Duelyst Fanart Contest #2


Welcome, Duelysts, to the forums second Fan Art Contest!

Have you got the itch to draw? Got the talent to paint? Really good at macaroni sculptures?
Then we want to see your best fan art for your favorite unit.

Contest rules and duration

The contest will run from 04/11/2016 17:00 EST - 018/11/2016 17:00 EST

The top five entries will go into the second round of community voting from 09/18/2016 18:00 EST - 11/20/2016 18:00 EST

Top five entries will be decided by input from a variety of Devs and likes will also be taken into account when deciding, so if you enjoy someone’s fanart make sure to like it!

Only fanart based on a Duelyst unit will be accepted.


1st place - 3 orbs+ Artist forum title

2nd place - 2 orbs

We are super excited to see all the awesome fanart about your favorite Duelyst units. So best of luck to you all and get fanarting!

Edit: Have extended the duration for the contest, apologies to those who felt rushed to complete their fanart :sweat_smile:


Can there be multiple entries for a single person? I may feel a bit optimistic but we never know.


I apologize for not adding that in! Only the first entry you post will be taken into consideration for the purposes of the contest.


Just as a heads up, I got a couple pm’s asking for a time extension, so with that in mind the event has been upped in terms of final deadlines for submissions.


Thanks a lot for this. It was a bit short in terms of deadlines


Nice, a new fanart contest.

Quite a short contest duration considering people might not check the forum everyday. Would be great if there’s at least a week of a head up before the submission actually begin. Plus some notice on reddit would be wonderful too. :slight_smile:


Uh, is it okay to submit a drawing that was started before I knew about the contest?


For sure, older fanart is fine as well.


I’m done~ Yung Faie working during Christmas :smiley:


In progress 2

In progress 1

Pretty much my favorite minion since Shimzar, even through the nerf :smiley: Posting it while still in progress because I’m probably not gonna be able to finish by the end of the contest and I wanna bump the thread. I wish I was actually good at art T-T

Final edit: Alright, this is the final version for this contest. Was fun having a sort of goal to work towards, but it looks like I’ve already lost to best grill Klaxon :wink:


I see so many good entries so far from people ><.
Meanwhile, all I have is my Archon Spellbinder entry…


My entry is best girl Klaxon.
I’m not sure if mine guess from her pixel art is accurate but I like her lovely design, so I pick her.
Abyssian is always my favorite faction in term of theme and design.

While I play lots of cassy. I actually don’t have any Klaxon. (Well most meta decks don’t include her anyway). If I have her then I might use her together with Ghost azalea :stuck_out_tongue:

Since Klaxon is best girl, I have finish another one as well.

but of course, as per rule : Only the upper one is my entry for this contest.


My vote goes to you, that artwork is absolutely gorgeous! I want to print that and put it on the wall.

As for me, as much as it pains me, I’ll have to submit an unfinished piece. The deadline was fine, but I was preoccupied with other projects that I’m actually hoping to be able to show off soon :slight_smile:


Wow, this Is amazing, are you a professional?? Please do more duelyst art :slight_smile:


I tried my best to draw our savior, Healing Mystic !


I’m sorry for this poor attempt at painting my work in a hurry!
I thought I’d still share with you.

here is the pencil version


Alright guys, time is up. Thanks everyone for participating! :smiley: