Duelyst: Bursting with Burst!


Hi guys! Since I began playing Duelyst in January, I’ve watched the game become increasingly aggressive nearly every season. And I think that this is because Duelyst has introduced a great number of burst cards since the time I started playing. (For new players, burst is basically out-of-hand damage)

Now don’t get me wrong, I believe in comeback mechanisms, and it certainly wouldn’t be fair if players always lost simply because their early game was weaker. But I also believe that players should be rewarded for preserving the proper cards, and taking the time to develop the superior board presence, As it stands now, I don’t think players are rewarded for these things, and I feel as though it is because of the wide array of burst options that are available.

What’s your opinion on the amount of burst in Duelyst? And how do you think it shapes the game today? Let me know in the comments!


Songhai pulled 18 damage out In 1 turn once.

L’kian to scarlet viper, to inner focus 3 times in a row.


This is my biggest concern with the current direction of Duelyst, and my main reason I haven’t been bothered to play this season. The shift to “Fast games = Interesting and Fun Gameplay” mindset of Duelyst- which isn’t necessarily true- has caused higher cost “control-type” cards to become useless in the increasingly fast meta and seemingly out of place in the card pool. The meta diversity of which has, since last december, boiled down into aggressive and midrange tempo decks.

To my knowledge, there aren’t any true control decks in the meta, and it will continue this way further into the future if CP doesn’t slow down the game somehow.

TLDR; I want a diversity control decks in the meta and the game is too fucking fast right now.


Yeah i agree, the game is speeding up every season with no end in sight. I hope they listen and slow the game down enough to enable control to be viable.


turn 1 lethal incoming.


Is that even possible?


at this rate, it will be eventually


Not really. If you were player 2 and player 1 moved atleast one square forward, you could do 15 damage in one turn though. Katara -> Mist Dragon Seal behind enemy general-> 3x Inner Focus


…I don’t think I can find the words to describe how ridiculous that is.


Lol! If the game ever gets to that point, I’I’ll probably stop playing.


Lol, I was about to start “slowing the meta a bit” thread today, the game is just a little bit too fast in my opinion, and control decks just need a little bit of love. I tried to do a control Magmar deck with almost all the healing and removal but if you do that, the deck is going to be too slow to win earlly game so you’re basiclly losing at turn 3-4 anyways l, and officient removals are just too slow to recover, so I though what about speeding up the removals? It’s not a bad idea in my opinion, let’s take for example plasma storm, you want to play it when there is a bunch stuff on board, right? Well, mostly if you cannot conquest mana tiles you’re screwd at 4 mana and at 5 they’re going to buff their minons or trade, so plasma storm becomes useless. Not to mention that even at full mana they’re going to recover fast enough because with 4 mana left you can’t really do anything.
With more mana left you can play more things, or heal so they have to spend something to not loose, but 20 damage out of ass?


It’s actually possible to T1 otk as player 1, albeit ridiculous.

move face right 2
replace dream gazer, have it spawn diagonally in front
play kajuta on the tile, play another kajuta near the middle tile
play manaforger on the middle tile, play dance of dreams
play zyx near the last tile, have the spawn spawn on the last tile
draw into z0r and play z0r, get a helm of mechaz0r and draw into dance of dreams
play dance of dreams and helm of mechaz0r
dance of memes until you:

draw a ≦2 mana thing with 3+ health (like a manaforger) or a zyx and play it right of the middle tile

draw & play ghost lynx, teleport the face to your face

draw double flash reincarnation and grincher, play grincher and get twinfang

play the 2 discounted twinfang with the 1 mana you have from the first zyx spawning on the tile

dance of meme until you can oneshot the face


Is the meta inherently fast, or is this just a self-fulfilling prophecy? I’ve been playing Control Lyonar this season, and my matches are consistently >15 turns long.

That said, I am not a fan of out-of-hand burst damage, and I would love to see a nerf to the Rush mechanic such that Rush minions cannot attack generals on the turn they are played - make the ability about reach and tempo. This would also open up a lot of new and interesting card possibilities, because right now Rush has to be limited for its face-punching capability.


I’m not really convinced that the fast speed of the meta is dictated by burst damage. Rather, I think that playing minions on curve in the first few turns is a bit too strong, because most factions lack effective come-back opportunities. People complain about Songhai for the out-of-hand damage, but the minion spam by some Vetruvian decks is even more annoying to me.

Coming more to the topic, I don’t personally find burst damage too strong or prevalent in Duelyst. I believe that burst is not necessarily bad, since control decks may also exploit it to close the game, see the use of Thumping Wave on Makantor in some slower Magma decks.


There is Magmar Keeper-Control. A couple of deck lists have been posted over the last few days. They seemed to me to be the definition of control. And their pilots reached S-Rank with them.

But in general, I agree. Not many factions can build control decks because not many factions have cards that let them regain tempo once they’ve fallen behind in the early game (think Plasma Storm).


Not letal, but once I was playimg against Reva and she attacked me with a 9/8 Chakri on turn one (going second)


They are slowing it a bit down, and I think it will be a great pace when the new expansion hits, they seem to be preparing for it. Of course, I could be wrong and it could become even faster, but I feel like they are aware and protecting what they see as the right ‘speed’.

And I love the game how it is now after the new November cards. Especially Ironclad (I did not expect this, especially true in Abyssian) and Azure Herald are great. Literally 25 minutes ago a Songhai player started the game with Phoenix Fire. I did a turn 1 Azure Herald I would have been sad to play without triggering its opening gambit otherwise, perfectly negating his damage. Real nice feeling :stuck_out_tongue:

I have quick games, and I have games that last 15 turns. It’s really also what deck you bring, and what deck the opponent brings.


This. I can go to turn 12 and beyond with my replace deck (pinging off entire regalia in one turn) and I have bursted opponents down by turn 5 with Dervish Vet.


I’ve only been playing about two months so I’m obviously no expert, but I don’t subscribe to the belief that the game’s too fast in its current state.

True, I’ve been on the wrong side of a turn two 15-18 damage burst on multiple occasions. I’ve seen insane burst from a wealth of decks that are NOT helmed by Reva.

Regardless, a significant portion of matches I’ve played have lasted 10-15 minutes. Quite a few have lasted longer. As exciting as most matches are, there were times I’ve actually wished the games went by quicker.

Cassyva Control is well embedded in the meta and great at what it does. From what little I’ve spectated, drezbo (34 magmar ribbons) pilots what looks like a Control Vaath deck with Emerald Rejuvenator, Rust Crawler and Archon Spellbinder. He seems to have a decent enough win rate in S division.

I’ve had artifact Sajj obliterate me once (in high Diamond or S, can’t recall) and that deck isn’t known for speed.

And as someone mentioned earlier, burst enablers afford control or slower archetypes the power to equalise games or simply win them outright after a century of playing catch up. It’s usually quite exciting to see a surprise gamechanger come out of the blue.

Some of these surprise bursts can be overcome with a little draw luck, smart positioning and knowledge of the meta, the card pool, etc. If the opponents undertakes a line of play that’s impossible to overcome? In games with decks and probability, this is an inherent, inescapable part of the game. All factions, when blessed by RNGsus, can create a scenario that almost certainly guarantees their win in the early turns.

Maybe I’m an outlier or just lucky (or delusional), but I haven’t encountered enough ridiculous matches to feel that the meta is too fast or that burst damage is a fundamental flaw hurting the game.

My two cents, and sorry for the keyboard vomit.


I’ve already stopped, and I’m sure I’m not alone. Waiting for things to (hopefully) get better eventually.