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Looks like yall cant read


For what it’s worth, I read that line several times and parsed it as a two-part statement every time:
“Submission must be four lines long”
“must rhyme if there aren’t any explicit rhythmic techniques”.

No offense, but I expect that’s probably how most people read it.


I guess most people forget that lines go down to the next one and don’t understand the importance of “if”.


I pray thy gotatsu pierces deep in my chest
Red acrobatic dancing show me whats best
I meditate on thy body, scantly dressed
Heartseeker, my love, bamboozle me blessed

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In my language this is the correct interpretation (rather than the intended one), so I also had to read it like three times


Enchantres, I pray you give me an ear though I be just half an onyx bear.
Seal me in these sweet soothes.
Capture my love effervesvent Eventide.
Gotatsu, kotatsu me and you,
I shall survive the finer points and not betray you.
I think of you in Pandatentairy.
Your charm is bamboozling.
Is this proper? The protocol is unknown.
I have not been an Assassin. I deal no deathstrike
Seal me in these throughs of passion.
You have more Inner focus; It is part of your beauty.
I fear I shall become a husk of my old self.
Give me new skin.
Abysmal scars torment me.
My soul is yours to reap.
Even this blighted tide,
is it my heart you seek?

I correctly formatted and perhaps too long, but holding space

Duelyst May Poem Contest Voting

The number of syllables is indicated in brackets, just because:

O Melanin, Melanin, clad in Heaven’s bright golden star (13)
Would that this burning love of mine hung as tightly to thy skin (15)
That thou mayst feel my heat, though so far we be from next of kin (15)
Yet be thou white or black, thou shalt feel it from afar. (13)

(P.S: In case you can’t tell, it’s Zir’an.)

Duelyst May Poem Contest Voting

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Bard themed card wen.


First time I’m feeling really ill,
You loved me - before onyx bear seal.
O! Dispel shall lift the curse!
Nope. I just feel even worse.

Inspired by true events


Is Kindling a panddo? I believe, he is. Thus, his words:

From Kindling to Shidai:

Unforgettable smile on your ruby lips…
Please, notice a humble 4-drop Arcanyst.
You fan my flames by being so awesome;
I love you, my liege, Shidai Stormblossom!

@halcyon98, is it OK that I used Kindling as an author?


(From a Pando transformed from an Abyssal Crawler to Cassyva)

Brought forth uncalled onto mythrons shore,
Brought low, unmade by cold, cruel hex,
Yet cupid’s light has made my spirit soar,
For it has brought me to you, evolution’s apex.

How much I yearn to be your shield,
The abyss from which you may bloom,
You are an azalea on the battlefield,
Your blossoming lips announcing their doom

But your sacred night shall not fade after three moons
Nor shall phoenix flames scorch your azure braid
Nor shall time erode your blade’s blessed runes
For with me behind you, there is no need to be afraid

The opponent runs backstab, so you better act fast
To not get backstabbed, put me agains dat ass


I suppose it’s alright.


This poem taught me that I should always read long posts until the very end.


But isn’t Cass a loli? No ass.



nu’ff said


The Painter’s Curse

Eventide, your beauty sends my blood into a rush
You see only my form—my heart is torn—yet my mind’s intact
I wish you’d seek my heart—with Cupid’s dart—but alas, the Painter’s brush
Has turned his rival to a minion that you cannot attack.


Bump, I’m getting tons of dms on discord so I have no idea how to make this interesting.


I guess you underestimate the fact that many people split logical statements by the first operator unless there are brackets, which gives

statement_1 & (statement_2 || statement_3)

instead of

(statement_1 & statement_2) || statement_3

You bumped the topic yourself so I guess such offtopic is fine.


It’s midnight so my brain is failing to process this.

Best image I could have possibly selected.


Love to my Core

Transformed, bamboozled, a Panddo am I
Be still my arcane heart, what warrior do I spy?
Heartseeker, bloodbound, your aim so true
A Vanguard as immortal as my love for you