Duelyst for PsVita?


I know that PsVita isnt the most popular portable console, but it would be nice if Counterplay Games releases a PsVita version, of course after the Android / iOS version, even the PlayStation 4 or xBox One. But… Why PsVita?

Okay, first PsVita has buttons and touch screen, that is the main reason, because its like an Android game, but also you can use the buttons if you want. PsVita has a very powerful processor and can run it without any problem, and it has a nice screen resolution, its sice is 960*544, not bad.

This is my opinion, im just saying that PsVita is a nice candidate for a Duelyst version and a lot of people (including me) can´t wait to have this excellent game on a portable console.

What do you think? :smiley:


Considering that the game isn’t even out on mobile phones yet and has to stabilize its player base numbers again (even mogwai isn’t really playing duelyst much rn, so yeah the concerns are somewhat true), i highly doubt they are going to expand onto a niche platform in the near and intermediate future.


Just believe in the dream, BELIEVE!


Totally agree. It would be nice, but they have enough on their plate with the current goals that they are working on.


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