Duelyst Fanart Contest #3


Welcome, Duelysts, to the forums third Fan Art Contest!

With the release of Rise of the Bloodborn we want our artists to rise up as well! With that in mind we want to see your best artistic rendition of any minion featured in Rise of the Bloodborn!

Contest rules and duration

Contest submission phase will run from 01/08/2017 14:00 EST - 01/22/2017 14:00 EST

The top five entries chosen by myself and other devs as well as player input will then go into a voting phase

Contest voting phase will run from 01/22/2017 15:00 EST - 01/26/2017 15:00 EST

Only submissions based on Rise of the Bloodborn minions will be accepted.


1st place - 3 orbs+ Artist badge title

2nd place - 2 orbs

We are super excited to see all the fanart that will come out this time around. Best of luck to everyone :smiley:



And where can I submit my work? In this thread?


Yep, just submit it right here in this thread! :smiley:


Thanks a lot for info! :slight_smile:


My submit is nosh rak
(in my weird style)

I have deadline anxiaety :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: .

Good luck to all the other participants :smile:


Maybe too early but here it is. One of my favourites from the expansion

UPDATE: Now she has the correct skintone.


If you can make a digital version, I’d happily take a look at what it’d give


Yup, me too

(My laptop broke and my heart followed it)

I have a pencil


Ouch, too bad, know the feels man :frowning:


Dude, that’s awesome!

One note tho: isn’t she black?


Thanks! Looks like she is black. But for some reason she seemed just brown-ish to me this whole time (probably because of the light-colored armor and hair). I hope I won’t get too many negative points for that.


Just as a reminder to everyone you have until this coming Sunday to submit your entries :slight_smile:


Excelsious in Vetruvia


My contribution. :slight_smile:



Might not be able to online on weekends so i will submit it right now. - -’

thicc best girl is my entry this time
while i know there isn’t a kick in her animation… I refuse to not focus on the leg(s)

the actual entry is still the above.
bonus pic , I was drawing it before the contest was announce(hoping to emulate sakami… ). I finally got around to work on it more and might as well post it here too.


Hello there!
My contribution below - The Grandmaster Nosh-Rak.
Why him? Because he is another badass flying Vetruvian with awesome energy blade. What could possibly go wrong, right?:slight_smile:
Thanks for watching and have fun drawing!
And see ya on the ladder!


leg so hot

hot hot leg

leg so hot you fri an eg


Totally forgot about the contest and have SATs this weekend. Here’s my 2 hour masterpiece:

I know he’s not super interesting, but there’s something so endearing about this old ass man that he’s just grown on me.




Lol I have to take the SAT tommorow too ):
Good luck with it :+1: