Duelyst Conspiracies


Oni literally just means demon. Mind cage demon.


And we should be focusing on the actual manga/anime references, such as the amount of Mechs on the game, Zephyr (DBZ) or Meltdown (NGE). It’s obvious to me that most of the names refer to either the Japanese language or culture (mostly both probably), given the existence of cards like Shiro Puppydragon and Oni


Meltdown is NGE reference? How?


The EVAs have clear similarities to Meltdown.


Btw, some Vanar sprites had obvious references to MK and Avatar, but I think everybody got these.

@fr0stfyre1, not offended, as I said - fun research, just felt necessary to point out some things.


Gust’s attackanimation is a reference to Trunks’ Burning Attack

Same with Zephyr and Vegeta’s Big Bang

And lastly Spiral Technique always reminded me of Piccolo’s Special Beam Cannon, which was called “Höllenspirale” in Germany and this translates back to “hell spiral”. The stance of the caster on the card looks somewhat like Piccolo charging it.

Save to say there are more DBZ references in the game.


Other conspiracy theory: CPG went under BAMCO because Zephyr and Incinera look like Sayans (DragonBall->Bandai) and BAMCO put them in front of a choice: delete the sprites or we put you in trouble… Or become part of us.
Later that year Immortal Vanguard was published, and Gust was born :slight_smile: .


Sooooo basically if there ever was a Duelyst anime adaptation it would be a crossover???


You also missed Manakite Drifter (Hyperlite Drifter).

Also, I found out the dark truth about Captain Hank Hart – it’s another Hearthstone rip-off: https://www.wowhead.com/npc=3896/captain-hart


Shiro is a reference to Brian “Don’t call me ‘Brian “Brian Kibler” Kibler’” Kibler’s dog


Oh ok, cool fact :slight_smile: it’s still Japanese nevertheless


I’m pretty sure Atom Klinger was animated by a pixel artist called Adam Kling.


It’s absolutely an acronym, and I absolutely will not tell you what it is
The most I’ll say, is its an in joke :+1:


Given their color scheme we can all be sure the S stands for Serpenti.


Does it include swear words?


An inside joke?
Or is this part of the riddle? :thinking:
No, seriously. Is it even possible for us to guess?


Does your NDA expire ever? I just want to know when I can ask you again.


I mean, I am working with CPG again :thinking:granted, if I wanted to, I could totally tell you what this is, I just don’t want to :wink:
And Anjou, it’s an inside joke, it’s possible to guess it, but it’s unlikely


Ok so the R stands for Riley…

Or the L stands for Long-haired Creature?


Oh, true, stupid me :facepalm: