Duelyst Lore Contest Sept-Oct 2018!


Hi all and welcome to the newest iteration of the Duelyst Lore Contest Series! I know it’s been a while since we’ve seen one of these so let’s do a brief recap on the rules & regulations shall we?

Contest Rules and Information:

  • As promised , the word count minimum for this submission period will be reduced from 300 to 250 250 - 600 word count per submission text (Flavor text/title not included)
  • 1-2 sentences of flavor text and/or title
  • Only submissions (and bumps by yours truly) are allowed on this thread.
  • One submission per user (edits will be allowed until the posted deadline)
  • Submission Period: September 12 - October 10 11:59pm PST
  • The top ten jury entries will go to a community voting round from October 12 - October 16 11:59pm PST
  • No Plaigiarism
  • All Submissions will follow the Forum Moderation Policy

Submission Format:


Name of card
Bolded Flavor Text/Title
Submission text



Give proper context to your narrative
Descriptive language helps greatly
Avoid glaring grammatical errors
Maintain a clear perspective



1st Place - 5x Core Spirit Orbs + Loremaster forum title + Jury for next contest (JNC)

2nd Place - 4x Core Spirit Orbs + JNC

3rd Place - 3x Core Spirit Orbs + JNC

All other eligible entries will recieve 1x Core Spirit Orb

And with that settled, here’s your prompt:

Food, The Edible Frontier

Food plays a vital role in our life and whether we actively venerate it or simply ackowledge it it’s one of the few things we will stay constant in our lives. To that effect, your goal is to write something that involves food set in the Duelyst universe. It can be the main focus or a side character, that parts on you.

Here’s a few readings to (hopefully) inspire you:






Dig in!

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i think i got that reference, maybe i have seen too many food stuff.


The Blood of the Sun :sunny:

A Lyonar short.

Zir’an’s face scrunched up the moment the liquid hit her mouth. It sizzled on her tongue then melted away like butter. It left a distinctive aftertaste that lingered in her palate. She looked down on her steaming mug, squinting at the light it seemed to reflect.
“I don’t like this,” she said, defiantly.
“What’s that?” Argeon asked, looking up from his book of maps.
“I don’t like it at all.” Zir’an lifted the mug up for Argeon to see. Argeon replied with a chuckle.
“Being picky?” he asked, raising an eyebrow. “Come, I have something to show you.”

Argeon lead Zir’an through the grand halls of the Lyonar Kingdoms. They soon arrived at a set of large wooden doors, guarded by a pair of Silverguard Squires. They knelt the instant they saw Argeon approached.
“Greetings, my lord,” one of them said.
“And greetings to you as well,” Argeon said, gesturing them to rise.
“What brings you here?”
“There’s something I want the young cub to see.”
Argeon pushed open the doors and beckoned Zir’an inside. What was laid out in front of them was a narrow staircase, spiraling up to unknown heights. No matter how far Zir’an craned her neck, the end was nowhere to be seen. Only a tiny dot of light seemed to shine in the distance.

“I’d like you to take the lead,” Argeon said.
The two made their way up the seemingly endless tower. Beads of sweat trickled down Zir’an’s cheeks.
“You could rest for a moment, if you want,” Argeon said.
“I’m fine,” Zir’an replied, panting.

After what it felt like an eternity, Zir’an could make out the source of the light.
“Is that…” Zir’an asked, in wonder.
“Yes, child. That is the sun,” Argeon replied. “Go on, we’re almost there.”
Indeed, the end was in sight.

The light grew brighter as Zir’an approached the top. Zir’an found it harder to keep her eyes open as she drew nearer. Her small body became awash in a blinding expanse of white. She kept on climbing until Argeon’s voice broke her trance.
“We are here,” he said.

Zir’an was awestruck. The top of the tower was bustling with life, where men in blue robes were hard at work. An array of cauldrons covered every inch of open area, and the men were busily stirring away at the liquid inside. But most of all, it was the sun that caught Zir’an’s attention.
“I didn’t know the sun could be so beautiful,” Zir’an said.
“Magnificent, isn’t it?” Argeon said, filled with pride. “Now is the time where her light shines directly upon us. Perfect timing to brew the Sundrop Elixir.”
“The Sundrop Elixr? Is that what those men are making?”
“Yes. It is also the drink you had earlier today.”
Zir’an saw one of the men hastily make his way towards them.

“My lord! I wasn’t told you were visiting,” he said.
“I thought it was about time our young cub got a gist of how things are.”
The man got out two wooden mugs and dipped them into a cauldron. The elixr swirled in the mugs before filling them completely. He handed one to Argeon who received it with a nod, and one to Zir’an.
“Care for a drink?” he offered. “Fresh off the cauldron.”

Zir’an took the cup from his hands. The liquid was golden in color, and its surface gleamed brighter than ever under the sun. A small ember of warmth fluttered in her chest. It was at this moment Zir’an realized, that the Sundrop Elixir was more than just a drink. It was the blood of the sun, the heart of the noble Lyonar Kingdoms. She imagined the great heroes from her fantastical bedtime stories drinking the elixir and tirelessly charging through enemies. She hoped that one day she will fight right alongside them.

She took a sip.

Author's Notes

A story of a younger Argeon and Zir’an. The food item I picked for this contest was the Sundrop Elixr, and I thought it would be interesting to write a story of how Zir’an, the healing General, grew to develop an appreciation for it. I hoped you enjoyed the story, and feedback is always welcome. Cheers. :lyogiggle:


Ritches of the Wild

A Magmar short

Reserved for later


Tusk Boar
Breakthroughs in the Songhai Food Crisis
A room crammed with unevenly sliced pork greets Dr. Xynec. The doorway has been clogged by what can only be described as a Ham Jam(at least, a scientist named Dr. Mahs, who did not have a knack for naming things). Where you would expect air to be in this room, there is but ham. “What in the world…”

In order to understand “What in the world…”. one must simply look at the laboratory transcript from 3 weeks ago.

Transcript from Songhai R&D laboratory:
“I’m telling you it will work”
“That is the dumbest thing ever”
“Look, do you want to solve the food crisis or not?”
Ridiculed by the question, Dr. Xynec, head of the laboratory, makes a show of breathing in. He breathes out loudly, slowly, and while maintaining eye contact with his associate, Dr. Mah.
Dr. Xynec speaks.
“I’m saying that vanishing pigs is the opposite of the definition of edible”
“I’m telling you it’s not as simple as that, and maybe a vanishing brain like yours isn’t what we need in this laboratory!”
“Alright then smart guy, explain to me how one is supposed to get -more- meat from a tusk boar.”

“It is a known fact that tusk boars escape at the first sign of danger. but we’re able to summon them over and over again!”, Mah explains.
“So again, how is this better than summoning livestock from the wild?”
“It is a strange phenomenon that a re-summoned boar comes back perfectly healthy.”
“Ah, and you’ve figured out why it can do that and we can eventually replicate how it nourishes itself so fast?”
“Heavens no! We don’t have -that- much budget”
“Then what are you proposing?”
“We cut meat from the boar, and let it run away”
“That makes no sense”
“We summon it again and it comes back healthy”
'And then?"
“We cut meat from the boar, and let it run away again”
“This is ridiculous”
“It is not”
“I’m giving you three weeks to produce as much meat as possible from a single boar. It better feed the city or you’re fired.”

End of Transcript.


I don’t really know how to check word count pls help

The idea was to write about the sustainable and culturally relevant food source of any faction. baconator made perfect sense(not to mention the card effect had hilarious ramifications on the matter)


Punch the text into Pages/Words and turn on word count.


@mmf, sorry for contaminating the thread, but this is hilarious, I lol’d hard :rofl:

@cloudfrog, thank you so much, I have a much better mood now :crazy_face:


I think you revealed you were high-school age on forums/ discord. If that is the case, I’m thoroughly impressed with your ability to build scene and dialogue. Well done. Uni writing courses should be a breeze for you haha.


Thanks! Somehow a complement from you seems much more valuable than a complement from a teacher.



The Consummation of Desolator

Once upon a time, Kaleos was feeling hungry. When he opened his Frigidaire, he saw that the only piece of food left in his house was a Desolator. He cringed at the idea of eating it, but he knew he had no choice. He would starve if he didn’t feast soon. He picked up the Desolator and stuffed it down his throat. He choked, gagged, and almost spat it out multiple times. After a long struggle with his esophagus, he finally managed to eat it. He felt fine for a few seconds afterward. Suddenly, his stomach began to rumble. Bile rose in his throat. His face turned red, and a blast of vomit came through his mouth, like the stream of a fire hose. He doubled over, coughing, once the ordeal was through, and vowed never again to eat a Desolator. It was disgustingly overpowered :wink:.

Author's Notes

I wrote this story in the style of old fables and fairy tales (especially Aesop’s Fables), hence the lack of descriptors and complex literary devices.

It was meant to be a story that teaches valuable lessons to children (or, in this case, new Duelyst players). The moral of this story was: “Never kill Desolator if you can help it; it will just bring you trouble.”


Pick a Card, Any Card

The Greatest Story Ever

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I pick Grimes.


Did you? Your story is 700+ words. :scream:


It is a great story, though.


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Of course. Your teacher is but a teacher. I am the leader of soviet gulag.


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