Duelyst Fanart Contest #2 Community Voting


Welcome Duelysts to the community voting round of the second fanart contest!

Everyone has one vote to place towards whichever piece of fan art you found to be best.

As a note I do want to apologize for the time restrictions placed on this event, it was entirely my fault and future contests will be laid out ahead of time to give sufficient preparation and forewarning.

Without further ado here is your top five entries!






The poll will run from 18/11/2016 18:00 EST - 20/11/2016 18:00 EST

  • Sinpathy
  • Akurane
  • thefirstgokun
  • bakaneme
  • wantan

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Wow, that’s kind of a stomp. I guess the top one was just the best all around, and then the leftovers are divided into the people who enjoy cute stuff and realistic stuff.


Well, if it makes you feel any better I voted for you. Spread the word to friends who play the game (that’ll definitely increase your vote count). Not everyone pays attention to these things.


Well tbh this is not much of contest now is it. Not diminishing anyone’s talent or work put in. But it’s hard to vote this without going for the obvious here.


Ah…damn…wanted to enter…i hope that i get some time soon to do stuff…


I mean… there’s no obvious winner, art is a pretty subjective thing.


Well, I was very torn between Sinpathy and bakaneme, and I liked Akurane’s submission a lot too. I didn’t expect there to be such a overwhelming majority in favor of one submission, even if I voted for it.


Are anywhere these pictures as wallpapers in high quality? <3


I believe all the pictures are highest quality here. I know mine was VERY low res because I’m not used to bigger imaging projects, but the others might have better news for you if you ask nicely. :slight_smile:


Regarding my submission, that’s the highest quality that I have of it.


Alright guys, thats it! Congratulations to our winner Bakaneme and our runner up Wantan! Your orbs and title will be given out within the next day or two.


I think i have to say that i have been drawing fan-art for living for years. ^ ^" so please don’t be disheartened.
Other arts are good too. I especially like wantan’s and thefirstgoku’s.
Their arts have dimensions and and feel confident, they also pop out and looks pretty cool.

Sin’s is very cute and adorable.
and aku looks awealsome too. Capture the card coolness pretty well.

The salac art that didnt make it looks quite good also.

I will see if i can put a wallpaper size for klaxon.


that’s kind of you to say^^ especially with how much time I invested in it, I was pretty disappointed of the result, oh well I guess next time I’ll just arrange more time to make a convenient colorisation :slight_smile:
Grats man, your art was amaaazing, I litteraly wet my pants over it^^


here are the 1980x1080 size for the artworks i made. :slight_smile:


Will you be doing more artwork with duelyst characters :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:


Yup, I think so :smiley:
so many best girl materials


revenant best girl

or else :sweat_smile:


It is wonderful thanks! :slight_smile: :heart:


I was gon saw vorpal reaver best girl :slight_smile: vorpal would be so qt with a lil pink ribbon :smile:


Yeah, and if you don’t pick reaver, their 6 biggest fans will come out of the wood work to hunt you down.