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hey all,
im a new player that tries to find a list of all the decks that can be played and i cant find anything from the current time, its all like from last year and i know that there were several expansions so things must have changed, ill be happy if someone can give me a link or something plz…




hey thx for the link, are there any other sites that i can look at?


No, bagoum to my knowledge is the only one up to date, because last time I checked 9moons is dead.


It summoned bagoum from another franchise. Isn’t that obvious?


https://forums.duelyst.com/c/decklists ?


this forum is a mess for a new player… i cant find any list that i can run :\


Srank deck repositories :


Budget decklists :


last link to Bagoum budget is outdated, but gives ideas for decks to base upon

Deckbuilding guide :

Guide to all guides :



Also. There should be a thread put up soon with budget deck lists as that weekly robinround was done, I was going to make the thread but I can’t make the opening so @diplodoraptor might be making the thread instead.


You can find everything there is here (and there is more than bagoum): https://duelyst.gamepedia.com/Guides


Aside of Bagoum, the streamer GrincherZ also posts decklists. I’m pretty sure there is a link to them on his stream. Check it out sometimes! He tends to play a lot of interesting, unorthodox decks!




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