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Duelyst Fanart Contest #1


Welcome, Duelysts, to the forums first Fan Art Contest!

Have you got the itch to draw? Got the talent to paint? Really good at macaroni sculptures?
Then we want to see your best fan art for your favorite general.

Contest rules and duration

The contest will run from the 22nd until the 29th 11:59 pm est.

The top five entries will go into the second round of community voting from the 30th till the 31st.

Only fanart based on a Duelyst general will be accepted.


1st place - In-game profile icon of the general you drew, and the Artist badge for the forum.

2nd place - In game profile icon of the general you drew.

We are extremely excited to see all your fantastic fan art! Show the community your favorite general, and just how skillful you are.

Hi everyone, call me Akurane!
Hello, I'm Phil Buni Added New Stuff 7/29

Macaroni sculpture Zirix? Challenge accepted.


Is Serpenti Mark IV acceptable?


Don’t spoil the future faction general Serpenti just yet gosh


So how do we submit things? Just post them here?


Yep! Just post them here.


…is there a minimum competence level required to enter?

Also can I have multiple entries?


No minimum competence and feel free to make as many entries as you like though only one would be taken.

Diamond 2 1 Chevron. Sins

No gold or orb prize? What if we already have the icon? Artist badge only for the winner is a bit sad - I think we should honor whoever does macaroni sculptures. @jmartini


I’m going to have to go with Kara Winterblade for this one!


Ok, pure win.

*pukes rainbow*


I was trying to do something serious, but I did this:


Does Zir’Nyan Catforger count?


I had loved songhai, before I joined this contest. Now I hate all these cool small details that I can`t draw. Now I hate all artists who had created these elaborated characters.


Hard for me to play Faie lately but I still love her.


I see all these good entries… I have a lot to learn ><’.

Posting this here anyways for Lyonar love ~<3

wish I had used better reference images… but hey, its Barageon Highmane :3


Holy moly, why do I only see this now… I read the duelyst reddit daily and actually forgot that the official forum launched… But more importantly about the following sentence:

Does that mean that the 29th is inculded? And if yes, is it the 29th at 23:99 PM? And if yes again which timezone is used?
I really would like to know how much time I have left to draw something that looks finished before hitting the deadline, any confirmation would be greatly appreciated!


It runs until 11:59 pm est.


which means there’s how much time remaining? (I’m sorry I have issues understanding what it means since I’m from France)


No problem :smiley: There is 31 hours remaining.