Duelyst music in Mobile Strike ad?


An ad for the phone game Mobile Strike (the one with Arnold Schwarzenegger) just played on my girlfriend’s tablet and the music during the ad was the same as the music that plays while you’re searching for a match in Duelyst. Anybody heard this ad before?


I’ve heard this as well. It was a short ad (mobile strike) with the duelyst gauntlet music. I heard it while on Pandora radio.


I’ve heard Duelyst music in some other commercial

(warning: polish)


(warning: polish)

Polish is my trigger language


is there a copyright on counterplay’s music? should someone let them know about this stuff or if they even care that their hard and amazing work is being stolen?


@ThanatosNoa could you take a look?


@michelangelo I sent him a personal message to make sure he gets notified in case they need to take any sort of action. It’s also entirely possible that they don’t really care since its all uploaded on YouTube and I think maybe even on CounterPlay Games website along with their art? idk about that though.