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Duelyst mods in Chrome


I play in Chrome, maybe you do.
Here’s a way to use modded skins in that case.


  1. Install the Requestly extension
  2. Create or import rules for modded skins. Example for my Blue Manaforger
  3. Play the game.
How it works

Requestly can intercept and change web requests before they are sent from your browser.
In my exemple I replace request to the official neutral_monsterartifacthunter.png with a modded skin URL that is hosted on imgur.com.

How to create your own mods:

  1. Make a modded skin .png (or grab one here)
  2. Upload it to imgur.com
  3. Make a Requestly rule using the direct imgur link to the .png image URL. It’s easy!
  4. Requestly allows to share your rules with a simple button.

PS: This Requestly extension can also allow to run Javascript mods, such as T2k5’s, but it requires a bit more work.


Nice work! Well done :slight_smile:


At first I thought it’s about giving a different name color to moderators. Now this makes much more sense.


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