Duelyst Mobile Version


Is duelyst coming mobile this year? any news from devs about it? I was looking for some informations on reddit etc. but there is nothing about it :confused: I would love to be able to play duelyst on my phone and i am sure it would gather a lot of attention to desktop version.


It is coming to apple and android later this year according to their twitter.


You and me both playing a quick game on lunch or a long car ride would be awesome


I can’t imagine how small will be everything on a mobile device :confused:
Even on PC, it’s so tiny. I’m still hoping for bigger units and a larger board, all that waste of space around the board.


I am sure that in Mobile version everything will be bigger like in hearthstone’s Mobile version :smile:


I heard Mobile Duelyst will coming end of this year


CANT WAIT :smiley: My nvidia shield is ready! :smile:


isn’t the shield like a controller with with a screen attached? Duelyst seems like it doesn’t want a controller.


Well, atm there are only 2 nvidia shield types left.
One is a streaming device you can attach to your tv and stream games from your pc or nvidias servers.
The other basically is a normal android tablet with normal android things… that happens to have a gpu 20 times stronger than other tablets :stuck_out_tongue:
And yeah, they used to have stuff like whereby the controller could be merged with the tablet and stuff but atm its simply a strong tablet that you can attach wireless controllers to basically.
There is a special controller for it but ive wireless attached my ps4 controller to it, works to.
However seeing as its still a tablet the touchscreen is still the main thing.