Duelyst April Poem Contest


I feel like my poem is finished, but still lacks catharsis. Is it alright I make a part 2 and submit both parts as one collection?


Yeah, that is fine.

As long as they aren’t completely seperate.


I have lost the will to try because some of these entries are actually intimidatingly good. Hahahaha


Well, if its eligible you still get core orbs, so please try your best!


Ooh yeah? Make me!


Noone but fly and halcy likes mah poem…


Standing tall, mighty and proud
Is Argeon Highmayne, on hallowed ground.
In a battle against Abyssian swarm did he win,
With Celerity and provoke at his whim.

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I made one that’s short and sweet.

Like me! owo


Someone likes my poem😭


I like your poem uwu


Finally :sob:



I can’t do poetry in English, but for the core orb…

Argeon’s Valentine.

Our roses are cyan,
Our grass is green,
Argeon has won,
We love our king!

Is it eligible, @epicflygon?

Duelyst April Poem Contest Voting

Technically it is, I am looking for things that are more traditional E.G Wb yeats’s works but I don’t know the exact name for it.


There once was a fellow named Highmayne
Who I’ll admit, was never my main
He knocked out some blokes that wore Saberspine Seals
Then beat them to death with much vigor, and Zeal!

I tried. I’m sorry.
I still want that orb, though

Duelyst April Poem Contest Voting

The zeal pun was smooth.


Nvm figured it out

Thanks for the compliment


Roses are red
Violets are blue
I just bumped this thread.


Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I just bumped this thread.


I understand that rhytmic creations are hard to make but I’m still surprised that most of the submissions are day one.



Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I want a poet minion.