Duelyst Fanart Contest#3 Community Poll


Welcome, Duelysts,to the community voting poll.

I apologize for the delay but we were having trouble deciding who to put through this time as all the entries were fantastic :slight_smile:

Community voting will run from 01/23/2017 15:00 EST - 01/27/2017 15:00 EST

So without further ado here are your top five.

Cayman307's Scintilla


Bakaneme's Variax


NTB's Grandmaster Nosh-Rak


LegendaryPig's Variax


Irishbastard's Myriad


  • Cayman307
  • Bakaneme
  • NTB
  • LegendaryPig
  • IrishBastard

0 voters


Thicc thigh variax nnggghh


No @sinpathy this time ;_;


I’ll get better for next time :’)

for now i’ll ladder with mechve…what am i saying.

i’ll train to put my soul on paper
Nice legs btw :wink:


I just want to tell everybody to check out the two last minute entries that didn’t make it, Embla and Incinera. HOLY CRAP THOSE ARE SO GOOD :smiley:


Yea they were, this was a really tough call. I wasnt kidding when I said we needed the extra time haha


Lots of great arts this time around.

NTB’s Nosh-Rak really stands out for me.
It’s so very detailed. I’m sure it’s quite a work to translate the pixel art into this fanart.
And it came out pretty impressive and looks almost official !


Had to vote for scintilla, since it just feels so polished. Simple, but so detailed.



So many details! So much dedication! Love it!


I am surprised nobody but me is voting for the Myriad one. I think it is so beautiful


Alright guys, that wraps up the 3rd Duelyst fanart contest!
Congratulations to Bakaneme and NTB for placing 1st and 2nd respectively.
I want to thank everyone who participated, we always love to see your fan arts and it’s a blast to see what’ll come out next :smiley:

As far as prizing, because Bakaneme already has the artist title I will be awarding it to both Bakaneme and NTB :smiley: The orbs etc will go out later today.

Thanks again everyone!


Bakaneme! Congrats man! Great art! I wanna see more in the future!:slight_smile:
And thank you all for your votes!
Peace and love!


I really have no idea why the grandmaster Embla piece wasn’t in the community poll. It was the best looking from a quality stand point: The lighting, the mood, the overall skill technique and the fidelity to its source material, everything from head to bottom was huge.


Thank you for the votes :smiley:
I had fun drawing Variax! I love CP’s designs on the cards(especially abyssian)

I expected NTB to win this time but it seems the thigh carried me.

I’m quite surprised Embla one didn’t make it here also. but then again there’s quite many great entries this time around.


Your comment warms my heart. :slight_smile: thank you.


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