Duelyst - Custom Arena


Hello Duelysts! Simple and awesome question, what would everyone think about having a weekly Custom Arena like Hearthstone, League and every other game that have rotating Custom Game Queues with different Augments. Kind of like Daily Challenges but earning more gold or special unique rewards to that game queue.


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You do realize that you can vote for both options…


I couldn’t read either so I clicked the bottom one?


Ill just keep this post.


If you remake, please also include an explanation of what you mean. Never played those games you mention.


It’s a game queue, where the owners of the game in this case Counterplay, make up a bunch of rules or silly overpowered mechanics like let’s say ‘Choose one card and that’s you’re whole deck’ or something like that, and these change every week.


Meh, honestly i dont know. First because it would give duelyst less personality. In my opinion, this is a more “serious” & tactical game, while HS is more “fun” based, thats why we have challenges and they have the brawl.

Second: DAILY challenges are grea on their own, i dont think we need another game mode honestly. Even less considering there is a team mode in the game roadmap.

Third: duelyst still doesnt have a big enough player base, and a mode like this could confuse new players. Remember HS did it with some expansions and seasons on their back.


Some sort of regular new content of any type would help keep the game fresh and attract and retain new players.

It doesn’t have to be goofy like Tavern Brawl. It just has to be something that takes more than 1 to 10 minutes (depending on skill level and difficulty) like the daily challenge.


I think this would be too much dev for too light of a result. Currently, the Alcuin tournaments provide enough wtf’ism to the game.


I like it. Needs to be a meme