Duelyst Math: Scientific notation and >10^100 attack


When the Bloodborn expansion was firest released, two cards in particular caught my attention: Drogon and Cryptographer. Drogon allowed me to double a stat whenever the Bloodborn spell was triggered and Cryptographer allowed me to refresh my Bloodborn spell. Here was the rare opportunity to to multiply (multiple Cryptographer Triggers) exponents (the Drogon effect) in this card game! I imidiately got to work creating the largest stat in Duelyst.

I went through version after version of this idea. I discovered that I can get more Drogons by using double, even triple, Zureal. I figured out that I can give this attack boost to Valknu. I discovered that I can squeeze more use out of Cryptographers with Hailstone Prison and Sanguinar. Eventually, I reached over a googol (1*10^100 or, 1 followed by 100 zeros) damage.

Along the way, I figured out some neat things about Duelyst’s display:

  1. The shown stats only measure the first 16 significant digits
  2. Any number above 1*10^17 is shown in scientific notation

When I started my journey to get the highest attack value in Duelyst, I was only thinking if I Can do it. Now that I have surpasses a googol (10^100), I wonder if I Should do it. Has this gone too far? This is what Vetruvian players do when their faction is alienated by the meta.

In card games, no, any games, additive effects are common, multiplicative effects are always worth looking at, and exponential effects always lead to amazing memes. This patch has given me the rare opportunity to multiply exponents in a game, using Drogon and Cryptographer. Part of me believes that this was all intentionally set up by Counterplay games. Three Kujata are perfect for summoning 1 health Drogons that die to blistering skorn and are resurrected three times by 4 cost Zureals that just so happen to cost the right amount of mana for 3 to be played on the same turn using 3 Kujata and 3 mana tiles. This, combined with Cryptographer, Sanguinar, and Drogon being printed in the same set seems to suggest that the 10^100 attack barrier was meant to be breached.

Everything seems to fall perfectly into place. Was this just a coincidence? Or is it all part of a grander plan? Goodbye fellow Duelysts and Excelsior! I will return once I find a way to get to a Googolplex.

I used @t2k5 's helper scripts to activate sandbox mode. Check them out here if you want to do some experimenting yourself!


Spirit sacrificed to the meme gods:
*3 Zureal
*3 Twin Fang
*1 Morin Khuur
*1 Fractal Replication
*2 Alcuin Loremaster
*2 Twilight Sorcerer
*3 Mogwai
*1 Kujata
*1 Mindwarper
*1 Prismatic Swamp Entangler

Three QUINTILLION damage in one turn
Drogon meme 101, power to much, over 9k (now with, just maths)

Even though your multiplicative approach is one of, if not the most impressive thing I’ve seen done with Duelyst thus far, isn’t the merit of an additive approach that it goes fully infinite more easily?

With the triple Twin Fang-Sand Burrower setup you have in the first image, couldn’t you get higher than you are in the second?


Theoretically? Definitely.

Practically speaking, however, the sun would sooner go supernova than I surpass one googol using an additive approach.


That makes a lot of sense, for some reason I forgot exactly how large big exponents are :sweat_smile:


We all knew that CPG was primarily catering to the Ulyanas in Rise of the Bloodborn, but this was surely evidence that CPG did squeeze in something for the Wendies in the expansion, too.


This is fairly reminiscent of the reasoning of some researchers that say that the measurements of the pyramids have numerous clues about life and that it could not be coincidence ;p


When the start align


So, right, small question: Did a nuclear bomb go off when you hit Faie or were you too scared of the after-effects to try?

Jokes aside, this is amazing. Post some more images if you find a way to get even more attack damage.


With the current card pool, the highest possible attack would be around 10^(100 plus or minus 10). However, I do intend on testing Duelyst’s ability to process large numbers once more cards in released.


What feasible effects could help reach a higher number than what we have now? Exponential effects within the same faction is unlikely, as is the porting of Drogon’s effect to a different faction.


I’m hoping for any effect that can increase the number of Bloodsurge triggers. For example, a way to get more Crytographers into the hand or deck would raise it. Perhaps a spell or OG that shuffles three copies of target minion into your deck. I’m hoping for anything that lets me push the BBS button more, either by gaining more Cryptographers, or other effects similar to Cryptographer.

Right now, I’m pretty sure that I have maximized the number of Drogons. It is just a matter of gaining more Bloodsurge triggers.


Did you cycle hailstone prison with 3 alcuins and 3 twilight sorcers? I don’t think vanar has to cast anything but hailstone prison so it should be easy to get with twilight.


I got the Hailstones with Mindwarper and Alcuin Loremaster. Vanar had to cast Prison to trigger Alcuin.


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