Duelyst Card Nicknames


Old Kara BBS plus hedgekitties was kineticats.

Also, Funderhorn. And Kraigon Jin.

Instant edit: Also I call saberspines hedgekitties, but that’s not a thing unless other people start doing it.


If u dont rename regalia to pants im gonna kms

also rngper of the 9memes
progenitor is impregnator
circle of life= circle of skip ur turn
calligrapher= cauliflower
Painter= bob ross


Wait, that’s not the name??


Scioness Sajj - Wife Material

fite me




Don’t know if this is widely used, but I always call Echoing Shriek Echoing Shrek (there was a high quality meme on this as well,)


I call Armada “Amanda” hehe


So is it called concedebone golem because summoning it is the last thing you do before conceding, because they’ve got lethal on board and a giant statstick won’t help you?

Edit: @saltystabwound, ghost seraphim is where it’s at. She’s called ghost bae for a reason.

I didn’t have a Duelyst waifu (because it’s not anime enough, lul) until I saw ghost seraphim’s pixel art and thought “She’s really super pretty.”

Random fanart have.

Do we have official art of her somewhere? I Googled around a bit and was only able to find a few bits of fanart.

Edit: @panshios drew this a while back.

Edit the second: @saltystabwound, here’s something that is potentially relevant to your interests.

It’s @meooowzers’ take on Sajj and pax.


It’s called Concedebone golem in gauntlet, as removal is low.


It’s called Concedebone Golem because it actually gets picked in gauntlet, and it’s common for it to get you a win because your opponent concedes when they see it more often than if it actually punches face.


Do decks count, because i’m pretty sure I just called Arcanyst Faie f*** you.


I thought Kron’s Forcefield prisoner was called Steve.


I don’t know why, but calling Spectral Revenant George is just the most hilarious thing right now. Did anyone include Eggnora or Pregnora?


Eggnora just being eggs and Ragnora, Pregnora being eggs and Progenitor?


Gore-ge Rushington.


I’d add Hoolahoop priestess to the list. I remember the time this name was popular.





Get rekt!


By the way, am I the only one who calls Holy Immolation as Holy Nuke?


That’s aperion’s claim.