Duelyst Lore Contest July-August 2017!


With the UP Expansion just around the corner and the news about the new BNEA and CP partnership confirmed (I call it PEAB) what better time is there to host the next Lore Contest?..6 days ago? Oh…

Well Whatever! We’re here now and that’s all that matters!
Prompt: Bred for war or bred for more?
A faction specific battle pet ponders its existence. Write on their thoughts!

##Contest rules and information:

300-600 words per submission text (Flavor text not included)
1-2 sentences of flavor text
Submission must be on a Faction specific Battle Pet
Only submissions are allowed on this thread and only one per user(you may edit as required however)
From July 10 - August 21 11:59 pm PST we are taking submissions in this thread for Duelyst card lore.
The top ten entries from jury scoring will go to a community voting round from August 23 - August 28 11:59pm PST

Formatting of your post should be as follows:
Name of card
Flavor text in Italics
Submission text


Give us a little backstory (doesn’t have to be a whole section, just enough for us to understand)
Provide plenty of imagery if you’re describing something.
Avoid glaring grammatical errors
Geography is important!
Keep the speaker and/or the perspective clear

##Prompts to help you get started

It’s origins?
Hopes & Dreams?

1st- 3 Spirit Orbs +Loremaster title + place in jury for next Lore contest
2nd- 2 Spirit Orbs + place in jury for next Lore contest
3rd- 1 Spirit Orb + place in jury for next Lore contest

If you would like to discuss yours or others entries please go here: Feedback Thread for the Duelyst Lore Contest

And as a reminder, the judges for this segment are:

And any submissions put forth by them (and myself) are purely demonstrational, therefore are NOT counted as a contest submission.

Best of luck to all participants, and I hope that we see some interesting submissions out there!


I’m reserving ace, I’ll finish this later


They had No Expectations, I have No limits

I’m a turtle. With a cannon. But nobody cares. What? You’re confused? Sit down, let me explain…



Read the rest first! (spoiler)

I protect the ones I love, even with my life.

Zirix was an obsessed man. His hatred for the gods blinded him. “Gods are merciless beings that only bring misery and pain. We have no need for them. I shall prove to you, my people that we ourselves can become masters and let none treat us as slaves, be it mortal or god”. Those words marked the begging of a new era, as well as me. I was a failure. A creation made to mock the gods. Cat’s are considered the pets of the gods and my master thought it would be fun to create one for himself. He made me broken. Destined to die. A gear half broken or a screw too lose? It mattered not. “You were not born but you will die”. Ironic how cruel Zirix was to his creations. However, it all changed one day when he created her. The Scioness was kind, too kind for a killing machine. She demanded Zirix to fix me and he agreed. Never had I seen such kindness. If only I had spent more time with her… Four assassins attacked the palace at night, ordered to kill the Scioness. After reaching her room, one held the door behind him shut buying more time for the others to finish their job. The Scioness was strong but had much to learn. She was preoccupied with two of the assassins and had not noticed the third one rushing from behind her, ready to stab her. His blade pierced through and almost broke when it touched the tough metal. Time froze for a second and you could see everyone’s face looking at the back-stabbing assassin. His brothers were disappointed. He missed and I was hit. When did I jump? I didn’t think at the time. I bought just enough time for two Iron dervishes to brake the door. Immediately, the assassins disappeared out of the window leaving me at the floor ready to die. The Scioness was heartbroken and if she had tears she would cry. But I was happy because although I was never born, I died for someone I loved.

August Lore Contest Poll

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The struggle is real

Rex wished to be a knight. Armor glinting in the sun, a shield by which to blind his foes, and a sword as magnificent as the great sky above. I wished to be a knight.

I was born, as one of four, in a brood by the northern edge of the Shim’Zar jungle. It was there that I met the knight and there that I was struck down. A knight of hulking proportions and a steadfast gaze that locked his foes in place, his name was Excelcious, Lord of Voiron, recently displaced from his throne by a particularly fussy repulsor beast. In his haste to return home, he accidentally stepped on me and unwittingly brought my hatching goop to the Lyonar Kingdoms were I hatched. It was beautiful.

As I traveled the kingdoms, I stood in the shadows and watched as blacksmiths forged armor as strong as the mightiest colossi, shields as mighty as the great leviathans, and swords. Oh the mighty swords, even stronger than the crushing hammers of the phalanxar. As I stood there, gazing at the wonders of swordsmanship, I knew that it was my destiny to become one of them. And even though I had no arms to wield a sword, I WILL BECOME A KNIGHT.

I somehow found my way back to Maagari. My eyes were wide open to the possibilities that lay before me. No arms? I’ll just make do with the one asset given to us Rex, our maws.

I’ll show them. I’ll train my jaws, chomping all day long! No matter how tired I am or how much my jaws hurt, I’ll keep on training until I’m able to hold a sword as tall and mighty as that of the great Excelcious!


Redemption by the winds

Footsteps are left behind for only moment. The winds refuse to let them stay, for it thinks them petty things.

Three bodies stride forward through this wind. I gaze at them. Two cloaked in deep black, with empty faces and large encumbering packs along their backs. I assume them to be sad, for their heads hang low like dried fruit from a bone riddled tree.

The third is a strange sight. She is tall. Taller than others at least. Her eyes are golden and blaze out from her white plastered body like tiny stars. Burning. Searing a golden mark of pride and avarice into her veins.

She walks in front of the others, occasionally glancing at them, whispering sweet limericks. Hidden commands. Hidden words. Hidden noise which fills their heads, fills my head, and pours out our eyes. A ravaged river of silver pain.

I hate her.

Or at least I think I do. The reason for my hatred escapes me, but I know it is my duty to stop her.

I must bring her servants a silent serenity. Silent equality.

And so I shift out to my last battle.

A question seeps into my chest. A simple one, with many answers.

Is the equality they force me to bring truly perfection, or is imperfection true equality? I do not know, so I go on to clean the slate anew in my death.

The only force that drives me, the hope for redemption in my passing.

August Lore Contest Poll

Careful guys! Only a few weeks left to post your submissions, make sure to get them in on time!



there is no difference between life and death

Sarlac’s Log Vol.3

Log 1

I have gathering the necessary regents from the Lyonar kingdoms and the test subjects from the Magaari beast lands. My quest for immortality brings me to Styxus, home of the magics and rituals capable of resurrecting the dead.

Log 28

Test subjects 58 - 63 will be subjected to the R-Series formula. The powdered golem cores should provide a lasting energy source to keep the ritual magic in priestess blood active.

Log 31

Experiment 60-R is a success. Unlike the other R series experiments, the serum has stabilized instead of killing the host. 60-R has lost its fur and changed skin pigment to a wraithling purple and seems to have gained a heightened sense of pain. Further refinement is necessary. Perhaps a higher ratio of sundrop elixir would counteract the side effects.

Log 59

I wish i could gather more, but the clergy is getting suspicious. If any more Priestesses are found dead I will be forced to flee. I must reuse previous experiments to conserve materials.

Log 62

Experiments 37-P, 51-S, 60-R, 77-T and 82-V have survived the refined X series elixir with varying degrees of disfigurement. They have grown what appears to be blood red golem cores and rigid spikes over random areas of the body. Only experiment 60-R has grown a sky blue core over what used to be its face.

Log 64

SUCCESS! While removing the glowing cores from experiment 60-R, once its body was fatally damaged, it disappeared in a flash of purple smoke along with the solid pieces of its body I removed and reappeared in the corner of the room. repeated attempts and previous observations show it considers corners to be “safe spaces”.

Log 66

I have analyzed the smoke released when experiment 60-R vanishes and it appears to be an extremely powerful and fast acting poison. Despite how quickly it disperses from both the air and the subjects bloodstream it would be enough to kill even the hardiest subjects. It seems experiment 60-R’s lack of need or capability to breath is the reason for its survival. Further testing will require adequate bodily protection. Perhaps a modified sandshield would do.

Log 67

The last remaining experiment, 60-R, has escaped. 60-R is not worth chasing as I already have all the necessary data and my ship to Vetruvia will not wait. Unfortunately this means I will have to do any further testing on myself. I hope letting it run free won’t come back to haunt me.

August Lore Contest Poll

Damn, even the forums are trying to end the contest :joy:.

Anyways, less than 2 weeks before submissions are due! Please try and make the deadline guys as this will most likely be the last one for this year (I might host one for the holiday season, but that’d still be a 2 month break) and seeing as how there’re only 3 eligible posts, I put one up for fun as an example, you still have a pretty good chance at getting either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd!

Good luck guys, and have a wonderful day!


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