Duelyst May Poem Contest


Primus fist bump!


That anime looks really degenerate. :face_with_monocle:


1 day left!

Get your submissions in!


I wrote this prenerf, so I Katara probably sounds more deadly than she is now. Anyway, here it is:

To Katara

I saw you first on field of war, among the flames of Xaan
A shining blade bringing life’s last breath for man
You displayed such infinite beauty and grace as you fought
You have captured my heart.

You may think I am too small and weak, and yes, that is true
But I would paint all eternities for you
And weak I may be, but I shall never fall to any
Skill of your martial art.

I most likely write in vain, but this Panddo will have hope
That one day you will understand the scope
Of my true feelings for you, and how I await the day
We need not be apart


I will give everyone 4 more hours to submit.


I gave everyone 11 but nobody submitted, flsbadman.


I forgot all about this buddy, sorry.
I’ll try to not procrastinate for the next one.


Shhh… you still have time.


Unrequited Battlefield

From agony to ecstasy the cycle starts anew:
You punish me and I punish them to prove my love to you.

My weakness spurred to strength, and my fear beaten into action;
each burn and wound and scar is just more proof of my passion.

Our love may be forbidden as my kind are pushed aside,
but disallowed or unrequited my love will still abide.

Some may call me masochist, or simply laugh and scorn,
but you, my dearest Reva, are a rose worth every thorn.

I wrote this at work since you were kind enough to extend the deadline.

I don’t know if it’s apparent that it’s Battle Paddo, but it’s Battle Paddo



Reed flutes. The glow, angry red. They cannot hurt you now, she said.
How warm words turned cold. Cold as blue. I failed you, Faie. What can I do?
0/2– or rather, 0 for 2? What black and white in a sea of blue?
Four turns, forever silent, forever useless: too weak to cry. But one word, my whisper… why?

(For shits and giggles.)


So… When does voting start?


It’s a weak from the dead line of submissions so the 16th.

Also forgot to say earlier, submissions are now closed.


Is this still happening?
(It’s the 18th now)


Yeah, I’m a bit behind but I’m looking to get it up later tonight.


A cataclysmic sixth turn rests within my hand,
The very center buried under Vetruvean sand,
For it is now claimed as dervish land,
They come not in one, but many of a band.

For the coming army of dervish is not thy Fault,
You needn’t the blame, for surrender is not salt,
It is the overpowered spell set your streak at hault,
Such a simple victory, just as plain as a malt.

Summon one, and those from sand shall rise,
Wave after wave that never dies,
Speaketh my name and I shall conquer the meta,
For such a spell belongs in the stages of beta.


Nice poem! Unfortunately, submissions are now closed, but you’ll get a next time.


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