Duelyst for tablet


Hi all guys i really LOVE this game but i would love it SO MUCH if there will be a way to play it on my tablet/smartphone. anyone know if there will be this possibility? thx all <3


They are currently working on this feature i expect it to be finished sometine next year.


i have read something about the end of 2016. i really hope this becouse i want to buy some pack of cards but i will do it only when i have the possibility to play it on my tablet becouse when i sit at pc i usually do other stuff =(


You gotta focus on mythron my friend. Jacksepticeye can wait for you to return from your journeys


One solution until the app release could be teamviewer,

It kinda works.


If I had 1 spirit orb for every time someone asked about a mobile build then I’d have a full collection by now.


I believe in the recent balance patch notes, they the devs mentioned that they would discuss it in 2017


Could you explayn me what i should do? Thx <3


Current ETA for the mobile build is Q1 2017.


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