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Duelyst May Poem Contest Voting


These submissions where even better than last times, who managed to get through?

Everyone, please vote for your favourite submissions, I will also be giving these all titles for the sake of voting.

These where chosen by our judges @epicflygon (me), @halcyon98 and @miguelosz. @raputha never responded.

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These where hard to name so they’re probably bad.


@excogitator’s entry deserves something, wise people. :checkered_flag:
A round of applause at least.


This could probably use a good ol’ bump.


Bump! Voting ends on the 25th!


Roses are red,
Vote in the poll,
I can’t think of a news story ending in ol.


Roses are red,
Camels have a hump,
The thread gets a bump.


And the thing goes ? ? ?


To avoid editing mans not hot I’m just gonna say, submissions must be in by 19:46 GMT+0.


1st place @Ryvirath
2nd place @neme6ix
3rd place @dandee

Either I or @stormshade will give you the rewards.


Not that I’m not willing to accept that ruling, but…

I’m tied for 3rd place, aren’t I? Dandee and I got the same number of votes.


I think in the event of a tie, the judges come together to decide the tiebreaker which ended up making Dandee’s entry the winner of 3rd place.



Oh, if that’s the case no problem!

Just wanted to make sure it wasn’t an oversight, heh.


Congratulations to the participants, and a thank you to Flygon, the staff and the judges for organizing this! I had fun and would certainly make more should this kind of event occur again


I’m second? wohooo! :vankiss:
BTW thanks to flygon and judges for organizing this wonderful contest and to all for the support.


Sorry for no prizes yet. Storm has still yet to respond.


Storm has still yet to respond.

The new contest nor the awards can be started and given out.


Does he even know about the contest?


He is aware of it but he has yet respond to my message.


sneaks in as new community manager
Owo whats this


Yearight. Me too. I’ll be your community manager. You can allll trust me just fine with them pretty orbs. I can handle them.
CPG: Please send me orbgenerator.exe by PM, I’ll take it from there.