Duelyst Fanart Contest #5 - Public Voting


Welcome back Duelyst fans

Now we’ll being the second portion of our Fan Art contest - public voting! We had a ton of imaginative entries (along with some delightful mspaint inspirations) but rules are rules and we had to decide on which pieces would make the final cut.

Our Top 5

Below are our top 5 choices (in order of submission)

wardl - Sword Vanar

starsdust - Sunsteel Defender

jukeboxery - Launcher Art

Duelyst Pixel Logo (Finished, Upscaled x3)

Alga - Chakri Avatar & Katara

kire - Alabaster Titan

  • wardl - Sword Vanar
  • starsdust - Sunsteel Defender
  • jukeboxery - Launcher Art
  • Alga - Chakri Avatar & Katara
  • kire - Alabaster Titan

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Additional Information

Our voting period will now begin on 10/07/2017 3:00 PM PST until 10/09/2017 3:00 PM PST

Afterwards, the thread will close and we will begin to distribute prizes.

Prize Structure
  • 1st Place - Artist Badge Title, Epic Crate Key + 3 Core Orbs
  • 2nd Place - Rare Crate Key + 2 Core Orbs
  • 3rd Place - Common Crate Key + 1 Core Orb
  • All other entries - 1 Spirit Orb (each!)

Thanks to everyone who participated!


I really love the design & interaction between Cahkri and Katara. It gives off a “behind the scenes” vibe which I love!

Really wonderful designs out there, :+1:!


Good luck to all entries! Absolutely all of these are marvelous!


tfw mine isn’t on the list


Wait a sec…does this mean that katara is…female?:
And i thought that would never happen again after the hamon-mistake


Huh, I actually made it to top 5. Did not expect that; there were and are some damned good entries!
Certainly helps shoulder the harrow of exam practise. :joy:

Good luck to all! :blush:

P.S. @ThanatosNoa What occurs if there is a tie for 1st, 2nd or 3rd? Do both entries receive the prize for that level?
If there is a tie for 2nd, does the 4th entry get the 3rd level prize? Just some thoughts I had now.


It’s over but I made a quick one for funzies~ <3
(also where’s my Artist tag DansGame)

I like kire’s one tho :smile:


I love kire’s fanart probably the most but Sunsteel Defender saved me so often that I had to choose him :smiley:

Best buddies forever!




Will the non-finalist participants be given their orb once voting is finished?


@jukeboxery - we’ll tackle that issue if comes about (although I don’t know that would happen).



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