Duelyst Hotfix Patch 1.71


Hotfix changes

  • Fixed a number of issues with mana cost reduction effects
  • Fixed issues with minions not operating correctly after being mind controlled by Zen’Rui or Dominate Will
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when casting Whisper of the Sands with no space for a Wind Dervish to spawn
  • Fixed an issue where removing a transformed Ironcliffe Guardian could cause minions to be permanently provoked


No BBS display fix?


Duelyst has been saved. All praise CPG.


What about the creep tile colour bug in Cassyva mirror matches?


Yes and no. While every bug that’s fixed makes the game… well… less buggy:
Mana cost reduction makes J’s Broken-Mirror-Hai even stronger. From my last 12 games I had 9 against versions of this deck. Fun is different. Luckily I sit at Rank 10 so I don’t have anything to lose.