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I’ll be posting some non-canon lore pieces here once in a while every 1-2 weeks. Feel free to use for lore discussion, lore submission, or simple reading enjoyment.

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  • Duelyst Lore Corner. Kick Back, Relax, and Get Ready To Read!

Entry 1 - Kinetic Blast: With Bated Breath


In Vetruvia a hunter waits below the dunes, barely an inch below the sands of which they stalk.

Days pass and still the hunter waits. It’s patience knows no bounds, waiting for the perfect strike.


At long last prey appears, walking unabashed, harried by a lacking flask.

With bated breath the hunter stills, no time for breath, no time for lag. The deserts hush their wailing breath, and the prey halts, sensing something amiss.

The moment comes! The sand distorts and the hunter emerges; unthinking, unblinking, it’s whole self-devoted to it’s catch, no efforts wasted on this first pass.

The flurry stills, and all that’s left is the unmoving sand.

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Duelyst Lore Contest Sept-Oct 2018!

Father’s Day Special - Silver Guard Squire: A Father’s Ire (Chapter 1)


The table trembled only slightly under my fists, now if only I could say the same for my son…

“You WHAT?!


“All you had to do was oversee the transport of a few cages so tell me, how in the name of Eyos did you manage to fuck that up?!”

“Well father I-”

“You know what, I don’t even want to hear it. Do you realize the gravity of your mistake? Not only will I have to deal with the cleanup, this little “incident” of yours might jeopardize the whole merge! … Haah, just get out. As much as I want to, I don’t think your mother would want me to brutalize one of our children.”

At least he had the decency to look ashamed before he left. God. Now not only do I need to schedule a meeting with the Marigolds before they cut their support of the merge I also have to call in some guys to clean up the corpses left behind. The usual contact ought to do, but then again, the bandit invasions have been making things pretty busy on their end. Argh, just thinking about it gives me a migraine. Why did Alyn have to leave and become a knight? Strong, clever, and charismatic; he would’ve been the perfect heir to the business unlike his brother Hydrin here. Too bad his conscience took too much from your side of the gene pool huh Carol? Oh what I would do to have you here, you would know how to whip our worthless son into shape… Wait, that’s it! I’ll send him off as a squire to have someone else beat him into shape! If I send him off to the Silverguard maybe then will he be worthy to inherit the business. Highmayne still owes me a favor so he ought to be able to ensure that my son doesn’t get too close to prying eyes.

Haah. Hydrin, you better not fuck this up…


Entry 2 - Amaranthine Vow: Rise


Arise ‘O warriors of light,
Clad in gold and cloth and might.
Did you not forget your vow?
Your oath to protect, to serve, to fight?
Take your weapons,
Your cloths stained in amaranthine fright
And relieve us of our plight
Of our foolish, frightened light
Beguiled by twilight night.
To burn a sight too bright for flight
Of mighty forms unbroken by unruly storm.
Of vows renewed by Amaranthine right!


Entry 4 - Invincible: To be whole


Subsisting on meager scraps of lacking and longing we push forward. We do not stop for this is all we know, all we have ever known. From our forefathers to their forefathers and so on, we struggle in this eternal dance of lopsided views yet, who could blame us? Blinded by hate and greed we sought to be more than ourselves, to be as the gilded sun itself. We were blinded by what we were truly meant to be.

What does it mean to be whole you ask? Why, the answer is simple;

It means to be yourself

Some rambles for those interested:


I’ve been thinking a lot about this work lately and wondering what I should do with it. People seem to be enjoying it so I know I’ll be continuing it, but what about it do they enjoy? Should I continue in the short, shower thought-esque style of writing which I’ve been attempting or would it be ok to start delving into some other styles like worldbuilding and the such? Eh, I’m not really sure. I guess I’ll just continue to do for the now.

Anyways, Lore contest coming back online August or September so look forward to that. I know I will :wink:


These are really good! You can find a link on the wiki: https://duelyst.gamepedia.com/Fan_Lore#Links_to_more_Fanlore


Im not ranked good enough on lore to post my lore here, so im looking forward to the next contest!


Sorry if there’s been any miscommunication, but I thought that everyone was allowed to post their lore here? If someone’s been telling you you can’t then by all means pm me about it


No, no, no, its just the topic name saying “Loremasters”, so I thought it would be for Loremasters to post.


Damn, I was gonna post some lore, but name’s not AL.


“Throw a bunch bones”
“bone reapers do it. works for them, and it’ll work for us”
“this is so dumb. it wont work”

…years later

“this is cemented as a timeless and genius strategy”


Is this Bone swarm lore?


yep. the the forefront of technology, and they gone throwin’ a bag of bones. call it bio-mimetic weaponry or whatever, ya yeeting a bag o’ bones.


I really miss the lore contests. The entrees were always so creative and I don’t say this for just anything. Whenever I look at Replicant I always think about that one story showing the replicants duplicating each other from various pieces of debris, that should really be lore or at least canon.


"Who would win:

-A storm of lightning created by real f*n spirits of the ghosts

-A good ol’ bag of bones"


Entry 5: Saberspine Tiger - A Broken Summit


Long ago, beasts and ghastly apparitions ravaged the people of Xenkai. The men, with their arms of steel and might stood no chance against the beasts who beat them like flies and the ghouls whose forms’ were as swift as the night. And so, amongst the terror and horror and fear, a lord of great affluence and respect travelled deep into the mountains in search of a solution to his people’s plight.

For three days and three nights he travelled, at first with friends and later alone. Past the valley of bones where hollowed out stones revealed cleaving claws of old. And past the bleached bones of victims long ago. He went deep into the mountains, so deep his breath began to frost and shining eyes hid secrets far from sight. Until the third day, when his light began to fade that the answer did appear…

For three days and three nights his people waited. Suffering greatly yet hopeful for the triumphal return of their beloved lord. The first day was filled with compromise, the men sent with the lord were strong and burly, well-trained in the art of surging. “Surely they should be able to bring the lord safely home,” the people thought. The night passed and the next day was ushered in by the riverfront. The strong men sent to escort the lord had returned, bloodied and battered, floating corpses in the water. Power granting crystals lay burnt and broken within their packs, proving that even the arcane might of crystals could not sustain them through their plight. The people,(their hope waning) knowing now that the land they came to was doomed, turned to flee in Aestari ships docked in port, but the ships, laden with crystals and loot, had no room for the people. With no escape in sight and no hope of victory the people could only shamble home and wait. Wait for demise to come crashing through their homes and so they slept. And so deep they must have slept to miss the lonesome figure arriving at sun’s early crest…

The people awoke to a great clamour. Sentinels on the wall had spotted a great horde of beasts and ghouls alike on the horizon! Despair set in amongst the people and with nowhere left to run, all they could do was stare as death came to greet them. But wait! What was that? A figure faced the great horde alone, clad in raiment pure white and armed with scythes and blades a fiery sight, it was the lord! The lord had returned, newfound knowledge fueling his might and burning so bright in face of the horde! He walked forward, blades rushing in an ethereal dance. Swish, slash, he fileted the unbreakable skin of the beasts and unwound the intangible forms of the malevolent spirits. On and on he danced to the tune made clear by the cleaving of flesh and bone and soul until finally, with one great heave the last of the beasts fell, it’s mighty soul long departed before it’s face touched the ground.

The lord, with his raiments dyed red and his blades burning soul, looked back to his people, his emerald green eyes bleeding tears of molten gold. And so a new era was ushered in for Xenkai. The era where the dance of death was perfected, where the Songhai were born.


Very cool. Good work!


Entry 6: Inquisitor Kron - The Bells of Notre Dame


Morning in Voiron, the city awakens
To the bells of Notre Dame
The songweaver sings, the loreweaver weaves
To the bells of Notre Dame
To the big bells as loud as t.horn
To the little bells as soft as a psalm
And some say the soul of the city is
The toll of the bells
The bells of Notre Dame

Dark was the night when our tale was begun
On the docks near Notre Dame

Four frightened lightbenders slid silently under
The docks near Notre Dame

“Four guilders for safe passage into Voiron!”

But a trap had been laid for the lightbenders
And they gazed up in fear and alarm
At a figure whose clutches
Were as iron as much as the bells

“Inquisitor Kron!”

The bells of Notre Dame
(Kyrie Eleison)

Inquisitor Kron longed
To purge the world
Of dispel and counters
(Kyrie Eleison)
And he saw counters
Except within

“Bring these bender vermin to the palace of Judgment.”
“You there! What are you hiding?!”
“Game swings no doubt, take them from her.”

She ran!

Dies irae, dies illa
(Dies irae, dies illa)
Dies irae, dies illa
(Dies irae, dies illa)

“A baby? A monster!”

Solvet Mythron in favilla
Teste David cum sibylla
Quantus tremor est futurus
Quantus exiguus Inquisitor exiguus est venturus

“STOP!” cried the owlbeast sage

“This is an unneeded counter. I am sending it to meme decks where it belongs.”

See there the innocent blood you have spilt
On the steps of Notre Dame

“I am guiltless, she ran I pursued”

Now you would add this child’s blood to your guilt
On the steps of Notre Dame

“My conscience is clear!”

You can lie to yourself and your minions
You can claim that you haven’t a qualm
But you never can run from
Nor hide what you’ve done from the eyes
The very eyes of Notre Dame

And for once in his life
Of power and control
(Kyrie Eleison)
Kron felt a twinge of fear
For his OP role

“What must I do?”
“Care for the child and raise it as your own.”
“What?! I must be saddled with this misshapen… Very well, but let him live with you in your church”
“Live here? Where?”

Just so that he’s kept locked away where no one else can see.

“The bell tower perhaps. And who knows, the devs work in mysterious ways”

Even this foul creature may one day prove yet to be, of use to me.

And Kron gave the child a cruel name
A name for it’s misshapen face, Facestriker

Now here is a riddle to guess if you can,
(Sing the bells of Notre Dame)
Who is the monster and who is the man?!


A curious power of the Lyonar is their ability to tap into their collective inner strength through strategic military formations. However, these powers are sometimes oddly specific, and one has to think of very creative ways in which they can be used for combat.
“Look, it’s simple: we gain forearm strength when we’re touching this chicken right?”
“uh huh…”
“So we throw the bird and do some real damage to their ranks yeah?”
“Sigh…look, im no expert, but this will NEVER outclass phoenix fire’s power.”
“That’s right, you are no expert.”
-Transcript from Gryphon Fledgeling Enlistment for Military Use


Zeal minions are just a bunch of stalkers kouhai who want to be noticed by sempai


Sorry for the sudden interruption of the typical duelyst lore, but I just wanted to bring to attention some beautiful pieces of writing (typing?)


Even if you aren’t particularly bug on brony culture, don’t let that stop you from enjoying these literary beauties!