Duelyst Melee Huge Announcement! *IN GAME SKINS*


Hey guys, Pylons here with the huge announcement that the Duelyst Melee tournament is going into its first major season! We’re running a crowdfunding campaign with lots of prizes from both Counterplay Games and community artists, as well as some generous donors! If you don’t have money to throw at the crowdfunding campaign you can still increase the prize pool by going to matcherino here and using the coupon code “TMA”. I’m looking forwards to hearing from all of our fabulous donorss and players, and if you have any question please comment below.

###Further information:

Community Artists

In-game Prizes:

We’re also selling Duelyst branded dog tags at a limited supply.

Casters for this season:

Tournament Organizers:

  • Pylons
  • Lyvern


  • JuveyD
  • ThanatosNoa
  • Decepticle
  • Kiesto88

Again, feel free to ask questions in the comment section. Hype!
Sorry for posting this here late, I’m not a huge forum-goer :sweat:

EDIT: There is now a landing page for the tournament at 9moons!


Sorry, I didn’t pay much attention to the news, so is the tournament already going on? And if not how to sign up for participation?


if only i actually had an elyx to go with that skin


They give you a regular copy along with the skin! So you’re covered!


I’m looking forward to the casts. Preparing for a long night (coming from Europe).


The first week of this tournament is next week! You can find all of the battlefy pages by going to our organization page here or by checking out the landing over at 9moons.


The codes come with a free copy of the card!


sounds nice maaan would really love to participate


I bought the 12 general skins. Good luck everybody!


Remember seeing the post about this on facebook yesterday (or maybe day before) and I really want those dog tags, not gonna lie. But having no money sucks. But I’ll enter the tournament instead, once I got an idea of what deck I want to bring. Probably get knocked out 1st round but what the hell, it’ll be fun.


Omg omg omg they had Sarlac skins!!! And I managed to snatch the last one YAY!
That was top of my wish list since I knew it existed :smiley:

Also got Elyx skin, I always love watching tournament streams (wish they could show more of the matches haha) so I am happy I can contribute to their existence :slight_smile:


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