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Hi everyone.
I am an illustrator and also a gamer.
I’m not sure if this is the right place to offer an art commission, but
right now I’m in need of some help to pay off bills by offering an illustration services to you.

I like to draw character design. here are some examples of my work.
(i have not drawing duelyst fan art before but i can draw any game character in anime/2D style)


the last one is tracer(overwatch) high school version.

if you want to see more, here is my portfolio
deviant art: https://xinnosuke.deviantart.com
instagram: https://instagram.com/xinnosuke

if you want to order me to draw your duelyst favorite character or anything else (you can ask me to draw yourself/someone else you like).

the price is:

full body character $20
other than full body character fans art variety start from $10
payment via paypal

my contact

email: xinnosuke2@gmail.com
in game username: xinnosuke
LINE chat id: xinnosuke
if you want to chat in whatsapp please email first because my whatsapp number is private.

please email with character name and description you want to order.

sorry for broken english.

thank you :slight_smile:


I think I faced you earlier today on Frostfire :slight_smile: great stuff!


Have my like for the KOS-MOS-ish girl and the twin-katana schoolgirl.


SO CHEAP, im gonna lose customers over this :tired_face:
Great work btw!


So I am not the only one who is surprised at that price?


Yes. Most yes possible.


thank u for ordering, i still open this commission :slight_smile:


just curious, but whats your favorite duelyst character design?


@sinpathy rip u got competitors xd

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