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Duelyst May Poem Contest


Hello everyone! last poem contest was great so let’s get onto this month’s one!


Any rhythmic technique!

  • Submission must fit with the prompt.

  • Submission must be four lines long and must rhyme if they aren’t any explicit rhythmic technique.

  • Only one submission and you can edit it as many times as you want.

  • Original posts only, plagiarism is not allowed.

  • No post can violate the forums Moderation Policy.

  • Submissions must be in by June 6th 2018.

  • 1st place - 5 Spirit Orbs + Poet forum title + Place in Jury for next contest (JNC)

  • 2nd place - 4 Spirit Orbs + JNC

  • 3rd place - 3 Spirit Orbs + JNC

All others eligible will be awarded 1 core orb.

Submissions close on June 6th after that there will be a week long voting period where the best go through to be voted on by you.


Thoughts of you put me into a passive trance
I would bamboozle myself if only to draw you for a fainting glance
Painters and seals may bring me to the fore
But you are all that matters in Mythrons lore

Duelyst May Poem Contest Voting

i am but a humble 0/2
i wish for no-one but you
you, i cannot attack
you’re what i lack


Serene heart flicker begins
Crimson mist kindled within
Meld together intertwines lips
Waltz through the heaven’s eclipse

Duelyst May Poem Contest Voting

Your beautiful gaze never reaches down to me
Is it because I am weak and humble?
Your stride brings us closer but you still fail to see
As my act of love I’ll make you stumble.


Awesome submissions, guys!


Your eyes reflect the evening light just like a dying phoenix’ flame.
They capture me, as does your gentle smile when you say my name.
You are my world, and yet your kindness fills me with one great regret.
I know you love me, but not as a man - just as a simple pet.

Duelyst May Poem Contest Voting

Not trying to ruin your poem, but I couldn’t help but laugh since I was looking at Halcyon’s profile picture while reading your poem :'D


Is there an upper limit to the number of lines? Like does it have to be exactly four, or does it have to be in stanzas of four, or can it be any number?


@epicflygon Can you take a look at this?


None specified so no.


Then is there a typo in the rules?


Where did you find that, thanks for pointing it out!

  • Submission must be four lines long and must rhyme if they aren’t any explicit rhythmic technique.

Turns out y’all can’t read.


I am a black and white beast
Who seeks to earn your love
What i need the least
Is you giving me none


So poems must be 4 lines long? You said a post ago that there was no guidelines were specified.


Read the second half:


I see.


Even though the grammar is absolutely correct.


My mistake, I misread. :sweat_smile: