found this rather vulgar and affectionately dubbed the canine a Heckhound.

Do not be deceived by its cute visage. Though affectionate and loyal, this minion is more than capable of mauling its enemies. This common Vetruvian companion rightfully named a Ma’or Heckbeast.

Duelyst Naming Contest #2 - Public Voting

Typhonian mastiff

Due to Vetruvian’s ties to Egyptian mythology, I think that this unit fits the discription of the “set animal” or “sha” quite well. Egyptian mythology discribes an enigmatic creature with the head of an aardvark, the body of a hound, and he rear legs of a donkey that is symbolic of set, the Egyptian god of desert storms. Typhon is Sets counterpart in Greek mythology and Typhonian rolls off the tongue better than “sha”, or “set”

I suppose a more cheeky version would be just to call this “:dog2:”, since the set animal was never given a name, only a symbol.