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Washed up narrative with a chance to promote my work?! Poggers! :smiley:


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Nice, an origin story. To be honest I thought the Magmar would graze on Primal Flourish like cows.


Happy 1st of the month everybody!


1 week 'till the submission deadline folks! Make sure to get whatever submissions/submission edits in before then!


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Uh, do Vetruvians eat? CAN they eat?


Actually yes. Dig into their section of the game lore and you’ll have that under their machine-like body is actually live people perhaps a bit too much into grafting, to the point of defining all the cybernetic of Mythron we see in every general and many cards.

The only exception to that is Sajj as she is 100% sandshield.


I knew that the Vetruvian race was semi-organic, i just wondered if they ever needed food or has some spooky star crystal power instead (Zirix always has his mouth open so I sort of though they’re just there for cosmetic(?) purposes).

I was also asking about whether iron/wind dervishes can eat (propably not) or things like wind shrike/striker.
If im not wrong everything else in the Imperium decklist is organic.


They probably eat sand. :sirpenti:


We all know what Iron Dervishes eat though… :stuck_out_tongue:

live by the poop, die by the poop


Blood To Air
"They Probably Eat Sand" -halcyon98, 2018


“So…it’s cannibalism then.”

Akos stared quizzically at his captain who was kneeling in the sand.

“No Akos,” the captain said, “it’s called assimilation. Survival of the fittest you could say.”

“But sir, as earth constructs wouldn’t consuming earthen material such as sand, be considered cannibalism? I know we’re made of iron and all, but sand still contains traces of metallic particles despite it’s loose composition.”

“Akos, Akos, Akos. You still don’t understand do you? Look around us, what do you see?”

“Well for starters, a lot of sand-“

“YES! That’s it! You see a lot of sand! Based on natural selection, only the fittest forms will be able to proliferate itself in any given environment and do you see anything than sand around here?”

“Well there’s that one tr-”

“THAT’S RIGHT, YOU DON’T! So shut up and eat the damn sand before I start making use of my rank!”

“Fine, fine. Geez. I’ll listen to you this time, but if nothing happens you owe me a reassignment to the rear of the obelisk is that clear?”

“Crystal, now here’s your sand.”

The captain held out the palm of his hand, the blazing sun making the sand appear almost steaming in the heat. Akos, skeptically eyeing the captain, accepted the small pile of sand and hastened to swallow the lot whole.

“Huh”, akos thought, “it’s going down a lot smoother than I thought it would and I actually feel…full?”

“Hey you know what captain, I actually do feel a little full now. What was this supposed to do agai-”

Out of the blue, Akos’s body crumbled into a small, steaming pile of sand and slowly began twirling to an incorporeal wind that twisted it into the form of a legless, slightly shorter Akos. During the process, the captain watched on, glee apparent on his wrought iron face.

“What the F***!” The form of Akos screeched, it’s lack of physical vocal cords resulting in more of a raspy wheeze of air than a coherent objection.

“I knew it! Akos, the legends were true! Consuming superheated sand as Iron dervishes results in our forced evolution! Congratulations Akos, you are now a bonafide wind dervish! Oh wait ‘till everyone in HQ hears this!”

The captain then began to walk away, joyful humming emanating from his lips.

“But wait! What about me? Captain? Hey Captain!..”

And so the two wandered off into the desert (until they made it to HQ where strong winds finally dematerialized Akos).

The End


Stole my idea!


Poor Akos! Awesome story though.


The Food Chain
A frozen tale

This story occurs on a Sundae. Please excuse all puns.

“The beasts upon the frontier will consume it.”

The kaido expert stared at the dryad skeptically

“But it is the lifeblood of the land. How can they consume it?”

“It supports their existence you fool. If not for your nonsense, we would still be with the caravan,” the Dryad snorted. “If you wish to make it out of alive I’m telling you again, tell your companion to put out those red flames.”

The expert swore loudly, her tail swishing through the air, impatiently knocking upon each side of the narrow cave wall. How the hell had this damn half-animal even fit into here. She scowled and turned around to glance at her silent companion.

The sparrowhawk stood proudly in his bare clothing, his pale gray skin clearly exposing his Aestari lineage. The kaido expert took her helmet off, exposing her hair tightly bundled within a bun. The sparrowhawk looked up, his usually smug face glum.

“What did she say?”

“You know as well as I do what she must have meant your highness…”

“There is no need for sarcasm Oki. I was but making sure.”
The foul-tempered Kaido scowled, before dryly replying. “What shall we do then?”

“I cannot continue the way we have been going, and I doubt that equestrian beast will let me mount her with how tired I am.”

“I do believe that she will object to you mounting her… And you probably shouldn’t refer to her as beast. She is our guide after all, no matter how distasteful her personality.”

“If not for Lord Kaleos personally asking us all, I would not have tolerated such a thing being our guide.”

“Thats all very well, but you must make a choice here your highness. You are the higher ranked official, and I’m sure you would spare no means to have me demoted were I to suggest following the horse.”

“You would do very well to hold your tongue officer. I am skilled enough at Martial arts to slay any beasts that may come, that is no problem. But I cannot continue upon this path. You know that I cannot channel this fire for long.”

“The dryad wanted for you to put it out.”

“And survive within the light of the frostfyre? They know that it burns those who are not from Halcyar.”

“So you wish to battle these creatures?”

“I would rather die valiantly in battle, than die in the cold.”

The Kaido expert looked at the sparrowhawk for a minute before cursing deep in her heart and turning away. These damned martial artists and their Aestari descent. They were all going to die because of his damned pride. Not like Lord Kaleos wasn’t going to get her hide tanned if she managed to make it out of this alive. For all his mercy, she had been assigned to protect one of the royal family, and she had failed.

The dryad had but looked on as the two conversed in the Xenkai tongue.

“We’d best move on. The creatures will catch up to us before long.” As she turned around to walk away, the expert suddenly called out.

“We will stay and fight the beasts.”

“I have already told you damned Songhai that your petty tricks will not work in these caverns. The beasts here are far more powerful than you think. Look down upon them, and they will kill you. I have warned you before.”

“We choose to stay.”

“Don’t tell me that I didn’t warn you.”

The dryad sighed and walked away. With this, the peace talks between Lady Bloodwing and that damned foreigner were bound to fall apart.

The kaido expert stared in horror at the vile mass of ice, frozen snow, and frostfyre that floated in above her. The sparrowhawk darted here and there, his hands moving rapidly, creating seals as flares of red mana flashed out of his hand. There was no point warning somebody like him. They had managed to kill nearly five wisps. Nearly. Only one aspect had ruined it all; the damned fools ego. That was his way. Why did she have to die for his principles? The intensely cold snow cradled her body, freezing even her tears. She had long since stopped crying, once she had acknowledged that only death awaited her. Despite her training a tear or two had slipped out though.

From the corner of her eye, she saw the sparrowhawks bright red flame starkly juxtaposed upon the ice and rocks of the wide chamber they had chosen for their battle. Punch after punch exploded out, his tremendous martial prowess clearly evident in his fighting style. It truly was reminiscent of the sudden unpredictable movements of the mist dragons of Xenkai. Whenever the wisp moved towards him, he would suddenly teleport, his fighting spirit stronger than before. He landed blow after mana charged blow, until finally even his fire petered out.

The wisps had seemingly multiplied, taking his strength for their own. So this was what the dryad had meant by her warning. It had first started with but a few crystalline wisps. In large numbers, they posed some danger, but she simply erased them from this world with her sword. In their impatience, they began to use mana, to get rid of more at a single time. And the dryads warning had come true. They began to grow larger.

They had killed nearly five wisps with great difficulty. But they had been careless with the last one. The last one had managed to survive. The sparrowhawk had used over seven mist dragon seals, opening all his meridians. Yet he had been unable to take down the wisp.

And now it was their turn to pay. As the sparrowhawk collapsed at the cave end, even he stared in horror at this monster. Its single eye in the center of its indistinct figure gleamed maliciously. And then a torrent of ice, no an avalanche poured down upon the wisp. It was destroyed. The expert felt a chill run through her very bones. What a powerful spell. So the dryad had come to their aid in the end. She felt glad. Perhaps the half-beast was of some use after all.

But the next moment her hopes were dashed as she watched the basilysk unfurl its four immense wings. The silence hung like a mark of solitude upon this terrible monstrosity. It had absorbed the mana from all the spells they had cast. No not absorb, devour.

Authors Notes

yay Im done.

Not even gonna wonder how far over the word limit I am, but lets conveniently overlook that for now. The food item I consider was mana, and yes, we saw cameos from crispy wispy, iceblade dryad, kaido expert, sparrowhawk, and the one and only frozen waifu; the mana thief himself.


Blazing Spine Wall
No More Ice Cream
The sad story

Travelling across Vetruvian lands is harsh. Zackery knows this too well. No outsider can get used to scorching heat of the desert, which is at least bearable in more populated areas, but now he is travelling across the wastelands.

Being a mercenary mage is also harsh. Officers look down on you, nobody bothers whether the task is possible at all, nobody cares about your life and comfort. A week ago Zackery received an order to arrive to the city of Kaero. Immediately. And did they even provide any transport? No. “You’re a mage, aren’t you?” - they said. “You’ll come up with something” - they said. With a grin. Cruel joke.

Walking through the desert he wonders why did he need to undergo all this hard training he had. Years of trials needed to forge his body into a perfect weapon, to produce a powerful uncontrollable effect, always. What for? For a proud name of Arcanyst? For salary?

Sometimes his thoughts travel far-far away in the past, in his childhood. His Mom always bought him ice cream when he was sad. How much could he give away for even a small bite of that ice cream now!

Immersed in his thoughts he was late to realise that he already entered a small Vetruvian town. Or could it be a village? He doesn’t remember if it was on the map at all. He could be lost, travelling through vast Vetruvian desert. Anyway, populated area is nice for a change. His supplies went scarse and it would be nice to finally sleep in a bed.

And then… Does that person own a pushcart of ice cream? Yeah, definitely, he’s a street merchant. Pushcart full of ice cream, so similar to the one in his childhood memories, a rare breed in Vetruvian lands… and it started to retreat from him with a considerable speed.

“He can’t run away” - that was the only thought of Zackery before he started the pursuit. He should have better thought WHY is the seller running away from him, but let us forgive our hero, he have undergone much. I hope you understand, my dear reader.

Well, a measly village seller has no chance against an Arcanyst trained for war. Especially if he’s pushing a cart before him. Unfortunately, when Zackery finally reached it, the cart was completely empty and the seller was both pretty angry and… frightened? Only then he did notice a colorful reading on the cart:

“BeSt BlAzInG SpInE IcE CrEaM from the DiStAnT VaNaR LaNdS!”

No more ice cream for him.

Silent and depressed, Zackery the Lightbender slowly walked away…


I know my English sucks, but I was so fond of this idea of mine that I decided to participate. @mmf, please tell me if I somehow managed to screw up the format in any way.

434 words, btw! :slight_smile:


Five days left folks, get those edits in!


After a (hopefully) wonderful weekend, I hope you’re all ready to submit your entries by Wednesday!


So… everyone done? I hope so ‘cause the contest is officially closed. Any submission posts/edits from here on out are void and invalid!

We will be going straight to a community poll as the number of valid submissions is less than 10 11.


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