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Duelyst Lethal Puzzle #1 - Can you solve it?

I have these old Lethal Puzzle videos made by SmashtheHamster lying around on my hard drive. I asked him if I could upload them (he deleted his yt account ages ago) and he agreed.

So now you get the first puzzle, the others will follow till the end of the year I guess. Be aware that it is an older Duelyst version, Revenant was cheaper back then :slight_smile:

Have fun solving it!

  1. Dark Seed (6 damage)

  2. Move Lilithe 2 spaces right and go face (2 damage)

  3. Void Pulse (2 damage)

  4. Lure Lancer to the spot Lilithe used to be on and attack it with Revenant (4 damage)

  5. Cast Grasp of Agony on Fiz, and end turn. Fiz will suicide into Revenant for (4 + 3 damage)

Total damage dealt: 21


The solution in the video has a wrong order: if we play Void Pulse before killing the Lancer or attacking with Lili, Zir’an goes to 9 attack, killing Lili when you attack her (I assume Lancer was undispelled?)


Void Pulse also heals Lilithe for 3, bringing her health up to 12 which lets her take 9 damage to face and live.


:facepalm: ofc


Another lethal puzzle from the Duelyst World Cup Finals:

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@phoinexflame @miguelosz There is also an alternative lethal in the Revenant puzzle :slight_smile: Can you find it?

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Nice one, thought it was too easy at first but then I noticed the Kelaino :slight_smile:

Although really there still is only the one reasonable line.

  1. Play out Kindling, then Nightshroud. Drain for 6.
  2. Lure the Shadowdancer out of the way and move Lillithe, Conjurer, and Owlbeast to surround Maehv.
  3. Go face with everyone, Kelaino’s effect is mostly cancelled out by the Kindling buff and she won’t heal for the final lethal hit, so you end up with exactly lethal.

I always end up at 19 for alternative solutions :confused:


You play Spectral Blades, Grasp on pet, Dark Seed, Void Pulse
hit face with Revenant and Lilithe

It’s 4 from blades + 6 from Rev + 6 from Seed + 2 from Pulse + 3 from Grasp for also 21


Cant you just?:
-lure dancer above kelaino
-equip frenzy chakram
-kill dancer and kelaino with manaforger ,leaving maehv at 24 health
-face with general and remaining minions:
-6+6+8+3+2= 25 dmg with 4 mana left

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With a Xor on the board killing Shadowdancer is out of the question.



I guess i am blind

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There is a Xor on board.

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