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Did you add the image extension at the end of the image link?


I just realized editing a deck will also bump it. Sorry guys, I’ll stop. :sweat_smile:


Haha, this feature I was not sure on. I made it bump up your deck on purpose when edited, in the event that a new patch comes out or a new expansion and people decide to edit their decks. If they are buried at the bottom, no one might see the new edits made.

But we might not have any more expansions so maybe I should just disable this?..


I like easy bumps. Given most of my updates will be done on my thread, but hey bumps are motivation :D.


Suprised there is no Wanderer deck (yet)


I’ll delete any Wanderer deck



Bumps are gr8

Makes me realize I need more serpenti in my decks :sirpenti:


There is a wanderer deck…


I might let this one slide since it is Kara…


Man knows his stuff.


@chuyqwerty Your website is gorgeous.
Usability suggestion: It would be great, in the deck view, if the archetype and general were clickable links to the relevant categories to discover more decks.


Thanks for the suggestion, I will see if I can do this easily. For now, you can filter decks by archetype and general (and more) on the main decks page at least :slight_smile:


A small pedantic request.

Chances we can get the introduction part to save its self like a signature? There is so much copying and pasting to do.

Great work regardless, I hope you are justly rewarded for your efforts.


I added two decks myself, had some problems with the imgur links from bagoum but duelystcards worked fine. Now comparing the two links I got from bagoum and duelystcards I think I know why the one didn’t work.


Quick suggestion: it would be nice if we can add images into the deck explanation.


Isn’t that possible with html code?


As Boronian mentioned, you can add images with HTML. So something like this:

<img src="https://yourimagelink.com" height="500" width="500">

Just replace the src link and height and width to whatever you want. You might have to click on the “Text” tab instead of the default “Visual” one found on the top right of the Deck Explanation textbox.


Hey, great suggestion. I added a field in your Profile called Introduction. If this is filled in, then it will be displayed by default on all your deck submissions.

You can override your default Introduction by simply filling in the Introduction section when Submitting your deck. If you leave that section blank when submitting a deck, then the default Intro from your profile will be shown.


Amazing work, man.
I just published a deck I’ve been working on for the past few weeks.
Would love if you guys would check it out.


Your deck looks awesome :slight_smile:

Thanks for using the website!