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Duelyst Fanart Contest #1 Community Poll


The submission phase has ended and now the voting phase begins.
Give a vote to your favorite submission showcased below and help them get the Duelysts forums first Artist badge!!
This phase will run until August 1st 00:00 est.
Good luck to the finalists and thanks to all the participants for submitting such amazing entries.





[poll public=true]

  • Zerafut
  • Sinpathy
  • Cayman307
  • Kire
  • Steamhat


You spelled my name wrong! I should delete my entry!! ^^


Only one of steamhat’s? I preferred his Kara and Vaath by a margin :<
Heh, will still vote for him.


I also thought the Magmar one was the coolest :smiley:


Why didn’t I get in exactly?


Only 5 entires could get in. We will be doing more of these in the future though so there will always be more opportunities.


Ok I guess I missed that bit in the rules. I had no idea it had to be generals til it was the last day anyways.


Congratulations to Kire for being our first Duelyst Fan Art winner!!
Congratulations to Zerafut for being our runner up!

I want to thank everyone again for participating in the contest. It was awesome to see such talented artists and such amazing artwork. I look forward to the next time we do one of these!

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